Nürburgring 24h Endurance Race

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  1. 2011Z


    I have a report since the 2.02 update... I was running RS tires for 103 laps pitting every 3 to 4 laps when the update came. As of now with high-camber and heavy downforce, my Mazda LMP car won't make 1 lap! I had to change to RH tires and pit every 2, then 1 laps to catch back up with the leader. (I ended up falling 5 minutes behind him because my RS's FAILED!) He pits on his 4th lap and Fills his fuel tank, so I get freshies on my 3rd lap and no fuel. I'm catching up Quick!! I'll be back in first within minutes.
    My driving style had to change a lot too. Anyone about to do this race should practice 10 Laps first. Skidding and burning out will Kill your tires Fast! Beware... Hone your Race Craft!
    Good Luck!
  2. Will27


    New Zealand
    I’ve just finished this race with the Nissan Motul Autech GTR ’08, stock(518BHP) on racing hard tyres.

    This was the grid:
    1: Citroen GT Race Car
    2: Audi R8 LMS
    3: Pagani Zonda LM Race Car
    4: Ford GT LM Race Car
    5: Lister Storm V12 Race Car
    6: BMW McLaren GTR
    7: Motul Autech GTR ’08 [Me]
    8: Audi R8 LMS Team Playstation
    9: Blitz Dunlop ER34 Skyline
    10: Corvette C5R Race Car
    11: Audi R10 TDI
    12: Peugeot 905 Race Car


    Fastest lap on Hards: 8:18.634 (Lap 5)
    Fastest lap on Mediums: 8:03.390 (Lap 166)

    I ran 3 lap stints on Racing Hards at first, but decided after lap 15 to go to 4 lap stints. I stayed with this strategy except for lap 87 when I forgot to pit! For the last 2 laps I fitted racing mediums, so I could set the fastest lap on the final lap. The car was awesome to drive the whole way through the race. I could drive it any way I wanted to even on worn tyres and it never put a wheel wrong, even if the driver could have done with a smack over the head.
    I had thought this car would give me a closer race, but it turned out not to be the case.

    Maybe next time I should use a GT300 car…
  3. Aksta


    I was wondering how the op was getting 3 laps on softs when i was barely managing 2 laps on softs (usually i was about 30 seconds from the end of the 2nd lap before they were out). the AI pit every 2 laps so i was able to stay ahead using hard tyres which last 3 laps.
  4. Kesl


    I'm using the stock R35 TC with racing Med tires pitting every three. 17 liters to a lap. 51 liters taken every lap. The competition is the Puegot 905 and Audi R10 LMP. I'm 15 hours in and have 3.59 minutes on the guy in second which i suspect is the 905. I am doing the race with internal car camera on Zoom with all the display info off. It's awesome. Just getting to be morning now and the sun's rising. Hasn't rained yet, doesn't look it either.
  5. Qxs-Storm


    Just adding my experience for search value:
    Completed the 24h Nurburgring race over the time period of ~4 weeks using the Suspend feature (which worked flawlessly).
    Car: 787B
    -minor tuning, ABS 1
    -dry tires: racing hard
    -wet tires: racing soft (I had intended to stay on hards for the whole race but it rained for 6 hours and I got tired of spinouts)
    -note: do not use intermediate or rain tires unless you are ok with ~10minute lap times...
    -best lap @ 106: 1m46s
    -avg lap 8m10s
    -pit stops: racing hard lasted 2 laps, but I started pitting every lap for no good reason...

    -Dry: R10 TDI (-2 Laps at finish)
    -Wet: McLaren F1 GTR (~-4 laps at finish)
    -905 was lurking behind them...
    -rest of the cars just get in your way.

    I got bored in the last 5 hours and tried my best to smash the R10 for entertainment value, it is actually harder than it seems...
    Around the 7 hour mark I realized there was no way I could lose this race. :(
    Generally I found that even the awesomeness of the 787B could not inspire me to drive for more than 2 hours non-stop.
    Overall the experience was dull compared to the 24h of Lemans, which I co-drove, also in the 787B. If I had to redo it, I would take an X1 and watch tv for the last ~4 hours...

    It would be interesting to tune an audi R8 to match the 2 in the race and then fight them for last spot the entire 24hours....
  6. opelgt1969

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    United States
    Just finished this race yesterday with these results:


  7. eran0004


    This morning I started the 24 hours of Nürburgring B-spec endurance with the Nissan GT-R R35 TC. So far, the only car that is causing problem for my B-spec Nissan team is the Bentley Speed 8.

    By the way, the Speed 8 (and all other LMP cars) should be disqualified for:

    - Too low weight for its class (engines over 3.500 cc requires a minimum weight of 1 350 kg. The Bentley engine is 3.995 cc and the weight is 900 kg)

    - Not complying with the following requirement: "The standard production car which is the basis for the race car must be qualified for obtaining a road license for public
    traffic in Europe."

    - Not being a GT car: "GT Cars are Grand-Touring Cars which were built in a certain minimum number of units for public sale and for the use in public traffic. The vehicle design is normally adapted to a high sporting performance and not necessarily to a high comfort and economy. The cars must have at least 2 adequate seats which are arranged side to side. 2 + 2 seaters, such as Porsche 911, are also considered to be GT Cars.
    The dimension D according to the FIA Homologation Regulations for GT Cars must not be more than 93 cm. This is a standard dimension between the rear seats and the roof."

