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This is the 5th book and it's the sequel of the 3rd book. You get to know Takuma even more. Plus, a rivalry that started 30 years ago will continue....

Page 1 - Zoom-Zoom!

Hot, small bowls of miso soup are being laid on the kitchen table. Breaded prawns are being dipped in the deep fryer. And rice is being cooked in the rice cooker. Doing all of these tasks is no problem for Tomoko, being a mother for 21 years has made these tasks a piece of cake.

After putting the ebi tempura pieces on paper napkins set on a small basket to dry up the excess oil, she goes at the dining room to look for the twins, but they are still not present.

Tomoko: "I wonder what takes them so long? They should be home by now! It's lunch time already!"

The twins have finally entered the house, seemingly mocking each other. But then they have to let their mother know that they have arrived.

Takanori and Takuma: "Tadaima!"

Then the twins continue on bickering.

Takanori: "Well, your car has poor low-end grunt and sucks fuel a lot!"

Takuma: "Your car is underpowered even in today's standards. Even a Honda Civic can outrun it."

Tomoko: "So, where have you been? And what took you so long?"

Takanori: "We came from a used car lot. We'll pick up the cars after lunch."

Takuma: "Yeah, and Takanori immediately started on bickering me."

Takanori: "Hey, I'm just helping you pick the right car! You don't want to end up in gas stations frequently!"

Tomoko: "Okay okay! Lunch is served, boys!"

The three start to eat lunch. Takanori is eating the bowl of rice fast along with the other food.

Tomoko: "Hey there... easy on the food."

Takuma: "All this bickering made Takanori very hungry."

Takanori: "Hell yeah!"

Tomoko: "So, what's the mileage of the car you've bought?"

Takuma: "60,000 kilometers."

Tomoko: "Not bad."

Takuma: "And I already sourced a new engine for that car. I don't like the current engine in it."

Takanori: "And you'll end up flushing out a lot of money! Haha!"

Takuma: "At least my car has a competition pedigree. What about yours? A hairdresser's ride? 100,000 kilometers of taking it from home to salon everyday? That's normal."

Tomoko just shows a smile and chuckles as the twins continue their heated argument.

Tomoko: ("Oh well... Even twins argue a lot, huh? Heeheehee...")


In the Kurosawa mansion, Makoto is taking a hot shower in her bathroom. At her bedroom, her cordless telephone rings. Her pet cat sleeping on her bed wakes up and takes the phone with its mouth and carries it all over the bathroom. Makoto hears the phone ringing now and pauses her shower. She puts on a towel and then takes the phone from her cat's mouth.

Makoto: "Hello.... Yes, it is I. What do you want from me?... Really? Is that so?... I see... Well, do I have to go there soon?... I see, I got it. Thank you so much."

Makoto shows a gloomy face after ending the call. She gives the phone back to her cat and then takes off the towel to continue the hot shower.

After dressing up, she joins her father for lunch.

Gan: "You're rather early today."

Makoto: "Well, I slept very late last night as usual."

Gan notices his daughter's sad face.

Gan: "Something wrong?"

Makoto: "You see..."

Makoto tells her father what had transpired at that phone call.


The twins return to the car lot to pick up their cars. Takuma has bought a yellow 1991 Mazda RX-7 Type R FD3S while Takanori bought a white 1990 Mazda Eunos Roadster NA8C.

Takuma: "Well, I have a better ride."

Takanori: "While I have a fun car that you can use both on road or track! And I won't have to flush out money for fuel often!"

The two cross their arms and look away from each other.

Takanori: "Aniki, we do look awkward, huh?"

Takuma: "Whatever. See ya later..."

Takuma gets in the FD and leaves. Takanori inspects his Roadster once again.

Takanori: "Hmmmm.... I just noticed that aftermarket exhaust now. So this is a modified car. Well, time to do a warm-up at the touge!"


Takuma heads at the touge at the outskirts of Tokyo to test out his FD.

Takuma: "Having Takanori makes me feel happy. So that's how it feels to have a sibling. Even though we think differently, our bond as twins is strong. It's strange, but everyone who meets Takanori become friends with him in an instant. Same goes to me... I feel something positive from him. Maybe his optimistic and gentle attitude are doing the work. Maybe I should warm up to other people too..."

The FD picks up very well at the uphill despite the engine's condition.

Takuma: "The turbo boosts well in the uphill. Though I must stay away at the low RPM area."


Approaching the corner, he applies the brakes and turns in.


Takuma: "The FD's 50:50 weight distribution makes it an ace through the corners. No wonder there's still a huge amount of followers that this car has."

Then he abruptly steers and the car performs a drift.


Takuma: "The RX-7 would always be one of the purest sports cars to come out from Japan..."

Meanwhile, in the NA Roadster:


Takanori: "This car is so fun to drive. Sure, it has a small amount of power, but weaving this car through the turns is just lovely!"


Takanori: "The secret of speed of cars like this is that keep the accelerator planted even at the corners. They can compensate for that lack of power through this technique. Since they don't have much speed to carry, I can brake late before the corner."

Then the Roadster hits the straightaway.


Takanori: "Looking at the car's speedometer makes me sleepy..."

As if fate had determined this moment, Takuma's FD and Takanori's Roadster are about to meet.



Then the two cars are side-by-side:





Then they continue on racing.


Seeing that brief moment, Takuma puts up a smile on his face.

Takuma: "What are the chances? Well, I hope you stay the way you are, Takanori. I am your No. 1 fan and I want to be like you..."

End of Page 1
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Page 2 - The Meteor of Laguna Seca

A sunny day at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. No one is present at the bleachers as if there is no racing event being held.

However, a loud boxer engine exhaust note shatters the silence. A heavily tuned, orange Scion FR-S tears up the track.


The car fully uses the grip of its slick racing tires, blitzing through the corners without effort.


The FR-S clings thorough the apex.


As if without fear, the FR-S brakes late approaching the infamous Corkscrew.


It swept through the infamous corner without any loss of control.


The car recorded a lap time of 1 minute and 28.4 seconds.


After another lap, the FR-S enters the pit lane. The crew gets ready to check up on the car. The driver steps out and takes off the helmet. He has a short yellow hair with sideburns and a rather youthful face. His name is David Sommers. He started to race as young as 5 years old in karting and then moved on to be one of the fastest racing drivers of the United States of America.

David pats one of his mechanics.

David: "Job well done, guys! Well, since I've beaten my own record once again, how about a drink?"

Then suddenly, his father named Richard arrives. Richard was a popular racing driver 30 years ago. Now, he has aged a lot and has gone bald. He also carries around a stick to support his posture.

David: "Hey Dad! What's up?"

Richard: "Just found out you were here, son. Thought of visiting you here."

David: "I'm just fine, Dad. How's your arthritis?"

Richard: "Getting better. I just need to walk more often and stretch my legs. I don't intend to be immobile for damn eternity!"

David: "Sorry Pops, I wasn't able to visit you these couple of weeks. I was really busy with racing."

Richard: "No hard feelings, son. The most important thing is that you enjoy what you're doing!"

David: "I'll visit you tonight, okay?"

Richard takes a look at the car and shakes his head in disappointment.

Richard: "2 liters? What is going on with the youth today?"

David: "Dad, displacement does not matter anymore. In fact, a Nissan GT-R which only has 3.8 liters can beat a 6.2 liter Corvette or an 8.4 liter Viper!"

Richard: "GT-R my butt. A real man's car must be rear-wheel drive and has tons of power!"

