More black screens after 2.08

Discussion in 'GT5 General Questions' started by seanneedscar, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. seanneedscar


    Since Ive patched to 2.08 there have been 3 instances where the game has frozen at the black screen with the shining GT logo

    Was wondering if anyone else has this problem?
  2. Ridox2JZGTE


    I had worse issue today, PS3 shuts itself down every time I load Monza Weather change in practice offline. Apparently it was due to F1 2012 demo that also had issue of shutting my PS3 down every time the Gobogames logo disappear when the game start. I removed the offending F1 demo, then rebuild the database. No issues ever since, did many laps around many tracks, offline and online.
  3. Same here
  4. bs13

    United States WV

    Black screens have always been a problem in GT5. I remember last December it was so bad that we would get up to three a night. Sometimes the GT logo is there but most of the time it isn't. The black screens seems to be more prevalent in rooms with rolling 2x starts. When we run rolling starts we force everyone to stay in the pits until the race starts.

    When we get a black screen we ask the last person to join to sign out of the playstation network and that sometimes free things up. If not usually someone lags out or leaves and that will free things up.
  5. crasherkid

    United Kingdom WEST YORKSHIRE

    My game data isn't loading at all, wonder if it's related to this update.
  6. Ridox2JZGTE


    Still PS3 shutdown whenever tracks with weather change loaded in practice mode offline, so far it happened at Suzuka and Monza, both 3 times, on loading and replay. I played online for hours no problem. This 2.08 has new bugs.
  7. Si6K_WiT_IT

    Trinidad and Tobago Canada

    Never got a black screen until the new 2.08 update. I got 3 black screen yesterday and 4 today.
  8. alexlam24

    Hong Kong Pa/ America

    I had a problem yesterday when I was in a room and the engine sounds wouldn't play, only my music did and when I tried to leave the track the game froze on me
  9. jgancherjr

    United States Indiana
    PSN:JGancherJr & Stupid-Fast_Jay

    4 yesterday, none for the last 4 months atleast before 2.08.... Pissed off...
  10. Polsixe

    Canada Thornhill

    Game seems to not respond to buttons pressed in between gameplay, ie end of race can't get out, moving to tuning shop freezes, sometimes black screen sometimes frozen screen. Just a coincidence or?
  11. SakuraHaruno


    That's nothing had to reboot the game about 10 times today cause of this:dunce:
  12. TURNIP


    yeah 2.08 seriously messed up the online portion, black screens just about every race and even very frequent freezes that weren't happening prior to the latest patch...
  13. Highlandor

    United Kingdom Staring at the sugar bowl

    Yep, 2.08 is the devil update...

    Since the update, every night we've had a complete nightmare with our organised racing. 2.08 needs to be reversed immediately, it totally sucks.

    Wednesday - 1hr 15mins to START our GT1 endurance (because so many frozen / black screens & disconnects)
    Thursday - over 45 mins to start race 1 of our DTM championship (same as above)
    Friday - over an hour to get ONE race started (same)

    ALL 3 races, 'regulars' racing for championships etc they have attended for a long time already were unable to race, making them very unhappy. Some of these guys wll arange their social lives to participate in their favourite series.

    All the same reason, black screens, frozen screens, 5 / 6 / 7 guys getting disco'd and half of them not be able to get back in..

    We've raced with the same guys for well over a year, same lobby settings, same everything, since 2.08 trying to get an organised online race (i.e. league / series / championship) started is completely ridiculous.

    This is killing organised racing, members can't get into the race. This will means the organisors have to re-run, or members will walk away not just from the series but GT5 and future GT's too.

    The over-whelming response from the regular members I organise for is that they are at their wits end with updates that fix one thing and create a whole new problem.

    2.08 is the worst of them all - all they want to do is race online with their online friends, 2.08 is making that ridiculously difficult.

    The amount of time and effort some put in to organised racing, then the members have to arrange time to race - Polyphony have got to be complete imbeciles not to understand the damage they are doing to themselves.

    - it was a nightmare at the start of the game, and now it's worse than ever - TOTAL FAIL by Polyphony :tdown: :dunce: :tdown:
  14. bs13

    United States WV

    Since the update I've only seen 2 black screens and they happened last night. In both cases the race eventually started and left only one person on the track in a black screen while the rest of us were able to race.
  15. Gotbeefboy564

    Online Now!
    United States Grandville Mi

    I've gotten the black screen today and a few times after i downloaded the update.
  16. HKS racer


    Updated 2.08 And yes, MORE BLACK SCREEN here as well. What's wrong with you PD? You are self-destructing Gran Turismo. Back to rFactor lifeboat ASAP.
  17. m8h3r

    Online Now!
    England East Midlands

    There is a major bug somewhere in that update. I've tried playing online 3 times since it, in 3 different rooms and I've got the GT Logo when going to the track, every single time. Not only does it not change after 5 minutes but I tried signing out to cut the online connection and I was still stuck in the loading screen.

