My GT5P Pod (modified)

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congrats! wow that setup is so nice! i have the DFGT and i hook it up to some ghetto floppy table. its so hard to steer with force and not shake the table around. your living the GT dream. must be a really great experience! have fun with your new toy.
Conratulations on your prize winning efforts, this is a one off, so really it's priceless. Great work re-hanging the pedals. Good luck with the rest of the competition. I am probably safe in saying we are all jealous as hell,but to the winner go the sweets. See u online sometime.
thank you all :)

i always wanted to build a racing cockpit, but i kept using a desk and an office-chair which is ok for me considering thats what im capable of doin

until i got the pod , all my worries are now gone, i dont have to search for new custom made cockpits from time to time since i have what satisfies me.

thank you all again.
congrats on the win.
is there a DYI for the inverted pedals? i am interested in doing that to my set up. if its pretty straigh forward then i can probably figure it out but if you can give a few tips that would be great.

Also, I like the fact that you replaced the pods DFGT with the G25 so you could 'go the extra mile'. That should give PD something to think about :lol:.
Oh wow what a great prize to win..

And I know you have drived your ass off to get it, so a Big congrats Super-fla..

Dream Extreme
Congrats on the win, and many sweet races still to come for you I'd say. The only thing I notice is that the driving position looks horrible compared to a real car. It looks to me like it sits more like a van or SUV than a car. I noticed the pedals sit pretty high though in relation to the seat and floor, does that give it a more realistic driving position? I've long thought that my cockpit (if and when) will be built on measurements from a real car to get the proportions correct.
Seriously man, Bravo on the Prize..


And, BTW, next time when I am in Kuwait, can I call you and will you gimme a ride in that Pod? ( errr... that may have come across wrongly lol, I have a GF, so I do mean the GT-Pod only :P )
Congrats man, that's a very awesome looking pod, lucky bastard :D
Hello - your setup of the cockpit is very nice. I just ordered the G25 wheel and I would like to know where you got the cockpit. Can I order it somewhere?


Great Cockpit. I played with it in some fairs.

But there is some options under 1.200 USD/1.000 € with the same robustness and much more adjustables, as the italian SimR Runcage, from Manu-factory, or the german Racing Rack Professional, from Virtual Performance Parts.

But really are not so beauty... :)
WOW Jealous :(, btw the pedals i'm impressed, also the brackets, that hold the pedals to the steel plate, were they from inside the plastic shell of the original g25 pedals or did you make them, what i'm trying to say was it easy to do?

As i wanna do it but i don't wanna rip the pedals out of the casing yet. :)