David: "This FR-S is rear wheel drive, and heavily tuned too."

Richard: "Yeah, but an all-motor? No blowers?"

David: "The car sounds a lot better if it's mechanically-tuned. Besides, I don't want risking of breaking the engine if I add a turbo on it."

Richard: "My goodness... Oh well, the real reason why I'm here is because of something important."

David: "What is it?"

Richard: "A Kanonji will soon arrive and race here in this country. This means war..."

David: "Kanonji? Who wouldn't forget? I'm eager to see my old friend..."

Richard: "Just do your best, son... Avenge me and your grandpa. Send those Japanese back home!"

David: "Oh dad... Well, see ya tonight!"

Richard: "See ya!"

Richard goes back in his black luxury sedan and leaves. David scratches his head.

David: "Has my dad gotten senile? He's only 60! Well, I suppose..."


Back in Japan, Tomoko goes to the garage since she hears some power tools. As she enters, she is surprised to see plenty of boxes and Takanori working on his Roadster.

Tomoko: "It's getting late, Takanori. Maybe you could finish that by tomorrow."

Takanori: "I'm not yet sleepy, Mom. Besides, this car gets my heart pumping and keeping me awake! I'm excited of tuning this!"

Then Takuma gets in as well. He takes a peek of the contents of the boxes.

Takuma: "Nice. A stroker kit and a supercharger along with large brakes, racing suspension and racing exhaust. And there are also aero parts as well."

Tomoko: "Okay boys, have fun."

She gets back in the living room while the twins work on the car.

Takanori: "Oh, thanks for helping me out, Aniki."

Takuma: "Aniki? Why are you calling me that? Aren't we twins?"

Takanori: "Mom told me that you're 6 minutes older. That makes you the big brother, then."

Takuma: "Huh? Interesting..."

Takanori: "So, ready to race together?"

Takuma: "(sighs) I'm afraid not."

Takanori: "Why?"

Takuma: "Ben had offered me to race in America. How about you? You have renewed your contract to Mr. Kurosawa's team, right?"

Takanori: "Yeah..."

Takuma: "I have already brought my FD to Kaido-san's tuning shop. Well, I guess we'll part ways again, huh?"

Takanori: "Yeah... but I'm really happy to get to know you. Well, I hope I could watch you race."

Takuma: "Silly boy. I can go back here whenever I want to if you want to know me more."

Takanori: "Right."

Takuma: "In a matter of days, I will depart."

Takanori stopped working.

Takuma: "Stop being so depressed, all right?"

Takanori: "It's just that I'll miss my big brother that I idolize."

Takuma: "Really?"

Takanori: "You have awesome racing skills. The time that I raced you, I really had a hard time keeping up! I won just by luck. I want to be like you! You are so cool! Can you teach me how?"

Takuma: "Your determination has brought you to what you are today. Don't lose it, okay? Anyways, I'm sleepy. I'm heading up."

Takanori: "Okay. I might as well continue this tomorrow."

Takuma stands up and heads upstairs.

Takuma: "I'll miss you too, my beloved twin. You are my inspiration. You are also... pride."

End of Page 2
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Page 3 - Stroked and Supercharged

The next morning, Takanori is summoned by Gan. He arrives at the mansion and waits for Gan at the living room. The old man descends from the staircase and greets Takanori.

Takanori: "Good morning, Gan-san."

Takanori bows as a sign of respect.

Gan: "So, you have renewed the contract. I am happy to work with you again in my racing team."

Takanori: "It's always been an honor working with you, Gan-san."

Gan: "I told you before, spare me the formalities. I treat you as an equal."

Takanori: "Okay..."

Gan: "Ah, if you're looking for my daughter, she's not here because she has something to work on today. But she'll be back in the afternoon."

Takanori: "I see. Anyways, I have already prepared a car for the future races in mind. It's a lightweight and a potent track car. Though I have yet to finish it."

Gan: "Interesting... Well, giving your dad's R32 a rest, I presume."

Takanori: "I have to drive different types of cars. It's just what a pro does, right?"

Gan: "Of course, of course! Anyway, welcome back!"

Takanori: "Thank you so much for letting me work in your team once more. I will give my best!"

Gan: "All right!"


After a short visit from Gan's mansion, Takanori returns home and heads immediately to the garage. He sees Takuma installing a lightweight flywheel into the engine.

Takanori: "Aniki, you should have called me."

Takuma: "I am just bored, that's why I am helping you finish this pet project."

Takanori: "Pet project!? Hah! Far from it!"

Takuma: "You intend to use this to represent Mr. Kurosawa's team?"

Takanori: "Of course! Besides, I have already seen the type of races that I will join in the coming days. And this car is perfect for the job."

Takuma: "Come to think of it, the car already weighs less than a ton in stock form. Hmmmm.... I can see potential in it."

Takanori begins to stroke the engine while Takuma installs the racing brakes.

Takuma: "These brakes are pretty large."

Takanori: "Braking late is one of my forte. And I need those for the job."

Several hours have passed, and the carbon fiber wide body kit is installed. The rollcage is also in place as well. Takanori is busy fitting the oil, water, and supercharger boost gauges on the dashboard. Takuma takes a break for a while and wipes his sweat from his forehead.

Takuma: "A few more parts and she's ready."

Takanori: "Yeah.... hah... hah... Whew. This takes up lots of time, huh?"

Takuma: "I have yet to adjust the racing suspension."

Takanori: "And it'll be done."

Suddenly, Takuma's smartphone rings. Takuma picks it up and it's Ben on the other line.

Takuma: "What's up, Ben?"

Ben: "It seems that your rivalry has revived."

Takuma: "What do you mean?"

Ben: "You know... the rivalry that started 30 years ago?"

Takuma: "Ah, yes yes. I know that. You know, I am very eager to meet an old friend of mine."

Ben: "Old friend, you say?"

Takuma: "Yep."

Ben: "I see. Anyway, you have to pack you stuff up. Our flight will be 2 days from now."

Takuma: "I know, I know. I am very excited to re-ignite the flames of war."

Ben: "Okay then, see you on the weekend."

Takuma: "Okay, bye."

Takuma ends the call and resumes the tuning work. He is fitting the tires.

Takanori: "Who was that?"

Takuma: "It's just Ben."

Takanori: "Hey, say hi to Ben for me, okay? I wonder how is he doing..."

Takuma: "He's doing fine. He is preparing for the flight now."

Takanori: "I see... Well, I'm done!"

Takuma: "Me too. Tires are now in place."


The next day, a very loud exhaust note roars throughout the Twin Ring Motegi.


The heavily-modified Roadster tears up the track. A whine can be heard thanks to the aftermarket supercharger.

The car just blitzed on the first corner.


Takanori: "Amazing... Just amazing!"

The car picks up speed quickly on the straightaway.


Takanori: "I like the way the supercharger pushes this car. You can already feel the power!"

He brakes late and then turns at the next corner. Thanks to the new bodykit and spoiler, the car has improved aerodynamics which makes it corner faster.


Takanori: "Superb handling."

At the corner exit, the moment Takanori steps on the throttle, the supercharger gets back to work again and rockets the car.

Takanori: "That instant thrust... I like it! It almost feels the same as the R32!"


Then he applies the brakes again and shifts down gears.


Takanori: "I love this car..."


He returns to the pit lane to cool down. He steps out of the car and takes off his helmet.

Takuma: "How's the car?"

Takanori: "Brilliant!"

Makoto then approaches the car and opens the hood.

