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Hello Guys!
I did not see any thread about it. Do you have any tips/tune for this Menu? It's a nightmare for me to drive this thing with 0 pit, the car spin a lot, even with TCS1 or Racing Hard tires on rear...

Care to help me?
Thanks in advance!
It's a nightmare for me to drive this thing with 0 pit
Then pit?

Trial Mountain (though not part of the menu book, I did it either way) for me was not doable without a pit stop on Hard difficulty.

Just go RS -> RS and give it your best shot.
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Using the Anniversary 2019, I stopped on Lap 7, RS and FM1 all the way. That was on easy.

TumeK5, great run on Hard. Bravo!
Exiting corners in 3rd or 4th gear is the best way to prevent spinning/excess rear tire wear. If you use AT... uhh, learn how to use manual.
I use manual already. I've done the menu now
Then pit?

Trial Mountain (though not part of the menu book, I did it either way) for me was not doable without a pit stop on Hard difficulty.

Just go RS -> RS and give it your best shot.
Thanks for the poo react and the "Then pit" answer, I won gold finally.
The AI most certainly do pit in this.
First, don't be too proud to turn the difficulty down. This is supposed to be fun, not aggravating.
Second, to start out the rear tires have to be harder than the fronts. RS will last an entire race on the front. RM might last that on the rear in shorter races. If not, RH will.
Third, don't be too proud to use assists. There's a good chance your daily driver has them, why would you turn them off for a game? ABS will help preserve your front tires, TCS will preserve the rear tires, and ASM will help a little bit with all of them. The downside is ABS can extend braking distance or slow you more than necessary, TCS cuts acceleration a bit more than necessary, and ASM can hit the brakes at random. In this race you're using a light but powerful car that spins out easy under acceleration.
Fourth, tuning. Drop the downforce, extend the gear ratios, and let the assist modules do their jobs. You'll wind up with higher top speeds on the straights and faster acceleration. Remember you can change assists mid race, you have to exit the race to adjust downforce.
Suspension depends on how you drive. If, like me, you're all up on the curbs, drop the damper settings and the anti roll bar settings a bit. Some of these tracks are rough with all things considered. Spa is rough. Maggiore is rough. Why? You can ride rumble strips all day at both. Trial Mountain looks smooth at first glance, but the area between the first straight and the first tunnel is ripe for curb abuse. Harder settings are for tri ovals and stuff like Suzuka or Tokyo Expressway where you're not riding curbs or bouncing around a lot.

The only thing I changed between races was the rear tire compound. All five races were a breeze. The most difficult race I found in spec 2 so far is the new Bathurst race. Coming in at four chilies I knew it would be tough regardless of the difficulty setting, but I had just blown right through the five chili race at Daytona.
There is a nasty bump in Murray's corner that kept causing my Porsche to spin if I followed the racing line. Other than that it was a hot contest between my 911 RSR and the 1999 Skyline GT-R GT 500.
I have yet to try the 1 hour Maggiore race, but I could probably win it.
In menu book races AI doesn't pit, at least on hard. Sardegna is easiest, you can run on Mediums whole race, no pit. Dragon Trail - rear will wear out (RM) close to the end, but AI is slow at death chicane. Interlagos is hardest, you cannot make mistakes, but you don't have to pit. Put RM on the back and RS on the front. I was lapping ~1:17 on average and won by 3 seconds.
I am not doubting your skills but that 1 hour Maggiore race is on another level......
Oh, you're saying I can't drive, mate? Why I'll show you...🤣
Just messin' with ya. I honestly don't know if I can turn 30 laps of any circuit besides Spa withoutaling a single mistake. I have considered running custom and single races there til I learn the track well. Payouts will be good as I have all gold on the CE and collector level 50.
The chillie races are supposed to ignore difficulty settings, so ...
You are correct. That's why I expected it to be difficult. The Bathurst race didn't compare, though, to a 3 chili group 3/800pp shootout at Spa, though. That took some doing, but I won with the McLaren. I've won there with a couple Group 2 cars and anything Group 1 or faster (F1, X2019, highly tuned road cars, etc.) with ease even when set at maximum difficulty.
I think the hardest chili race is the 1 hour one at Maggiore. You could see me for miles, I was in the bright yellow Nissan all by itself behind everyone else. I'ma try it first with the pink 911 RSR. If it can hold out down Conrod Straight at Bathurst, it should be able to hold out on Maggiore's twin straights as well. That thing is an absolute weapon in the corners.