    - Not having the minimum required height of 1 100 mm (990 mm for the Bentley)

    - Too wide rear wing (must be maximum 80% of body width)


    Still, it's not impossible for my team to catch up with the Bentley. The Speed 8 is running on racing medium tires and needs to pit every 2 laps, while the GT-R is running on racing hard tires which lasts 3 or maximum 4 laps. Also, if I make sure my drivers are constantly hot, they are about 20 seconds faster per lap than the Speed 8 (if their drivers are cool). However, when my drivers are cool, the Speed 8 is 30-40 seconds faster, which means that if I want a chance of winning I would need to babysit my team all through the night.

    That would totally be worth it though, for a chance of beating the cheaters in the Bentley.

    http://[domain blocked due to malware]/instances/400x/19951180.jpg
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  8. dweezil


    i'm currently doing the 24 Hours of Nürburgring, B-Spec.
    at the 20-21hr mark, the AI opponent driving an Audi R10 TDI Race Car '06, ran out of gas.
    he was forced to drive at 79km/h to reach the pits, but when he got there, drove right through! twice!!
    what gives? is this a glitch in the game?
    he was running second for most of the race, but now has fallen to 8th, having completed the last two laps at about 19 minutes each.
    even the Lister V8 is passing him, lol

    just curious,
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  9. percnerd1992


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    Thanks, r33134! I never thought about this car for this race until I saw this thread. I did a test race on the 24hr track in the Dream Car Championship, and I just fell in love with this car. I have no idea why I never bothered to drive it. I just need to get my bobs get this broken in for me and I'm ready to finally do this race.
  10. r31134


    You are welcome my friend!The car is amazing
  11. E21_323i


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    I started the race in A spec driving the BMW V12 LMR. I am currently 5 hours in and 6mins and 30 seconds ahead of the 2nd place driver. I am curious if there is fireworks after it gets dark like the Le Mans 24hr race. Does anyone know if there is or not?
  12. Szuper


    7 hours... my place is first.Second car is 7 min. behind.
    Car is Weider 741hp /RM tyres. (max. speed 318kph)
    This is 40th race ever 24H race GT-series.(6th steering wheel).
    Tightness race ever for my career.
    Pit every 5th lap.same with second car.
  13. hav07kajak


    I have today finished my first 24 hour race, I had the race on Nürburgring. I used the Sauber Mercedes C9. Of course a very easy win. I am very slow so I only won by 13 laps.
    Can anybody explain why you get close to 20.000.000 experience point for that race. You need to be at level 40 to enter the race, and at level 40 you have no use of more experience points. For me it would make much more sense to get 0 experience points for finishing that race.
  14. BJhartopp


    United Kingdom
    Started my last endurance race of Gt5, the Nurburgring 24h!

    I have exactly the same vehicle line up at the OP but im using the TOMS Castrol Supra. Initially i was using hard / med tyres to keep the competition as close as possible, after 2hrs i was about 1 min ahead of the 905!

    Hit a slight problem at 4hrs.... needed some food so (i thought) i paused the game to make a snack. Came back 15 mins later in 7th place and over 1 lap behind!!!! :censored:


    Im now at about 7 hrs and ive made it back to 4th place but im still 1 lap behind the leader which i think is the Audi. I wish it would tell you how far behind in seconds you were even being 1 lap behind..... i have no idea if im actually catching him or not!

    Ive moved onto soft tyres with a 3 lap stint but as its pitch black im only managing 8:11 laps. I kinda hoping that i will get some rain to help close the gap a little quicker... If i was pulling 1 min every 2 hrs on the 905 and im still over 1 lap behind then i will need approx 16 more hrs just to catch him leaving me just 1hr spare :scared:
  15. BJhartopp


    United Kingdom
    So im now about 12 & 1/2 hours in and ive managed to get my lap times closer to the 8 min mark. I made very sudden progress up the field at about 9hrs or so and im now about 5 mins behind in 2nd place.

    The Audi seems to stay out 1 lap too long on each stint so every now and then i will take 20 seconds in a lap.

    I think that when i get in visual distance i will switch over to the Med or hard tyres again to see how i compare to the Audi... should be OK.

    Still pitch black and dry so looking forward to sunrise soon! Supra is great!
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  16. BJhartopp


    United Kingdom
    Passed the 14hr mark and dawn is breaking. Seems there is a little mist in the air so really looking forward to the sun coming over the horizon to give a blast of colour after so long driving in the dark.

    The final lap before pitting i took the lead from the Audi R8 who was struggling on worn tyres... i think that i took 1.35 seconds on a single lap.

    In the previous pit stop i swapped over to medium tyres to slow down my lap times, once the Audi is back out of the pits on new tyres i will see how even we are. Im thinking that hard tyres will be better... i will probably loose time to start but gain it back on the Audi's last lap.

    Kinda wish i was closer to the finish, hopefully i get some time to do a few hours this weekend!


    Passed 16hrs and now moved back to hard tyres. having a good battle with the Audi R10. Started raining a bit but still showing 0% so hasnt effected lap times.

    Wish i had more time to race as i just want this to be over now!
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  17. BJhartopp


    United Kingdom
    Well after 158 laps my race is over.

    Once the rain started it never finished meaning the AI went sooooooo slow. Ended up being a couple of laps in the lead and made the race even more boring.

    If it was full dry then the Supra on hard tyres against the R10 would have been a VERY close race for the full distance. If i chose a slower car and it was wet then again, probably very close but if it diddnt stay wet you could end up loosing.

    Never really had much of a problem with the AI being rubbish, just chose a really slow car and diddnt matter if i came 2nd or lower, not such a great idea on the 24hr races