Makoto: "A supercharger?"

Takanori: "Yep. And I also stroked the engine to 1,800 cc."

Makoto: "I see. How much power does the engine make?"

Takanori: "276 horsepower."

Makoto: "Not bad. Well, you just made a very competent track car."

Then she closes the hood and returns inside the pit garage. Takanori notices her gloomy expression and follows her.

Takanori: "Hey babe, something wrong?"

Makoto: "...."

Takanori: "I know there's something wrong. I can read you like a book."

The two go to a corner a bit far away from the crew.

Makoto: "You see, I passed the Heidelberg University's entrance exam. And I have already completed all the requirements for admission."

Takanori: "Then why so gloomy?"

Makoto: "I won't be able to see you until I graduate. Is it okay for you to spend 4 years without me? I'll be in Germany for that time being."

Takanori: "Look, you have to pursue it. You can't just turn down an opportunity like that. Whatever happens and wherever we are..."

Takanori then pounds his right fist on his chest where the heart is.

Takanori: " are always here."

Makoto, in tears, hugs Takanori.

Makoto: "Can I request something?"

Takanori: "You are crying again. What is it?"

Makoto: "I want to see your driving skills again in your R32. And please wear The Stig racing suit. So that I can remember that moment and think of it everyday while I'm away, okay?"

Takanori: "No problem."

Makoto lets go and then Takanori wipes her face with his finger.

Takanori: "Be happy like you are always, okay?"

Makoto: "Takanori..."

Takanori: "I love you, babe. And I am always thinking of you. You are the most beautiful woman I've ever met, especially when you smile."

End of Page 3
I am sorry, but, the GT-R does not beat a Corvette or even a Viper. :lol: Not even in a track. So, 6.2 or 8.4 is still faster. :P

Though, nice 3 chapters. Lol
The GT-R put a 7.29 with stock tires at the Nordschleife, Corvette ZR-1 does 7.19 with slicks...Why does everyone think that the bigger you engine is the faster your car is?

Back OT: Great reports, enjoyed the read.
The GT-R put a 7.29 with stock tires at the Nordschleife, Corvette ZR-1 does 7.19 with slicks...Why does everyone think that the bigger you engine is the faster your car is?

Back OT: Great reports, enjoyed the read.

Off-topic: Corvette time without semi-slicks tires was 7.26. Viper ACR time without semi-slicks was 7.24.

So man, really, GT-R is good, but it is not faster than these two.
Um, guys... what I'm trying to point out here is that in the olden days, the battle was all about power and displacement. Today though, even a small and lightweight car can even the odds. I did not mention the Viper and the Corvette's Nurburgring lap times, did I? ;)

I don't want any further arguments, please. I know where this is going if it happens.
Um, guys... what I'm trying to point out here is that in the olden days, the battle was all about power and displacement. Today though, even a small and lightweight car can even the odds. I did not mention the Viper and the Corvette's Nurburgring lap times, did I? ;)

I don't want any further arguments, please. I know where this is going if it happens.

:lol: Ok, my bad... *looks to ground*
Page 4 - Rain and Blossoms

The twins arrived home after that track day session from Motegi. Takanori puts the car in the garage while Takuma heads upstairs in his own room to pack his things for the trip.

Then Takanori heads upstairs too in his room. Upon entering, he takes a look at a framed photo of him and Makoto having fun at the amusement park.

Takanori: "Makoto..."

So he sits behind his desk and takes out Makoto's broken necklace from the drawer. Then he is looking for a new lace for the necklace.

Takanori: "I wonder where could that be? I bought it last week!"


The next morning, the twins head out and are on their way to the airport. However...

Takuma: "Can we stop first at the cemetery?"

Takanori: "Aren't you gonna be late for your flight?"

Takuma: "I have a lot of time. Let's go."

So Takanori takes a detour and drives to the cemetery. Upon arriving, Takuma gives him directions as to where they'll stop. When they have arrived at the location, they get out from the car and then walk a few steps until they stop at a gravestone.

The gravestone has the name of Megumi Kobayashi engraved on it. Takuma stares at it for a while and then looks up at the cloudy sky.

Takanori: "Megumi Kobayashi? Who is she?"

Takuma: "Someone very special to me."

Takanori: "Girlfriend?"

Takuma: "Takanori, if you love someone, hold on to that person no matter what. Don't make the same mistake I did..."

Takanori: "Aniki..."

Then rain suddenly pours. Little does Takanori know that Takuma's eyes are shedding tears, albeit the tears on his face are being washed away by the rain.

Takanori: "Aniki, I..."

Takuma: "I envy you two. You have a great relationship. You should keep it that way."

Takanori: "Makoto will also leave tomorrow. She's going to pursue her college studies in Germany."

Takuma: "Did you have any closure?"

Takanori: "Well, she will be always here."

Takanori once again pounds his chest with his fist.

Takuma: "I see. That's good. You know, I can write a love story based from your relationship and then make a drama series out of it."

Takanori: "What!?"

Takuma: "Just kidding. I'm just cheering you up. Yesterday, I saw that you are depressed."

Takanori: "Thanks, Aniki."

After that brief detour, they have arrived at the airport. After putting luggage at the kart, Takuma gives Takanori a brotherly hug and a pat on the back.

Takuma: "I'll miss you. Now, I have no one to bicker with."

Takanori: "Me too. Have a safe trip and good luck!"

Takuma: "Make sure you won't crash, okay?"

Takanori: "And make sure you preserve your car's tires, okay?"

Takuma: "Hehehehehe.... Well, time to go."

Takuma and Takanori bro fist each other and then Takuma enters the airport.


After having lunch, Takanori goes to the living room to watch TV. As he browses through the channels, his smartphone receives a text message from Makoto. He reads it and says:

"Don't forget to meet me at the park this afternoon. Today is our special day together..."

Takanori: "Oh, right."

He puts back his smartphone on his sofa.

At the appointed time, Takanori is at the park. He dons The Stig racing suit as per Makoto's request. While waiting, he observes the cherry blossom trees and the numerous people in the park.

Takanori: "It's that time of the year, isn't it? No wonder a lot of people have gathered here today."

Shortly after, Makoto has arrived. Takanori caresses her long red hair.

Takanori: "I really like your hair. Don't trim it, okay?"

Makoto: "Sure! Come on, let's get going! There are too many people here."

The two get in the R32 and head for the hills at the outskirts of Tokyo.



Makoto observes Takanori's driving skills at the passenger seat.

Makoto: ("Impressive... Takanori is improving. His gearshifts are getting faster.")

The R32 displays incredible speed on the straight.


Makoto: ("The sheer speed of his R32. It's so exhilarating!")


Makoto: ("He always clips the car at the apex. I will truly miss that...")


Makoto: ("The R32 shows no sign of understeer at all. He's really good at controlling the throttle!")


Makoto: ("When will I see this kind of driving again? I'll miss you so much, Takanori!")

Then she covers her face as she starts to cry. Takanori notices it.

Takanori: "Hey cheer up! It's not like we're not going to see each other again, you know?"

Makoto: "It's just that... *sniffles* ...I'll miss you so much."

Takanori stops the car. It stops under a cherry blossom tree. He takes off his helmet and puts it on his lap.

Takanori: "I'll try my very best to visit you in Germany. Just be your usual cheerful self, okay?"

Makoto: "Takanori, shall we do this? I want to remember it as well..."

Takanori: "What?"

Makoto: "You know... like what happened before?"

Takanori: "Oh."

