My First Vid

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Well THX guys. :) :)
I shal make a vid with more "side ways drifting" becouse that is not the best done in the vid.
But you loose speed doing that so thatswhy i didnt do it. :dopey:
Mabe ill take an other "faster" car for that becouse the MR2 isn't that powerfull.
And for the big turn right to the sharp turn right you must have a lot of speed or you'l dont drift in that turn.
Let me know if you guys(and girls) have some info or comments?!?!?
I already complimented you on MSN but, didn't explain why really: I've NEVER seen a n00b drift a turn that long as in your vids first corner, never. I alread y noticed you in the drift settings forum, because most n00bs start out witth more over powered than "underpowered" cars. Best line taking I've seen so far too, now what YOU now want is to get up a vid with more angle, I can imagine but THIS vid already shows how much control you have over the car.

Just a question if I can't ask you on MSN or in case I forget: how long have you been drifting now? Because your a new member doesn't mean you haven't practiced yet lol:P