Monday Night Racing (recruiting for GT7 now)

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Monday Night Racing continues the tradition of weeknight racing. Each week's events are reprised on Wednesday evenings (UTC), too, for drivers in European time zones. Make sure to select All Regions, in Sport. Wednesday lobbies are entitled as Not So Easy Racing.

We have been racing in open lobbies since August 20, 2012, so the Real settings are well tested. Events and settings are designed to challenge the driver's skills with 1-make races, to encourage fair and safe driving from everyone, and to encourage tuning within reasonable limits (default power and weight, which is good practice for you Sport Mode drivers). If you don't tune, suggested settings are posted here and in our PSN Party Chat. Monday Night Racing encourages beginners or drivers returning to GT to get up to speed with us, and we will also do our best to chase any aliens.

We follow a monthly schedule which ensures that every type of content in GT gets used:

Week 1: small street cars - N100-N400
Week 2: small race cars up to Gr.4, rally cars
Week 3: big street cars - N500-N1000
Week 4: big race cars, Gr.3 and up
Week 5: special events, something different

Once a car is used, then another unused car is selected. That way, all of your MNR cars will eventually get tuned. If this kind of racing interests you, select All Regions in GT Sport and look for Monday Night Racing - 1-make [car name] ONLY lobbies for GT; sometimes we use other racing sims. Select "follow" for this thread, to get e-mail notifications from GT Planet. With the loss of PSN Communities, weekly race details will be posted here, as usual, and in the message list attached to our PSN Party Chat.

Race until you drop. Most Monday Night Racing lobbies stay open for 2-4 hours, sometimes longer. No points are awarded, no attendance is required; MNR is low pressure, to help ensure everyone can have fun while doing challenging racing. PSN: MastrGT

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Monday Night Racing

May 27 @ 7:30 PM Eastern

Car: Amuse S2000 Sport Soft tires, HP=616, Weight=2469

Tracks: Blue Moon Infield A (12 laps)
Red Bull Ring (10 laps)
Tokyo South Inner Loop (7 laps).

Throttle control and its down force will help you.
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With the addition of a new track in the latest update, you can gain Circuit Experience this Monday while driving three very different cars.

Monday Night Racing

June 3 @ 7:30 PM Eastern

VW 1200 Beetle 50 HP 1720 CS (8 laps);
Jaguar E-type 264 2866 SM (10);
Aston-Martin V8 Vantage 429 3549 SH (12).

Boost the Beetle to 50 HP.



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Monday Night Racing

June 10 @ 7:30 Eastern

Honda Civic Type R FK2, Sport Hard, 305 HP, 3042 lbs


Tsukuba (14 laps)
Maggiore West (9)
Interlagos (8)

More than 300 HP in a FWD on twisty tracks? Yeah, understeer.
Monday Night Racing

June 17 @ 7:30 Eastern

Car: Lamborghini LP610-4 SS 601 3135

Tracks / laps:
Dragon Trail Gardens 2 (8)
Monza w/chicane (8)
Fuji w/chicane (8)

This is the cheapest Lamborghini that we have, but it does cost 1 or 2 races at La Sarthe. Please find your braking zones or else you will get surprised!

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Did someone say CAKE?

Two birthdays are coming up - Canada's on a Monday, and the US' on a Thursday. If you want to also race on that Thurday, please let me know.
Monday Night Racing

Date: June 24 @ 7:30 Eastern

Car: Toyota 86 GT '15 CS 198 2712

Tracks: Suzuka East (14)
Streets of Willow 2 (10)
Bathurst night (6)

Conditions: Tires 14x Fuel 7x. Fuel @ Bathurst is just OK only if you don't do damage to your car.
It was a great night of racing. Thanks again Master-GT

Thank you, oldphart! There are so many good handling cars in Sport, so we aren't anywhere near finished exploring them yet. And we are going to get one of my favourite GT cars of all time, tonight, a Clio Sport, so buckle up.
Monday Night Racing

July 1 @ 7:30 Eastern

Canada Day Endurance Racing:

Four new tracks will be used with four different cars, tire wear & fuel. At least 1 pit stop will be required, a 2nd one may be necessary.

Barcelona (13 laps) morning, Honda Civic Type R SH tires, 305 HP, 3042 lbs, 5X tires, 8X fuel.


Autopolis long (13) mid-day, Mazda Atenza Gr.4 SS tires, 393 HP, 3042 lbs, 4X tires, 9X fuel.


Fuji Short (17) mid-day, Dodge Viper GTS SS tires, 640 HP, 3430 lbs, 4X tires, 4X fuel.


Goodwood (23) dusk, Dodge Hellcat SS tires, 707 HP, 4365 lbs, 3X tires, 4X fuel.


We have used 2 of these cars before, so most of you should have tuned cars. Sport doesn't allow fine tuning of consumption, so watch your fuel usage.
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Monday Night Racing

July 8 @ 7:30 Eastern


Car: Hyundai Genesis 3.8 Track, Sport Hard tires, 343 HP, 3433 lbs

Tokyo Expressway East Inner (6 laps)
Sardegna Road A2 (7)
Brands Hatch GP (9)

This is a fun, heavy car, especially at Brands Hatch! We will spend some quality time learning a new Sardegna reversed track.
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Monday Night Racing

July 15 @ 7:30 Eastern

Car: Porsche 356 Speedster Comfort Medium tires, 107 HP, 1852 lbs


Tracks and laps:
Red Bull Short (10)
Nurburgring GP (5)
St Croix A (5)

RBR Short will throw the car around, but there aren't many good tunes available yet. Let's help each other control this car.
Sorry, kinda forgot
I will open a room Sat: morning for about three hours. 1 hr per track.
First track RB short
5:am PST sooner if I'm bored

I figure you fast guys @ sub 1:10
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Whoof, I am not alive at that time.

In my few laps setting this up, I haven't had a lap clean enough to get under 1'10. Maybe... if I am lucky.
The alarm goes off @ 4 am for work.
I will be opening a room today at various times throughout the day. Taking breaks from trying to make this thing go faster.

RB 1:12
St. C 2:54
So, first up will be NBGP, then back to St. C
RB 1:12
St. C 2:54
So, first up will be NBGP, then back to St. C

RB Short: maybe someone can break under 1'10.
St Croix: I was able to get under 2'30 with a different tune.
Nurburgring GP: I forget, but we got better at it.
Monday Night Racing

July 22 @ 7:30 Eastern

Gran Turismo Greddy Fugu Z, Sport Hard tires, 249 HP, 2425 lbs


Tracks and laps:
Sardegna Road C (12)
Autopolis Shortcut (10)
Maggiore West (9)

A fun car (300K credits) on short tracks.

There was a typo in the date. It is correct, now.

My T-GT was almost unusable, the last time that I tried to use it. I had to reinstall the G29 again. I miss it already...
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Monday Night Racing

July 29 @ 7:30 Eastern

AUDI TTS Coupé '14, Sport Hard tires, 305 HP, 3053 Lbs


Tracks and Laps
Tokyo South Outer Loop (8)
Dragon Trail Seaside (8)
Kyoto Yamagiwa+Miyabi (5)

This is a nice handling car, once it is tuned.