The two then finally kiss each other. When their lips got into contact, the cherry blossom petals fall and are scattered all over the car.


The next day, Takanori and Makoto are at the airport. The two hug each other.

Makoto: "Bicycle boy?"

Takanori: "Yes?"

Makoto: "Please don't die."

Takanori: "Of course I won't! Don't be silly!"

Makoto: "I'll miss you a lot. I hope you win your races. Dad will take care of you."

Takanori: "I will. I'll do it for you."

Just as Makoto is about to leave, Takanori puts the fixed necklace around her neck.

Makoto: "That necklace..."

Takanori: "I fixed it yesterday. Well, that's one of the ways to remember me. I just hope you don't cry a lot, okay?"

Makoto: "I'll try."

She hugs him tightly for one last time.

Takanori: "Well, I guess this is it. Farewell."

Makoto: "Goodbye."

She now pushes the cart to the entrance and Takanori returns to his car. As he sees Makoto entering the airport, tears flow from his eyes even though he is smiling.
Page 5 - 3-Rotor Monster

Another sunny day at Laguna Seca. David and his crew are working on his FR-S before heading out for a time trial. Suddenly, they hear a very loud exhaust note.

He heads out from the pit garage to see what car will pass by at the main straight. At a blink of an eye, a heavily-tuned Mazda RX-7 blitzes by at the main straight. David easily recognizes the exhaust note.


David: "That sound.... One of my friends own an RX-7 that sounds exactly like that. It's a 3 Rotor engine resting under the hood."


David: "That type of engine can be hard to come by. Plus, it's expensive. The engine alone costs almost $4000 plus shipping costs. Of course with tuning work done, expect to spend a lot."


David: "But the results will reward you. It can easily reach 650 horsepower similar to a 2 rotor, but a 3 rotor can exceed 700 or even 800 horsepower!"


David: "Pair that with the RX-7's cornering prowess, and it will be a hell of a machine! I like American Muscle cars a lot, but this is just one of the JDMs I respect. Of course, that includes my FR-S as well. But..."


David: "...if I'm going to beat a Kanonji, then I must have a better car. One of them drives a racing specification Skyline R32 GT-R!"

The 3 rotor FD easily sweeps through the Corkscrew.


David: "I must have a better car, just like Pops have said."



The racetrack's digital display shows a lap time of 1 minute and 18.1 seconds. David is very shocked to see that lap time.

David: "It's 10 seconds faster than my FR-S! Didn't expect that one."

After another run, the FD enters the pits. The car stops right in front of David. Getting out of the car is none other than Takuma wearing the Black Stig racing suit and helmet.

David: "Well, I didn't expect you'd show up."

Takuma takes off the helmet and puts it on the hood of his FD.

Takuma: "Hisashiburi da na... David-kun."

David: "Ah yes, you and your lovely language. I'd love to hear that again."

Takuma: "Hountoni ka? Wow, I'd never thought that you'd even like my language. So, what have you been up to?"

David: "Well, since there are still no races around, I just play with my brand-new Scion FR-S."

Takuma: "Scion FR-S, huh? Ii kuruma da na."

David: "So, how's Megumi doing, huh?"

Takuma gives a cold stare and clenches his fists.

Takuma: "She's fine. And she's happy."

David: "Oh that's great to hear. Can I see her?"

Takuma: "Sorry to cut this short, but I have to go. Gambari yo!"

He gets back in the car and leaves the track. Takuma tightens his grip on the steering wheel as he travels along.

Takuma: "How dare you mention her name just like that. You have no idea what you put her through..."

End of Page 5
Page 6 - Anger

Takuma has arrived at a hotel in California. He enters his hotel room and takes off his racing suit and helmet. Ben is also in the room, drinking coffee.

Ben: "It seems someone is upset today."

Takuma: "What a jerk. Well, he's been like that ever since. Though he is not aware that Megumi is dead. He is the sole reason why."

Ben: "So, what's the connection of David and Megumi?"

Takuma takes a deep sigh.

Takuma: "Those two were a couple back then..."

Ben: "Then why are you so upset? You shouldn't have interfered."

Takuma: "Because he treated her like a toy. I need to go out and have some air."

Takuma heads out from the hotel and takes a walk. He reminisces the day that he first met Megumi 2 years ago.


2 years ago in London, Takuma is just walking around the streets. Then he sees a man carrying a purse running towards him. Then he sees Megumi chasing that man.

Megumi: "Hey, that's my purse! Give it back! Somebody help me!"

When the man is about to shove Takuma out of the way, Takuma holds that man's arms and then hits his guts using his knee. And then Takuma uses his elbow to pin the robber down on the ground. Then he stomps the robber's back so as not to move. Takuma gets the purse and then hands it over to Megumi who is panting in exhaustion.

Megumi: "Thank you so much. Oh, you're Japanese?"

Takuma: "Yes I am."

Megumi: "It's nice to see a fellow Japanese here in Britain. They're quite a handful here."

Takuma: "I guess so. Hey, be careful next time, okay?"

Megumi: "I will. Oh, my name is Megumi Kobayashi. Nice to meet you. And thank you again for giving back my purse! I owe you a lot."

Takuma: "My name is Takuma Kanonji. Nice to meet you too."

Megumi: "Hey, I'll treat you for dinner tonight as thanks for saving me."

Takuma: "Hey, no need. I just have to help out someone in need."

Megumi: "Meet me at the Big Ben tonight, okay? I'll be waiting."

Megumi walks past by Takuma. Takuma is astounded by that woman's beauty.

Takuma: "Her long brown ponytail, her yellow eyes, and her slender figure; she's beautiful..."

Takuma then lets go of the robber.

Takuma: "Get a life."

At the evening, Takuma and Megumi meet at the Big Ben and take a walk. Megumi crosses her arms as she fights the cold despite wearing a jacket.

Megumi: "So, how long have you been living here?"

Takuma: "I've been living here all my life."

Megumi: "Really? Hmmmm... you're the only Japanese that I've encountered who's like that. The rest are born from Japan and migrated here for work."

Takuma: "How about you?"

Megumi: "I just came here last year. My parents and I have migrated here since they have work here. Also, I am studying as well."

Takuma: "I see. Well, as for me, I am a race car driver."

Megumi: "Oooh! That's a nice profession you have."

Takuma: "So, you have a boyfriend?"

Megumi: "Why ask that? Of course I have!"

Takuma: "I see."

Megumi: "He's my American classmate in school. He's kinda sweet."

Takuma: "Well, at least he's a good guy."

Megumi: "Don't worry, you will find a better half soon! Come, let's have dinner!"

Takuma is just following her on their way to the restaurant.

Takuma: ("You could have been my better half... Damn, she's hot. Well, I could probably find someone like her but I think it's not easy.")


A week later, Takuma and Ben are at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway - Road Course to set a lap record using the FD. The two are busy setting up the car.

Ben: "You're okay now?"

Takuma: "Of course. I just went out yesterday to cool off."

Ben: "What will you do if you see David again?"

Takuma: "Confront him and then beat a lot of sense to him. He's not yet aware. He's too busy with this petty rivalry that his father have started anyway. I don't really care about my father and his father's rivalry."

Ben: "Well, his father really is competitive, even today. And he hates the Japanese. When he was beaten by your father in a race, he had a serious contempt against your father."

Takuma: "I guess I'll just have to end this stupid rivalry once and for all."

Takuma dons his racing suit and helmet and enters the FD. He starts it up and leaves the pit lane.

