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Discussion in 'Hybriding' started by Frustrated Palm, Dec 25, 2002.

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  2. English please :lol:...
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    hey satty i really like the civic it goes super well and goes pretty fast ... :D :D
  4. If your talking about my Civic thanks ;) :D...
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    Hi All,

    I thought I was, like the only one who didn't want to ,basically, throw every road car body on an F1 setup, and give it 10,000 Hp.

    Anyway, here's my contribution.

    This is a setup for a Celica TRD with rear wheel drive and modified suspension. I just love the look of this car and thought I'd love it alot more if it were RWD. No Crazy engine mods were done to this car. Just RWD drivetrain, and Suspension from a RWD car to match.

    First you need to get a fully modded Celica TRD and put it in the first slot in your garage. If you already have one fully modded and don't want to go win another one to mod up, then just get in the one you have,save the game, then go to trade, and load your garage, then buy the Celica TRD. when you check your garage, you'll find a fully modded Celica for the price of a stock one! (only if the TRD you already had, was modded already) I realize that you probrably know this stuff, but maybe someone doesn't. This is a pretty simple hybrid done with just 5 GS2 codes. Though the LSD code is 5 lines

    Make sure you save it now!!!

    Then enter the following codes. Label them as I have them, so you can track down any screw ups later.



    1C041398- 876E084A

    1C04139C- A6658632

    1C041388- FF7E084F

    1C04138C- A665865E
    RWD LSD..........

    1C0413A0- 95AFE1DF

    1C0413A4- 644BE2FD

    1C0412E4- 1456E7a5

    1C0412EC- 1456E7a5

    1C0412F4- 1456E7a5
    A little bit of downforce 45/65..........

    1C041274- 1456E760-----1C041378- 1456E781

    You also must have the GT3 master code on.


    (*****DO NOT SAVE***** until you are sure that every thing is adjustable and the front LSD is all set to 0.)

    You are now the proud owner of a Limited Edition RWD Celica TRD. This thing is pretty cool.

    This is the setup that I use on it, with great results. or if you have a prefered setup for your BMW, then you can use that, as this has BMW suspension and drivetrain.

    Spring Rate 12.5 15.0

    Ride Height 95 95

    Shock Bound 4 7

    Shock Rebound 5 6

    Camber 2.0 1.2

    Toe -0.5 0.0

    Stabilizer 3 4

    Brake Balance 16 12

    Initial Torque 10

    Accel 30

    Decel 15

    ASM 0

    TSC 3

    Let me know what you think.
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    United States
    Hi Guys:
    :D I've been building "mild" Hybrids for a short time, but I think for a different reason than most. The two friends that introduced me to the game just don't have the time to REALLY pursue the "Simulation" Mode but love to play "Arcade" with their friends. Since they're both members of the Houston NSX Club & real enthusiasts here's what I did.
    I built each of them a NSX as close in appearance as possible to their real ones, Similar wheels, color etc. then swapped in the complete chassis from one of the NSX JGTC Racers & hopped it up a little. I set them up w/T8s & added max downforce that the game allows for the race version.
    I downloaded a save for them that has all the Arcade tracks opened but none of the Sim races run. Now they can run any track they want & if they decide to run Sim in the future they don't have to start a new card.
    Oh yeh, one guy's wife drives a Red BMW so I swapped in the chassis/engine from the new 350Z for her. Not the fastest car out there but a real dream to drive...UB57
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    Well done, peeps like you are a treat to have as buds.
  8. Right now Im working on a mock up of the new Integra (the one that looks like the RSX). I'm tuning it a little to get the performance right. The only difference is there is no wing and no ground effects. It should be done in a week or two...
  9. I am almost finished with the Integra. I just need a site or someone with info on the specs of the 2003 Integra Type R (as in ride height, ratios, weight, etc. )...
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    Ha, my first isnt so mild becuase of the hp but its not as crazy as some Ive seen, I put the V12 from the Speed 12 in a Mini Cooper, made it 4WD because its a faster take off that way and with the upgrades for a Mini it made 2150hp, the second one is an Alto Works with a Diablo engine it was already 4wd so I didnt have to change it, makes 2033hp and runs 9.125 in the quarter, and the third one is a Vitz with the V10 from a GTSR Viper, makes about 1265. Thet are all fun to drive.
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    Mojo Rising

