My first bike

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The Netherlands
Just bought my first bike after getting my motorcycle drivers license a couple of weeks ago.

A Fazer 600 from 2002 gonna pick it up Saturday.



I've been told that the engine in that is a detuned version of the R6 engine. Not sure how true it is but I do know that they are fast, like 140+mph fast!
All I've read on the web is that it's a re-tuned thundercat engine and that it is fitted with the same brakes as an R1.
I'll try it's full potential when I have some more driving experience, but the test drive was impressive and it showed that it had enough power for me for a first bike. :D
👍 600cc is enough for anyone for a first bike.

I give you three weex and you will be able to tell us roughly what it'll do flat out.

I also give you the opportunity to tell me I am wrong and that you will be careful and not too fast to begin with.

Which is why I gave you three weex in the first place.

Nice bike!

Well I might prove you wrong there as I haven't even driven my cars flat out yet. :P
Already looking for another exhaust as I could barely hear it while test driving. ;)
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See Thatman's avatar? That was my face after seeing that bike.

I LOVE naked sport bikes. Didn't use to until I started riding one, but now I can't imagine owning a bike with fairings. A good naked bike is like eye sex. Looks like a great choice for a first bike too! I kinda wish I would have started with a 600, but then I remember I haven't even floored my 500 in 1st yet...
:lol: I love my name... Very nice mustang, when i get some pics of my buddys Naked(Raarrww) GSXR-750 check my thread out.

But really? You haven't done WOT yet, It sure is fun...just "roll" into WOT.
:lol: I love my name... Very nice mustang, when i get some pics of my buddys Naked(Raarrww) GSXR-750 check my thread out.

But really? You haven't done WOT yet, It sure is fun...just "roll" into WOT.

I don't have a tach and don't wanna bounce it off the rev limiter (if it has one). Once I get gauges on it, I can go WOT and not worry! I've been wide open in 2nd and a 3rd gear, but just not first because it sounds like she's flying through the revs.

What's a gixxer look like naked? Never seen one that way, but I'm definately intereseted. Especially seeing as in the next year or two I'd love to be riding a 600 or a 750
Well its there in my thread. Also you could likely figure that first is about 40, 2nd 70 and 3rd 90 or so. Right?
Well small update riding with my bike I like to share.
Went to the Eiffel region in Germany for a weekend last month to ride together with my dad, uncle and nephew.
Such beautiful roads in the Eiffel and we had really nice weather it was awesome.

We left on Friday morning to ride to Birgel in Germany where we booked the hotel.
After a trip of approx. 400 km we arrived in a nice and sunny Birgel.

The next morning we started our tour in the region.
It could not have started better as it was nice weather and we needed to use the autobahn to get to the rest of the route, as we got on the autobahn it had no max speed signs and was completely empty.
Such a nice invitation, we just couldn't ignore it.
This was the first time I rode faster than 195km/h(on bike), 220km/h was when I thought "ok that was fun while it lasted", the bike could go on, but I had my fill.
I find the acceleration towards the speed more thrilling than the high speeds itself.
Enjoyed the amazing roads in the Eiffel with their nice bends, climbs and decents.
Which is quite the change of scenery when you are used to the incredibly flat Netherlands.
At the end of the day I liked the bends more than the short sprint on the autobahn, we had a nice part of the tour of approx. 10 km. with loads of bends, finally used the rest of the rear tyre ;).

On Sunday we returned home, back in the Netherlands the roads were so boring.
I must say that the Germans motorists are more used and motorbike friendly than the Dutch motorists.
Was slightly sore on Monday as I hadn't rode suchs distances three days in a row, but as it was again nice weather I went for a ride again. :D

But as I still not maxxed out the fazer, I have a very good reason to return to the autobahn.
Also still need to find another exhaust, but they are either too expensive or I don't like the sound.
Must say that an Akropovic exhaust sounds nice on a fazer but the things are very expensive for just a slip on exhaust.

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Well it's seriously time for an update, one with sad news and one with good news.

About two weeks ago I went for a ride and had an accident.
On a road I passed a few times on other rides, I completely forgot about a road from the right and as I accelerated to pass the van in front of me I was confronted with a car in front of me.
So I braked hard, but did not slow down enough, so I braked even harder and laid the bike down. :scared:
As my bike slid against the car I slid past the car missing it and stopped when I hit the trailer attached to the car, luckily I slowed down enough so I did not hit the trailer at full speed.

The police happened to pass by and they assisted us and arranged the transport of the vehicles.
Then the driver of the car became unwell and had to go to the hospital.
That night he called to say that he was okay as well and that it was the combination of adrenalin and shock that messed with his blood sugars as a diabetic.

I got to walk away with a few abrasions and a contusion on my lower ribs, this is why I always gear up.

So luckily we were both okay and it only resulted in material damages which will be taken care of by the insurance company.

Quite bummed out as it happened on my birthday and the bike just had some expensive maintenance. :ouch:



The bike seems to be straight and will transfer to a project status.

So now the good news.
Today I picked up my new bike after buying some new gear.
Again a Fazer but this time 11 years younger.

This time a Fazer8 GT from 2014.




It's over 9000!!!!

Still has the original exhaust, but again I'm planning to replace it with something making a bit more noise.

Hopefully my ribs will be kind to me so I can go ride in Germany this weekend and otherwise I'll have to manage with some painkillers as I did today.

Ride safe. 👍
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Glad that you are pretty much okay! A lot of trees on that photo too...

Congrats with the new bike :tub: I expect some better photos very soon ;) Hope you can enjoy it this weekend!
Good on ya for gearing up. I've had 3 offs and never lost any skin or blood, although I've had to walk pretty gingerly on a couple of ankle sprains and I've carried some purple skin... :)

On the picture in your previous post, I've had half of those bikes in my garage!

Well, OK, the Firestorm (VTR-1000 here in the US) was my brother's but I kept it for a couple of years after he moved to California, as he was trying to figure out how to get it there. Of course it needed to be exercised occasionally :D. We eventually sold it to my stepson. Fun bike with some unique character, but horrible fuel economy and very short range.

I will give up my FJR only if it actually stops running, which is very unlikely. Wicked fast, silky smooth, all-day comfortable, easily carries enough stuff to travel nicely on, and 250-mile range on the highway.