More Forza Motorsport Details are Coming in Forza Monthly Today

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I've been telling myself for the last 3 months that I'm not going to buy it. That it's going to be a waste because I'm used to VR and proper triple screen support. I watched a few more videos last night that were more on the positive side of first impressions. I also watched a few videos of Chris talking about the improvements. I really want to wait until the game releases to get more information from people that play more hardcore sims, but stupid me will probably get home from work today and pre order it to play early access... I really wish they had a demo. I will probably install FM7 tonight also to get used to the stretched view on my triple screens. I'm a gullible SOB when it comes to new racing games....:dopey:
I've been out of this since FM3, I did get FH4 and FH5 on PC but I've been patiently waiting for something like this to come back to PC (my systems and old PC were stolen so I've been out of gaming for a while). I enjoyed FH4 a lot, but FH5 left me with a lot to be desired. I think the FH4 race track in Lego area helped satiate my need for track racing with the set up I do have on my pc. I'm going into this with an open mind, but the amount of work they've put into single player has made me pre-purchase the premium edition (several cars I really really want to drive, mainly the smaller touring cars). I've read and watched a lot of the early stuff and other than AR12Gaming (which actually made me more excited than I think he intended in his 'This Sucks' video) which have all been positive. Gonna go on a leap of faith here.