After a warm-up lap, Takuma goes on full-throttle.


At the main straight, the FD hits 310 KM/H before slowing down for the first corner.


Taking advantage of the wide body kit, slick tires and the car's 50:50 weight distribution, Takuma keeps his right foot planted on the accelerator as the cars passes the first corner.


The FD hits the clipping points of the corners.


Takuma: "I'm not afraid of any opponent as long as I have this FD!"


Takuma: "Bring it on, GT1 class racing cars! Because you will meet your match!"


Takuma: "I've got 660 horses of twin turbo 3 rotor madness!"


The FD sets a lap time of 1 minute and 24.7 seconds.


At the evening, David is at the city streets of Indianapolis doing some window shopping. He accidentally bumps into Takuma who is walking on the opposite direction.

David: "What are the chances?"

Takuma: "It's you again."

David: "Hey, when will we race next time? I'm so eager to race you this upcoming season! It will be a healthy friendly rivalry."

Takuma: "Omae... hountoni wakaranai ka?"

David: "Dude, even my dad told me your dad was incapable of speaking English. I know that you are, so you must speak to me in English."

Takuma: "You want to have an idea?"

Takuma punches David's face so hard that the latter got down on the sidewalk.

David: "What's up with you!?"

Takuma: "Uruse! Aren't you aware?"

David tries to stand up but Takuma punches him in the face again and he is pinned down once more.

Takuma: "Megumi died because of you! You knocked her up, and then you just left her like that!?"

David: "Megumi..... is dead?"

Takuma: "You got so preoccupied of this stupid rivalry started by your father that you are not aware of what happened to her!!! Zettai yurusanai!"

David: "Why?"

Takuma: "You want to know why? SHE TOOK HER OWN LIFE BECAUSE YOU LEFT HER WITH HER UNBORN CHILD! What kind of a man are you!?"

David: "W...Where is she buried?"

Takuma: "I won't let you see her..."

David sees a murderous intent on Takuma's eyes.

David: "Whoa dude, chill out. I was not aware. I am sorry!"

Takuma: "Mou ichido dake. Omae wo yurusanai! Zettai kurosu da! Now stand up and get out of my sight if you want to live."

David stands up and leaves Takuma alone. Takuma's fists has stopped shaking.

Takuma: "That felt really good..."

End of page 6
Page 7 - Harakiri

Takanori has donned his karate gi in his room. Then he heads at a dojo just in front of the house. Upon entering, one of the servants have prepared a training dummy for Takanori to practice on.

He assumes his fighting stance and then he starts to hit the dummy with punches and kicks. And then he unleashes his jumping roundhouse kick that totally rips off the head of the dummy.

Takanori: "Whew! That felt really good, eh?"

Suddenly, his smartphone on the bench rings. He pauses the training and picks up the phone. Kaido is on the other line.

Takanori: "Oh, hello there, Kaido-san!"

Kaido: "Takanori-kun, while I was setting up your car, I have performed an engine rebuild for your Roadster. Out of all things to be done on a used car, why didn't you do that?"

Takanori: "Ehehehehehe.... I was too busy stroking the engine, actually..."

Kaido: "Good thing nothing disastrous happened while you tested it on Motegi."

Takanori: "Thank you for your help, Kaido-san. I really appreciate it."

Kaido: "I will also adjust the LSD settings. They're seem to be a bit high for my taste. A lower setting can make the car turn better."

Takanori: "Well, you're the man! Time for me to continue my sparring!"

Kaido: "Okay then. Bye!"

The call ends and then Takanori resumes his training. Another training dummy is laid out.

Takanori: "Wanna get your head ripped off too?"

So he assumes his fighting stance again and proceeds to attack the dummy.


Meanwhile, Takuma and Ben have returned to California and the latter sets up the FD as well. Takuma goes out for a while to smoke.

As he puffs out smoke rings from his mouth, he reminisces once again that fateful day that he had last seen Megumi...

Takuma is jogging around at a high school in London. There, he sees Megumi sitting on a bench, as if waiting for someone. He approaches her.

Megumi: "Oh, hi Takuma!"

Takuma: "How are you?"

Megumi: "Sigh.... I wanna quit school."

Takuma: "Why?"

Megumi: "It's just killing me. Homework this, project that, thesis over there."

Takuma: "Well, I felt the same way too. Don't worry, you'll get over it."

Then David has exited the school building. He goes to Megumi's side and holds her hand.

David: "Sorry babe, I kept you waiting."

Megumi shows a little smile.

Megumi: "It's okay. Oh, Takuma, meet David Sommers."

Takuma: "Sommers, eh? Nice to meet you. Takuma Kanonji is my whole name."

David: "Kanonji, huh? I have heard your name before. Oh wait! You're a racer, right? I'm actually honored to meet you! I want to be like you in like, 5 years time."

Takuma: "Really?"

David: "And well, let's just put the rivalry aside, okay? I know our families' history of rivalry in racing. My dad wanted to beat your dad badly, you know?"

Takuma: "I see..."

Takuma notices Megumi's rather uneasy expression on her face.

David: "So babe, shall we go? Oh, hey, we have to go. It's really nice to meet you! Bye!"

The couple heads out from the campus while Takuma resumes his jogging.

Takuma: "Is she really okay? I'm worried..."

At sunset, he stopped by at a convenience store to grab a bottle of water since he got thirsty from jogging.

He drinks the water as he walks along. When he passes by at an apartment, the landlady just runs up to him.

Landlady: "You have got to come here! It's urgent!"

Takuma: "Why?"

Landlady: "I assume that you know this person since you are Japanese too, right? I have already called the police.

The landlady leads Takuma to a room in which he see's Megumi's lifeless body. Takuma is shocked to the core upon seeing her.

Landlady: "I don't know what happened to her! That's just what I saw."

Then Takuma rushes to her and shakes her body.

Takuma: "Megumi? Megumi! Shikkari shiro! Shikkari shiro!"

It is useless waking her up. It turns out that she stabbed herself and slashed her guts to death. Takuma notices blood on the carpet.

He stands up and sees a note on the desk. The note is written in Japanese.

"I've had enough. Our 3 years of relationship has lead to nothing. You knocked me up and then leave me just like that? I don't want a child to live a life with an incomplete and miserable family. As you read this, I have already took my life and I just hope you ask yourself what kind of a man are you. I have also written this in Japanese so that you could have a hard time understanding it, and be damned for eternity."

Landlady: "That note is written in Japanese, isn't it? What does it say?"

Takuma: "She had enough of their relationship. Her boyfriend made her pregnant and just left her. She does not want her child to live a miserable life, that's why she took her own life."

Takuma leaves the apartment, in a depressed state.

Takuma: "Why? Why did you have to die that way? I could have known you much better..."

He immediately wipes his tears and clenches his fists.

Takuma: "David Sommers... I shall never forget that name."

He ends his reminiscing. He tosses the cigarette on the concrete and crushes it with his foot.

Takuma: "I'm such a fool to let her go. I could have just have been more competitive to win her heart. But if I am like that, then I would have been overly obsessive. Megumi, forgive me. I wasn't able to be at your side. I'm sure you've needed me but I wasn't there to comfort you. I'm so pathetic. I you. I love you, Megumi. We could have been happy together."

End of Page 7
Part 2 coming soon!

Yep, you've read it right, Part 2 is on the way. Part 1 will end quite soon.

