My Nurburgring Time Trials Collection and Ranking

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I’m going to try going through my car collection.


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^insane times! Now that I've done most of what I want in the game, and gotten most cars, and have a decent bank, I've started running Ring times again.

All the times I take note of on the Ring myself are with stock vehicles. Did a 7:53.451 last night with the 2002 FD RX-7, on SH tires. Fully stock, no mods. If I recall correctly, it's at 517PP.

In car footage:

Really enjoy this car. The front end turn in is amazing. Several times you'll see me apex too early in fast turns. It's because I didn't expect the front end to grip so well!
Stock NSX Type R on SH tires: 7:52.659.

I made one mistake (4 off for one second) and there is some room for improvement. But not an easy car to drive hard at the limit. The rear end really likes coming around.

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