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    So it seems like my driver cant overtake in this event, drafting doesnt seem to work, unlike in the "like the wind" events, so does anyone have any tips? tuning? and yes i do babysit bob the driver...
  2. I am about to start this today and I was wondering the same thing.
  3. HBR-Roadhog

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    Drafting works fine the thing is the other cars are all drafting too so you do not gain that much on them. You will quickly fall to the rear without it though. My driver struggled on Grand Valley and Daytona Speedway but managed to take Gold overall in the Toyota.
  4. does anyone have the tune for b-spec bob?
  5. ASH32

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    Max downforce and change the gear ratios depending on the track, give him the best possible tyres and change the oil. That is all I did and my guy won without any problems.
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    Drafting can help in the real nascar tracks. I find the real trouble being the circuit tracks and trying to keep bob from burning rubber in every turn.
  7. ASH32

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    Max out the downforce and lower the top speed, doing that stopped my guy from ruining his tyres.
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    its easy to win that chalenge with a ford gt race car max out. the dummie b-spec driver win the chalenge at first time.
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    I followed the guide and thanks to minimum Downforce I lost Daytona :(, the only and single lost race for my B-Spec :yuck:

    Best bet for Ovals is also maximum Downforce, sounds stupid but with it he easily won with 4s in front. No wonder he was like 20km/h faster in the corners :dunce:
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    Where can I change the downforce? Can I increase the top speed while increasing the downforce as well?