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I am a bit late to the party with F1 2020.

But i have a question.

Im my team mode. Is it possible to change the difficulty after i start it ?
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Yes this is possible.

On the race loading screen there is an option to adjust difficultly/settings before you start the race event, I believe AI difficulty is the first entry!
You can change the difficulty at any point during loading between sessions. From practice 1 to practice 2, practice 2 to practice 3 etc. Even between qualifying and the actual race.
Alright that sounds good.

I seem to remember another F1 game a few years back where it wasent posibel to change once the carreer mode was started.

Thanks guys :-)
To my memory, F1:CE on ps3 would not let you change difficulties after starting a career. And the difference between easy, medium, and hard was large.

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