    I have a couple of organized races coming up. I just hope I get the online working by then.
  18. Highlandor

    United Kingdom Staring at the sugar bowl

    My advice if you've got an organised race coming up too:

    Contact all those in the race beforehand - warn them to expect problems. If you got a near full lobby, warn them of potentially BIG problems.

    i.e. black / frozen screens in lobby
    people getting error message, not being able to enter room
    when you hit "start race" - anything from 1 person to 1/3rd of lobby could get disconnected
    when you do get everyone on track (after starting race) - some might get black screen with stationary car on grid, potentially causing pile up if cars behind it dont see them.

    Try to get all your guys in lobby a bit earlier, make preperations for 2nd lobby just in case - or to rearrange the race.

    Best of luck with your race, if you've got a near full lobby, be prepared to tear your hair out. Stress ball or something similiar greatly advised :tup: :D
  19. m8h3r

    Online Now!
    England East Midlands

    We have a full 16 person grid plus reserves tomorrow for a Kart race on Kart Space. I sense trouble. :nervous:
  20. Z1-AV69

    Germany Nürburgring

    Had this too yesterday, lots of black screens too. After the patch I need like 5 attempts to join an online race, each ending with some bug or freezing. After restarting several times at some point it works then. Really bad patch.
  21. Highlandor

    United Kingdom Staring at the sugar bowl

    We're lucky enough to have quite a few guys turning up regularly, all I can say is exactly what the difference post 2.08 is to what is was before.

    Before - yes, the odd / occaisional disconnect / black screen / frozen sreen, but nothing too bad really. Even with ful lobbies you could get 'championship' races started fairly easily, without problems.

    After (2.08) - as stated in my above posts.

    I have cable connection, NEVER had anywhere near as mny problems as post 2.08. We've tried 3 different 'hosts' - same problems with all of them (all with good cable connections).

    Try to avoid changing settings in lobby / resetting track, guys in lobby going on / off track and into settings constantly. Try to get your guys to be as prepared as possible before entering lobby.

    When you ask them to go to track do it from the top of list in lobby 2 by 2 (like noah's ark!!!). DON'T let everyone "go to track" simultaniously.

    Hope you have a good race - best of luck :tup:
  22. m8h3r

    Online Now!
    England East Midlands

    We'll try and have a good one like if we can actually get it going. By the way I am quoting you on the race thread, so thanks. :) :tup:
  23. dxm8975

    Japan Chiba, Japan

    Yeah there are complaints about the inconveniences after the update of the latest 2,08 version... perhaps PD will do something as a disposition for solution of the bug like we had some flaws with the game on a transitory update of GT5P.
  24. Highlandor

    United Kingdom Staring at the sugar bowl

    How long did it take Pd to do anything about the "lap time" bug, they never truely fixed that?
    How long did it take PD to even recognize the ride height issue (2 years)?

    I wouldn't get to hopeful of a 'fix' for this very soon.. Kaz is probably too busy organising his next Nurb 24hr or in the toilets banging one out over his Skyline collection....
  25. Ecchi-BANZAII!!


    More glitches all over.
    When buying a car the prompt to use or not to use the car doesn't show up.
    So I had to to turn of the game three times since the DLCs include three cars...

    EDIT: Just went to my first online room and got the all famous black screen like I usually get...
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2012
  26. kingstang5oh


    I get black screen when i enter the track online after the update.

    It really weird cause i can hear my car and my controller shakes when i hit something but my screen is black with the little GT logo in the corner.

  27. O.G

    United States Town

    Same here...

    Damn you PD!!!!
  28. Filip_Ovik


    I agree totally!

    I'm racing at another website called and Wed's, Thur's and yesterdsay's races was delayed 45 minutes each because everyone getting either black screen or disconnected from the room.

    In yesterday half of the lobby became disconnected and when I tried to join the lobby (after being disconnected) I got this message:

    An error has occured in the lobby server [268]

    And then I became kicked from psn...
    Can't login to ps network (8071053D)

    Needed to restart my ps3 twice and router once and finally I could join..

    This is unacceptable, if Polyphony will not patch this I'll not play GT5 anymore, organizing online series has never been as tough as now :(
  29. topolino

    Germany Unna, Germany

    BLACKSCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!!! thanks god i'm not alone.....

    edit: 8 blackscreen's in ~30 minutes new record?
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2012
  30. SakuraHaruno


    Hey PD are you even listening to us?:grumpy::grumpy::grumpy:
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