What's in store in Part 2? Well, it will focus on Takanori. A tragic event will happen and expect to have violence as well. Much more than The White Wind (2nd book).
Page 8 - My Own Mess

David has arrived back in California and heads straight to his home. When his mother welcomed him, she sees bruises on David's mouth and as well as a black eye.

David's mother: "Oh dear, what happened to you?"

David: "Just got into a fight."

David's mother: "My son that I know is a kind man. How could you?"

David: "It's a long story."

Then Richard comes out from their house's mini-library.

Richard: "Let me guess, a friend punched you, huh?"

David: "That's right..."

Richard: "I knew it. Well, David's friends use to punch him, you know?"

David's mother: "But not this much!"

David: "It's just my old friend named Takuma."

Richard: "A Japanese? Well, I told ya to stay away from them."

David: "Dad, this is not about your petty rivalry against his father nor your hatred on the Japanese. This is my own mess and I shall clean it myself!"

Richard: "Fine. Do whatever that suits you, boy."


The next day, at the early morning, David heads over to a mechanic who has a shop just a few blocks away from David's house who also turns out to be a family friend.

Mechanic: "Hey, David! How's it going?"

David: "Pretty rough, I can say. Hey, how's my Ford GT?"

Mechanic: "Well, she's now ready to run. 620 horses of supercharged mayhem!"

David: "Not bad. I'll try it out at the Laguna Seca. I want to beat someone's time there."

Mechanic: "Well then, good luck!"

After getting in his souped-up Ford GT, he heads straight to Laguna Seca.

He is doing several laps around the track.


David: "Amazing, the car has been totally lightened."


The Ford GT easily clips the apex and then rockets away at the corner exit.

David: "The wonders of the supercharger. You can already have boost which is very needed at the corner exits!"


David feathers the throttle at the Corkscrew.


David: "Just be patient..."

Then the car shows a little slide at the last corner, thanks to the sueprcharger's boost on-demand.


The Ford GT accelerates very quickly on the main straight. But the lap time is only 1 minute and 18.9 seconds which is 8 tenths slower than Takuma's FD3S.

David: "Shoot! I have to find 800 milliseconds! Racing teams would be willing to spend a lot for their cars just to shave off milliseconds from their lap times."


In Germany, at the afternoon, Makoto has just got out from the campus of the Heidelberg University. As she is walking, she sees a man on a bicycle about to arrive and park his bike. She stops briefly.

Makoto: "I wish it could have been you, Takanori... I wonder how are you doing back home in Japan."

Then Katrine, who turns out to be her classmate, catches up to her.

Katrine: "Oh there you are. Come, let's have some snack!"

Makoto: "Sure!"

They stopped by at a cafe a block away from the campus. They have ordered the popular Viennese Coffee. While they are drinking, Axel has arrived and kisses Katrine on her cheek.

Axel: "Hey there, babe! Sorry to keep you waiting."

Katrine: "There you are. Oh Axel, meet my classmate, Makoto Kurosawa."

Makoto: "Oh, hi Axel Eisenberg! I already know you since I use to watch your races."

Axel: "Really? That's great!"

Makoto: "So, what have you been up to?"

Axel: "Since I'm half-Japanese, I am learning Nihongo to keep me from being bored."

Makoto: "Nihongo is fun to learn, you know?"

Axel: "I agree. Sou desu ne?"

Makoto: "Sou desu yo."

Axel: "Shikashi, watashi wa kanashii desu..."

Makoto: "Naze da?"

Axel: "Kanonji Takanori wa shinimasu..."

Makoto just giggles.

Makoto: "Chigau yo. Takanori wa totemo genki da yo!"

Axel: "Now that I don't understand! Haha! Well, when he worked with me, I started taking up Nihongo lessons. But I don't really catch up on them since I race a lot. How I wish I could talk to him more using that language."

Makoto: "Don't you get what I said? What it means is that Takanori is really fine!"

Axel has dropped his car keys in shock.

Axel: "Wait, he's alive? But how?"

Makoto: "Well, I kinda don't know how he survived. But he's okay now."

Axel: "Thank goodness... my half-brother is alive and well."

He wipes some of his tears on his face.

Katrine: "I was about to tell you that too. But I know you are too busy with such things, so I wasn't able to. I'm sorry."

Axel: "It's okay, babe. I know that you like surprises."

Makoto: "Ima kare wa watashi no kareshi da..."

Axel: "Kareshi... wait a minute. I know that. Ummmm..... boyfriend?"

Makoto: "That's right! Sugoi na!"

Axel: "Arigatou Gozaimasu! Haha!"

Katrine: "Okay... I'm getting out of place here, guys. I think English is more preferable."

Then the three continue their chat.

End of Page 8
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Page 9 - Sushi vs. Hamburger 1

At the hotel room, Takuma is typing something on his laptop. Ben sees this and approaches him.

Ben: "What's that?"

Takuma: "Oh, it's just a new song that I'll send to my friend."

Ben: "You write songs? Huh, that's unexpected."

Takuma: "Oh, perhaps I haven't told you this. I do write songs in my spare time. But I don't really sing. Even I know what type of notes and pitches should be in the lyrics. They're just running around my mind. My friend is a composer and a singer as well."

Ben: "I see. Well, anyway what I'm telling you right now is rather unexpected too."

Takuma: "What is it?"

Ben: "Your next race will be held in Japan; Suzuka Circuit to be exact."

Takuma: "I see..."

Ben: "Oh, the Sommers will compete too."

Takuma: "I don't care if they come at me because of this stupid rivalry. They just have to make sure that they satisfy me."

Ben: "Okay then, let's get packing, chap!"


At the Kanonji residence in Japan, as Takanori is watching TV in the living room, he hears a doorbell. He stands up and opens the door. An old man carrying a long wooden box is the visitor.

Old Man: "Good evening, is Takuma-bushi here?"

Takanori: "He's still abroad. What is that package?"

Old Man: "Here, just take it."

Takanori takes the package and opens it. It contains a katana. Takanori takes it out from the box. The sheath has Takuma's name in Kanji.

Takanori: "A katana?"

Old Man: "Takuma-bushi commissioned me to create the finest and the deadliest katana known to man."

Takanori: "So, you're a blacksmith? Huh, I thought they were prominent in the ancient times. I never knew that they're still around today."

Old Man: "Take out the sword from its sheath."

Takanori follows the old man's instructions. Upon drawing it out, the blade shines and it also has Takuma's name engraved on it. Takanori taps the blade to check its sharpness, but he gets a cut.

Takanori: "Woah.... it's so sharp!"

Old Man: "Takuma-bushi would definitely be happy upon seeing that blade! It'll truly be worth it. Well, I gotta go now, son. Farewell and good evening."

Takanori puts the blade back to its sheath and then bows to the old man as a sign of respect. The old man walks away.

Upon closing the door, Tomoko approaches Takanori happily.

Tomoko: "Good news! Takuma will have his next race here next week! We'll watch him at the Suzuka Circuit!"

Takanori: "That's great! I miss my twin so much."

Tomoko: "What's that thing you're holding?"

Takanori: "It's Aniki's personalized Katana. Damn, this thing is so sharp!"


The following week, Takuma and Ben has arrived at the Suzuka Circuit. Other racing teams are present as well.

David and his crew are working with the Ford GT. He helps the crew putting those slick tires to the car. Then he steps out from the pit garage and sees Takuma just standing in wait and crossing his arms.

David: "Looks like someone is confident today."

Takuma: "I am confident of ending this rivalry once and for all. Since you're here in Japan, I'll let you see her."

David: "Did punching me made you feel any better?"

