My GT5P Pod (modified)

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by super_fla, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. super_fla


    hi every one :)

    i recieved my GT5p pod 4 days ago, and from the moment i get it i started to do some modification on it, which is switching from the DFGT to the G25 wheel

    the only problem im facing now (after doin all that hard work :)) i can't find a place to put the center speakers

    anyway i just want to say that i'm not really a pro photographer, not even close to a good one.

    but i hope you enjoy the pic







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  2. RedSuinit


    That is so cool! :drool: By the way so what are you going to do with the driving force GT? :D

  3. V1P3R


    Above the Tv?
  4. peeweegary

    PSN:GTP_peeweegary, peeweegary

    Holy smokes....thats so sick!!!!!
  5. sLg


    That is an awesome, crazy shrine to the world of Gran Turismo.
  6. flat-beat-eric


    very cool! how did you get your hands on that?
  7. nissan tuner

    PSN:coming soon

    ive seen this before on GTplanet. i think it was a convention or something

    who sold this to you?

    FREX it!
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  8. Muzaffar

    Malaysia Malaysia

    Guys, this is the winner of the GT5 Prologue Middle East Challenge we're talking to. :D

    Wow.... looks like the one from the London Car Show (can't remember the name of the event) they used for the GT5P demo. Looks quite big for your place, how you manage to fit it in? By the way, sorry if I didn't comment on your other post, I did take some time to read your posts and sound like you had a great battle with that other guy. :tup: As for the central speaker, you could either put it behind the pedal or somewhere there. ;)

    Also, did you invert the pedal yourself or did the pod come with it? Looks quite good actually. :tup: So did you get the TV for free by any chance? :D As for your other wheel, what are you gonna do with it? Sell it of or keeping it for some special occasion?
  9. super_fla


    sitting next to my old 2 DFP's

    won't the magnet do any harm to the tv ?

    i almost disassembled & assembled everything ,
    about the inverted pedals i did it my self. about the tv it comes with the prize . every thing in the pic comes with the pod except the G25, shifter mounter , inverted stand for pedals and the surround system.

    if you asking me about if im gonna keep the pod, my answer is yes. because i dadicate the PS3 for Gran-Turismo from day one. and before i get the pod this were the races take place

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  10. Muzaffar

    Malaysia Malaysia

    Wow, that mus be really the icing on the cake for you. All that hard work playing GT must have paid off..... ;) As for the keeping thing, I was talking about the DFGT (you did get it right?) which you got with everything else. Your old setup does look similar to mine, but I had my shifter mounted placed near my knee (or like how a normal car would) but I haven't tried inverting my pedals just yet.
  11. nd 4 holden spd


    Sweet!:D I didn't even know you could set the pedals upside down, not that I could. Driven the real GT-R yet?
  12. Soundtrack


    Hi, super_fla

    Congratulations for winning that contest!

    Very nice pod indeed.:drool:

    By the way, well build center speakers should be magnetically shielded. Can’t see the brand of the speakers there, but maybe you’ll find that info on the manufacturer’s site.
    Not 100% sure of this, but these placement cautions were mainly focused on cathodic TV sets that where structurally sensible to magnetic fields.

    Enjoy your ride.
  13. super_fla


    not yet
    thanks man

    its JBL (ESC333) its an old model

    and thanks for the info about CRT's i have to look for that. maybe after all you are right & its save to place it above
  14. Soundtrack


  15. lildomplaya

    United States Bronx, NY

    That pod is AWESOME!!!
  16. super_fla


  17. Kryz11


    Hey Super_fla, there is SPAM between you're pictures.
    But I would put center speaker on top of that TV. And tilt it twords you a lil. It will work.
  18. Rainmaster


    reminds me bmw C1 :)
  19. Delphic Reason

    Staff Emeritus

    That is in-freaking-credible.

    Great work winning the contest. What a prize!

    I'm currently trying to work out a cockpit. Doubtful it will be anything near the beauty of that thing.

  20. Robin

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    super_fla, do you know by any chance who makes the pod?, like is there a manufacturers sticker or label on it somewhere...

    I know its a promotional item but it would have been commissioned to a company for manufacture, just wondering if its possible to buy a stock retail version.

    Looks bloody amazing, hope it helps you get even better times in the next stages of GT academy.. :tup:

    Oh and did it come with the TV & PS3? what did you do with the DFGT?

  21. TAFKAH

    Germany Dortmund/Germany

    wowie. :eek: I take one.
  22. super_fla


    as far as i know its a promotional item, and there is no production-line for it,
    and no there is no sticker or anything. except on the seat it self (RECARO brand)

    and yes it comes with 40" LCD and a PS3 with DFGT (DFGT now is sitting covered with a plastic bag)

    as i speaked to the guys from sony middle-east and sony in my country about how much this thing cost they say because its not for sale to the consumers and there is no production line, a single one cost around 15,000 $ including 40" Sony W series LCD, 40G PS3, GT5P and DFGT

    even though its made of hard metal and well constracted i think 15,000 $ is too much
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  23. Robin

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Thanks for the info :tup: Gosh it must have been custom fabricated by some metal shop just for the winners then, thats really cool! Was just thinking that it might have been an existing product which had been slightly modified and GT branded.

    I think $15,000 is a little excessive, I would have thought it would be about $6,000 or something. It will make a great accessory for parties thats for sure! :sly:

  24. Blitz187

    Netherlands 020 A'dam

    One word... WOW!
  25. Mr P

    United Kingdom Manchester U.K

    Awesome prize for sure :tup: I'm 100% jealous of that amazing looking set up :sick:

    Enjoy mate .. you earned it :cheers:
  26. you think I could sell a kidney for $15,000??

    If so them im off to order one of these bad boys!!
  27. Racer XO

    PSN:GTP_RacerXO | NastyNelson

    Wow very impressive Super_fla! you're definately living a gamers dream have fun in Japan and hope you enjoy that pod for many years :cool:
  28. Zimmerd


    Congratulations, and nice pod!
  29. Jordan

    United States United States

    super_fla, thanks for sharing these pictures! I've posted the news on the home page, just to let you know. :)
  30. OMG... I'm so jealous. But, damn, $15,000? Even if custom, I would expect it to be like a third of that. So, how much does a kidney go for nowadays?
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