  12. Those arent really mild. I try to make mine more realistic...
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    I jus wanna go fast, ZOOM ZOOM
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    Mojo Rising

    Me too, man. I thought that's what this thread was for.:p
  15. It is. I have a MR RSX that has a race JGTC engine in it. It is possible (if you remove the back seats, do some changes to the chassis and suspension among other things) to do that. Im more to mild and realistic hybrids. Gotta love them. The 2003 Integra R is almsot done :)...
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    If you want the stats for the new Tegra R, go get a GTC save from the GTC forum (just search for GTC saves) and load it into MK's. Then you can export the car using the ini file and then you can copy paste the settings over to the rsx's ini file.

    Well not the parts anyway. :D
  17. Thanks :tup:. I had thought of asking for the settings from GTC but hadnt though about the settings from a GTC gamesave...
  18. Race Idiot

    Race Idiot (Banned)

    You should be able to get the amount of power and weight and a load of other junk from MK's as well.
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    Right now I'm in the procces of developing an online club, for GT, called Realife Racing. This will be for people like us that want to help eachother develope new and interesting realistic hybrids. I'm still doing the webpage though.

    Realistic hybrids are the only hybrids I do. One of my most fun hybrids is an Evo IV Group N car. This weighs 1335kgs, and has 280bhp. It's really fun, and really fast, for it's specs. Another fun car is the new Vauxhall VX220 Turbo 2.0. That car goes like stink, too. Usually I see cars in Turbo, Sport and Compact Car, Banzai, or Japanese Performance magazines, and build them in the game. I just finished building an R33 Skyline GT-R that was featured in Banzai a ways back. The motor is an HKS Kansai N-1 engine, with twin HKS GT3037 turbos. Banzai said at over 2.0bar (29psi) the motor would be able to put out an "easy" 800bhp. So that's what I did. It looks exactly like the real car. Oh yeah, the real car is also for sale, if anyone's interested. :p

    Here's the site...
  20. Cool :tup:. Glad to see another person into Mild/Realistic Hyrbids :)...
  21. Alright, in order to finish my Integra Type R, can someone give me a GTC save?

    Well now is a better time than any to announce my next project. Im going to make a hybrid drift car, to resemble the one in this video:
  22. which turbo is better S4 or Escudo, cuz i just found out i can mild hybrid on AR and im hybrdiing my first hybrid. my victim.... a BMW 328ci.
    i'll give u the stats once i put in the codes tonight sometime...
  23. If you give it an Escudo Turbo its power will be too much for a mild hybrid (unless your making a drag car)...
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    Doesnt matter what turbo you put on if the engines not tuned for it
  25. i know i found out very soon the very minute i tested it it need a tranny but i cant find a good tranny for those 20,000hp cars so i stick wit mild.
  26. The engine doesnt need to be tuned for it. Just put on the right parts and tune the tranny a little, add some downforce (depending on what kind of hybrid), some suspension set up and your set...
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    tink Viper racing tranny
  28. Using the Escudo Tranny is good too. Actually with a little gear tuning (in MKS) you can make about any tranny great...
  29. Heydu, do you have an ini file of the Honda Integra Type R from GTC? I cant find one. I downloaded some game saves but they arent compatible...
  30. This is my 1st and my fav so far Mild hybrid.
    Model: Acura RSX Type-S
    Tires: F094/h (f,r)
    brakes: F094/h
    hp: 923hp

    im very happy with it :)

    BTW: just got AM, very cool :)