Takuma: "Of course."

David: "I'd expect that answer, though. Win or lose, I guess we'll part ways after the race."

Takuma: "After you see her, yes."

David: "Best of luck, then."

Then Takanori and Tomoko have arrived. The latter hugs Takuma.

Tomoko: "I'm so glad to see you again!"

Takuma: "Me too. Well, how's my little rascal over there?"

Takanori: "Doing fine."

Tomoko: "We're here to watch your race. Good luck!"

Takuma: "Thanks, Mom. I'll do my best!"

Hours have passed, and the race has started in a rolling manner.


The FD overtakes the Lexus SC430 easily.


Then Takuma already sets his sights on the other opponents who are still far away from him.


Takuma: "This FD will easily decimate you.

Which it does rather well, overtaking even the potent NSX.


The FD once again demonstrates its cornering prowess at the hairpin.

Takuma: "The RX-7 would always be the finest cornering machine ever!"


The FD passes another SC430 on the outside, but the FD ends up too far out that it hits the sand, slowing it down.


Takuma: "Not so fast, boy. My FD has a lot more power than yours."


It easily outruns the SC430.


Takuma: "This car has no problem clipping the apex. You know, I'm actually torn between my Zonda R and this car."

The FD's power is demonstrated at the straight which makes it easily catch up and overtake an R35 GT-R.


Takuma: "I'm not scared of any GT-R. Even Takanori's R32 is no match against my FD!"

Then he targets the 2 cars in front of him at the main straight.


At the start of the 2nd lap, the FD overtakes them both.


Then he sets his sights on the 2nd place car which is a Ford Mark IV Racing Car.


The FD's cornering ability enables it to catch up to the powerful Ford.


Takuma: "It's sushi versus hamburger now. Just you wait, David!"

End of Page 9


Bushi - an honorific often used in the ancient times to address samurais or other honorable warriors
Page 10 - Sushi vs. Hamburger 2

The FD goes side-by-side at the Ford Mk. IV racing car. The FD's turbos boost that exceed 1.5 bar. The car simply overtakes the Ford and carries on.

Takuma: "As much as I love your car, I'm afraid it's no match against this 3 rotor monster!"


The FD simply showcased its power, outrunning the Ford in an instant.


Takuma: "Now, you're the last opponent I'll face... Get ready, David!"




At the pits, Takanori is just observing Takuma's crew.

Takanori: "Wow. They are so organized and spot-on. Hmmmm.... wait a minute; did Takuma bought another FD?"

Ben: "Silly idiot. That's his yellow RX-7, you know?"

Takanori: "But he bought a Zenki model FD3S, right? But what I saw today is a Kouki model with the Innocent Blue Mica which is also the color for Kouki models!"

Ben: "He sourced those parts from a Kouki model. Then he repainted it blue since he finds yellow rather flashy."


Takanori: "I see. And I also heard a different exhaust note when that car left the pits."

Ben: "That's because it's a triple rotor unit. It's actually hard to come by nowadays since it's a very popular engine swap for RX-7s."

Takanori: "Amazing. As far as I know, RX-7s tuned for drag racing are mostly equipped with 3 rotor units! They can exceed 700 horsepower!"

Ben: "That's right, chap."

Takanori: "Simply amazing. I know that he can do it! Go Aniki!"


Takuma's FD is closing in to David's Ford GT. He controls the throttle at the corners and carefully adjusts his steering inputs.

Takuma: "I can see him.... I can see him! Heh, never thought that a Big Mac could be that easy to catch."

In the Ford GT, David sees a speck of Takuma's FD3S at the rear view mirror.

David: "That is to be expected. I am actually waiting for this moment."

A few corners later, the FD is now right up behind the Ford GT.


David: "The real showdown begins!"


The instant boost of the supercharger allows the Ford GT to blast away at the corner exits.


Takuma: "I gotta admit, turbos are rather laggy. No wonder Americans prefer a supercharger...."


Takuma: "....but for all-out power, that's where turbos shine!"

Seeing that Takuma is attempting to pass him, David blocks him at the last corner before the main straight.


David: "Heh, I'm not gonna make this easy."


David: "Takuma, why didn't you tell me? Why?"


David: "I could have known that Megumi was pregnant."


David: "But she didn't tell me, either. Before she died, we did have a fight."

As a sign of distraction, Takuma's FD suddenly flashes its lights.


David: "Is it because you love her too? That you kept her death a secret?"


David: "Either way, I won't lose to you! Megumi is still in my heart! You are nothing but a third wheel, Takuma!"

Then the two cars have a braking duel at the last corner. But...


...Takuma immediately stepped on the accelerator to overtake David And then Takuma goes back at braking.


David: "What!?"

Takuma: "I know that I can brake later. So I intentionally slowed down together with you. However, since we're not that far from the corner, I stepped on immediately on the accelerator to overtake you and slammed the brakes once again and then turn."


Takuma: "I'll show you.... what a sushi can do!"


The FD outruns the Ford GT on the main straight and then it sets a new course record.


The next day, David and Takuma are at the cemetery. David lays down flowers on Megumi's grave.

David: "Forgive me, Megumi... I love you so much."

Takuma: "You loved her so much that you made a big mistake out of it. You did not claim responsibility for your actions. A real man faces his consequences."

David: "Takuma, thank you for letting me see her for one last time. Even though she was buried, at least we had a closure."

Takuma: "So, what do you intend to do next?"

David: "Go back home. And then keep on racing."

Takuma: "I see. I wish you the best, then."

David: "I thought you're so cold. You're actually a good guy."

Takuma: "I don't want to bear a grudge, that's why."

David: "Hey, how about a rematch?"

Takuma: "Sure thing. No problem at all. I'm ready. Kakatte koi yo!"

David: "Okay. I'll let you know!"

Then David walks away and goes back into the van. Takuma then looks up at the sky.

Takuma: "Megumi, everything is fine now. I hope you're happy..."

End of Page 10

End of Part 1

Part 2 will be posted soon! :)
Hey guys, this is the 2nd part of this book. This part will have violence and a tragic event will happen. That event actually made me cry as I wrote it.

This part will focus back on Takanori, and that tragic event will have a huge impact on him and will it change him for better? Or for worst?

Plot-wise, this is the last part of the whole story that spanned 5 books. The 4th book, The Boom, is still in hiatus and I will continue it after I'm done with this story. After I'm done with the 5 books, I'm out from writing.... probably.


Part 2 Page 1 - The Oyabun

At 11 in the evening, the Shuto Expressway is traffic-free. Only few passenger cars and trucks travel at that road.

Then suddenly, an Opal Black Nissan GT-R SpecV races through the traffic.

It blazes the highway at 360 KM/H.





At the Kanonji residence, Takuma is browsing through the internet at his PC. Then he checks his e-mail. A new message has arrived and he clicks on it. The message is from his friend who is the composer that Takuma had sent his song to.

"Hey, I'm almost done with the song. I can fax you the complete guitar notes of it around next week. It's so awesome! You really are a good songwriter!"

Takuma: "Good..."

Then Tomoko enters his room.

Tomoko: "Still awake?"

Takuma: "I'm not sleepy yet, Mom. Is Takanori asleep?"

Tomoko: "He's still awake, playing a video game."

Takuma turns off the monitor of the PC and heads over to Takanori's room. He sees a guitar on the table.

Takuma: "You play guitar, huh? Never seen that before."

Takanori: "Well, I sometimes sing some J-Rock songs."

Takuma: "I see."

Takanori: "You did really great on that race a while ago. You even beat my course record in Suzuka!"

Takuma: "The FD3S can eat GT-Rs for breakfast. It's not all about bombast, but balance."

Takanori: "Hah! You think so!?"

Takuma: "Let the bickering begin... I hope you don't get first place in that Seasonal Event time trial as I get to distract you."

And so, the twins have started to bicker.... again.


After that brief run from the Shuto Expressway, the black R35 stopped at a house in Shinjuku.


Stepping out of the car is a man in his 50s with a short white hair. He wears a black robe with gray hakama and socks with sandals as his footwear. He enters the said house and is greeted upon by other men in black.

He enters in a room filled with middle-aged men wearing the same type of clothing as his. They are sitting on the sides of the room and he walks through the middle. He finally sits at the other side of the room just in front of
a dragon statue. Then a man stands up.

Man: "Let us welcome our Oyabun, Tatsumi Kanonji!"

The members bow for a while. Tatsumi returns the gesture as well.

Tatsumi: "Good evening, everyone. How's your day? Well, I've been hearing success stories of this Yakuza group. Good job, everyone. Now, let's have a toast!"

Now, everyone in the room enjoys a warm bottle of Sake.

Tatsumi: "Keep that up, my brethren. You will be rewarded."

One of the members raises hands.

Tatsumi: "Yes, Ichiro?

Ichiro: "What is your next plan, Oyabun?"

Tatsumi: "Ah yes. You know, you're the only one I could relay my plans to. Come with me to the other room. As for the rest of you, enjoy the feast!"

Tatsumi and Ichiro enter the other room and close the sliding door. The two sit down on the Tatami mat.

Tatsumi picks up a dart and then throws it. It hits on a pinned photo of Takanori.

Tatsumi: "You see, as long as this man is around, I won't be in peace."

Ichiro: "I see. Well, have you tracked him down?"

Tatsumi: "Of course. But he's my relative and of course, family first. I know exactly where he lives. In fact, I might pay him a visit first."

Ichiro: "Then execute the plan?"

Tatsumi: "There is a time for that. He must not be suspicious. Now, could you please leave me be? You should celebrate with your brethren."

Ichiro: "Understood."

Ichiro stands up and bows before Tatsumi. He gets out of the room to join the celebration.

Tatsumi looks at the photo of Takanori.

Tatsumi: "You are just a painful reminder of how your father looked down on me. He never considered me as a brother. I am a considerate man, and I can let you join your father in the afterlife!"

Then Tatsumi stands up and returns to the celebration as well.

End of Page 1

Hey guys, this is the 2nd part of this book. This part will have violence and a tragic event will happen. That event actually made me cry as I wrote it.

This part will focus back on Takanori, and that tragic event will have a huge impact on him and will it change him for better? Or for worst?

That's why.
Part 2 Page 2 - Makoto Gone Mad

Meanwhile in Germany, Makoto and Katrine decide spend the sunny Saturday at the Nurburgring.

Katrine is then driving her white RUF RGT. Then Makoto checks her bag if all the snacks have been brought.

Katrine: "Seesh, we're not having a picnic at the Nordschleife, you know?"

Makoto: "Nah, we may get hungry from doing lap times there. By the way, how did you get this RUF?"

Katrine: "I had bought this as a Porsche 911 GT3. Then I sent it over to RUF to have it tuned."

Makoto: "Oh... So only a few RUFs are bought as is. The rest are converted Porsches."

Katrine: "Depends on the place, though."

Makoto: "In Japan, most RUFs I saw still have Porsche badges on them."


Back in Japan, as Takanori takes out a bottle of water from the refrigerator in the convenience store, he receives a call from Gan.

Gan: "I just have a piece of very good news that you'll really like!"

Takanori: "What is it?"

Gan: "We have been invited to The Downhill Rally.... in Germany."

Takanori: "Really!? That's so great to hear!"

Gan: "I'm sure you're very eager to see her, huh?"

Takanori: "Yeah...."

Gan: "Well, that's all I could say for now. I have some things to do. Enjoy the weekend!"

Takanori: "Okay, thank you! Bye!"

After purchasing the bottle of water, he happily leaves the convenience store and heads on his way home.

When he arrived, he sees Tomoko talking to Tatsumi.

Tomoko: "Oh Takanori! This is your uncle Tatsumi."

Takanori bows before Tatsumi.

Takanori: "I'm happy to meet you, Ojisan."

Tatsumi: "Ah, yes. You're such a very kind man, Takanori. And also talented!"

Takanori: "I just do what I have to do..."

Tatsumi: "Keep that up, boy! Well, I'm sorry to cut this short, though. I have some important matters to attend to."

So he leaves while Tomoko waves her hand goodbye. While walking, he puts up a grin on his face.

Tatsumi: "Your days are numbered, Takanori.... Soon, you'll be able to reunite with your father. Aren't you eager to see him?"


Katrine has managed to find a parking spot at the circuit's lot. As they go out from the car, they see a lot of performance cars being set up.

Makoto: "Being here in the Nurburgring makes you already feel tense. It's just an ordinary track day, yet people here take it too seriously!"

Katrine: "It sure is."

Then suddenly, a group of men approach them. A man named Siegfried goes around the car.

Siegfried: "How many times you've spun this car?"

Upon hearing it, Makoto clenches her fist.

Katrine: "I haven't."

Siegfried: "Well, that's a good start for someone who works in the kitchen."

Makoto raises one of her eyebrows.

Makoto: ("Is this guy a total a:censored:hole?")

Siegfried: "See ya later. I'm hoping to see a mobile kitchen at the Nuburgring."

Then the men leave them while laughing. Then they get in their cars and enter the track.

Katrine: "It's okay, Makoto. I've encountered men like that."

Makoto: "I'll show them what a mobile kitchen can do! Give me your keys!"

Katrine hands over the car keys to Makoto. Then the two enter the car.

Makoto: "Sorry, Katrine. I can't stand men who are like that."

Makoto starts up the RGT and enters the track as well.

She goes at full throttle.


Makoto: "I'll show you.... my results of training!"

Katrine: "Training?"

Makoto: "Takanori taught me his racing techniques. Though I will never be as good as him, at least I got the gist of them."

The RGT overtakes a Mercedes SL on the outside.


Makoto: "I learned throttle control from him..."

Then it follows the ideal racing line.


Makoto: "An Audi R8 and another Mercedes. Pieces of cake!"


The RGT overtakes those 2 cars easily. Then she now sets her eyes on a green Audi RS4 driven by Siegfried.


Katrine: "You're amazing, Makoto."

Makoto: "Takanori is such a great teacher, isn't he?"

Seeing that the RGT is behind him, Siegfried is taken by surprise.


Siegfried: "What the!?"

Makoto: "Your car looks like a mobile kitchen! Now out of my way, bigot!"

Then she finally overtakes him at the Aremberg corner. In doing so, the two drivers briefly looked each other and Makoto winks at Siegfried. The latter could not believe what he's seeing.


Siegfried: "Waaaaaaahhhh! It's those 2 women from the parking lot!"

Makoto: "See ya."

Then she floors the throttle and the RGT outruns the RS4.


Siegfried: "A woman is better than me!? Oh hell!"

After the run, they exit the track and enjoy snacks inside the car as Makoto drives them on their way back to Stuttgart.

Katrine: "What you did there was just insane!"

Makoto: "I just gotta show those boys that girls can kick butt."

Katrine: "It's truly a fun day."

End of Page 2