Finished NASCAR Road Racing + Plymouth XNR (Sunday Classic Racing) Pimiki Double Champion!!!

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Do you have any of these cars? Information check for future race series

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  1. Ford GT40 Mark 1 (2.8m credits)

  2. Ferrari 250 GTO (20m credits)

  3. Alfa Romeo TZ2 (10m credits)

  4. Jaguar XJ13 (20m credits)

  5. Ferrari 330 P4 (20m credits)

  6. Chaparral 2D (3.75m credits)

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  1. Sick Cylinder

    Sick Cylinder Premium

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  2. Sick Cylinder

    Sick Cylinder Premium


    All are welcome from raw novice to seasoned racer!

    Race Details

    Races are held every Sunday commencing at 17:00 BST and ending shortly before 19:00 BST. (In the USA this is morning / lunchtime depending on State).

    Car Details

    Race 1 (15 Mins): Plymouth XNR 1960 = 500 PP / 500 BHP / 1600 KG / Tuning Allowed / SM Tyres

    Race 2 (20 Mins): Nascar = 600 PP / 705 BHP / 1565 KG / Tuning Allowed / SM Tyres

    Race 3 (20 Mins): Nascar as above (race finish order grid)

    Track Schedule (Revised August 2nd 2015)

    Monzanapolis Track List.jpg

    Car and Driver

    - Anyone currently competing in Avon Tour of Britain 1973, Cobra Coupe Shootout and Team Trucks Race is automatically signed up, but please let me know your cars asap. Anyone who wants to join the series is welcome - all nationalities and ability levels from novice to seasoned racer are welcome - we just ask that you race cleanly and respect your fellow competitors.

    Plymouth XNR (1m credits or won in game) - sadly PD do not allow us to fit racing numbers to this car, therefore please choose an age appropriate colour for your car (i.e. not matte, polarizing or chrome) and let me know. Wheels should be changed to wire spoked and may be left chrome or painted silver or another appropriate colour. Custom External Part Must be fitted - Custom Parts / External Parts / Other / Part A 3,000 Credits (this is a metal tonneau cover over the passenger seat).

    1. Sick Cylinder - White with red wheels
    2. Lex Lathor - Hellblau
    3. Flaco - Black
    4. IfAndOr - Jaune Persepolis
    5. Eran - Cotswold Blue
    6. Cu3e - Habanero Orange
    7. Buybon -
    8. TonyLomas - Beige
    9. GTP_TLE152 - Ultimate Metal Silver
    10. Jocke - Malham White
    11. Mallet JR (S Bridge) - GT Japanese 009-W
    12. John Wells - Derwent Green
    13. bloodyboyblue - GT Old Generation 007W (Minty Turquoise)
    14. Manasseh257NSX - Ford Mark 4 Red
    15. Pimiki -
    16. Harsk - Jaune Sirius 2
    17. Rehdogg15 - Sunlight Yellow with black wheels

    Nascar (0.5 m credits) - Let me know which car you want asap so I can list it. Tip (thanks due to IfAndOr) don't buy your car from the Dealership because that only offers a list of 10 - click on recommended cars then click on Nascar which gives you a choice of 32 cars! Note - The cars which are underlined have already been purchased, therefore if you haven't selected your Nascar yet, buy one which isn't underlined and let me know asap so I can update the list.

    1. Tony Stewart 14 Chevrolet 2013 - Cu3e (Bergele)
    2. Jeff Gordon 24 Chevrolet 2013 - Pimiki
    3. Juan Montoya 42 Chevrolet 2013 - Flaco
    4. Jimmie Johnson 48 Chevrolet 2013 - IfAndOr
    5. Dale Earnhardt Jr 88 Chevrolet 2013 - Buybon
    6. Aric Almirola 43 Fusion Ford 2013 - John Wells
    7. Carl Edwards 99 Fusion Ford 2013 - Eran
    8. Denny Hamlin 11 Camry Toyota 2013 - Manasseh257NSX
    9. Kyle Busch 18 Camry Toyota 2013 - TonyLomas
    10. Matt Kenseth 20 Camry Toyota 2013

    11. Dale Earnhardt Jr 88 Chevrolet 2011
    12. Tony Stewart 14 Chevrolet 2011
    13. Jeff Gordon 24 Chevrolet 2011
    14. Juan Montoya 42 Chevrolet 2011
    15. Jimmie Johnson 48 Chevrolet 2011
    16. AJ Allmendinger 43 Fusion Ford 2011
    17. Carl Edwards 99 Fusion Ford 2011
    18. Denny Hamlin 11 Camry Toyota 2011
    19. Joey Logano 20 Camry Toyota 2011
    20. Kyle Busch 18 Camry Toyota 2011
    21. Brian Vickers 83 Camry Toyota 2011 - Sick Cylinder
    22. Tony Stewart 14 Chevrolet 2010
    23. Jeff Gordon 24 Chevrolet 2010 - Harsk
    24. Juan Montoya 42 Chevrolet 2010
    25. Jimmie Johnson 48 Chevrolet 2010
    26. Dale Earnhardt Jr 88 Chevrolet 2010
    27. AJ Allmendinger 43 Fusion Ford 2010 - Lex Lathor
    28. Carl Edwards 99 Fusion Ford 2010
    29. Denny Hamlin 11 Camry Toyota 2010 - GTP TLE
    30. Kyle Busch 18 Camry Toyota 2010
    31. Joey Logano 20 Camry Toyota 2010 - Mallet JR (S Bridge)
    32. Brian Vickers 83 Camry Toyota 2010 - bloodyboyblue

    A note about this series - our next set of championships was due to be: Formula 2 World Championship, Cobra Wars Handicap Series, World Sports Cars 1966 - that series has now been restructured and its replacement will commence sometime in 2016. Historic BSCC2 and AMOC Intermarque will commence in Autumn 2015. This change has been made to increase variety and simplify the championship offering over the summer holiday period. In view of increased absence due to the holiday season, the three lowest scores from the twelve rounds will be dropped.
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  3. Sick Cylinder

    Sick Cylinder Premium

    Championship Points Tables (Up to Round 4 Rome)

    As this is the holiday season scores from the three lowest scoring rounds will be dropped (this will enable a racer to be absent for three rounds without this affecting their championship position).

    Note: Platinum = Previous Championship Winners, Black Ink = Regular Drivers, Red Ink = Reserve Drivers.

    Round 4 Rome Monzanapolis.jpg
    Round 4 Rome Nascar.jpg
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  4. Sick Cylinder

    Sick Cylinder Premium


    Races will be held each Sunday starting at 17:00 GMT. (During the period of British Summer Time - March to October - meetings will be held one hour earlier 16:00 GMT = 17:00 BST).

    The race meeting will last for slightly less than 2 hours. If the meeting is over running (perhaps due to disconnections) the Host may shorten races or cancel the final race of the meeting as appropriate.

    There will be approximately 5 minutes practise and 5 minutes qualifying before each race (this may be extended subject to track length). The grid order will be fastest qualifier first. There will be one race for each championship each Sunday.

    Each race will be on the tyres specified with no driving aids except optional ABS (which most drivers set to 1), edge grip will be real and race starts will have false start check. Penalties off, damage light, slipstream real, no boost. Driving Line will be available if required.

    Some of us have been racing every Sunday since the beginning of GT5 i.e. several years. All drivers are expected to drive in a considerate, careful and mature manner - this includes always driving in the correct direction and no doughnuts (donuts). All ability levels are welcome, from beginner to advanced.

    All Drivers are expected to follow the hosts instructions regarding the race meeting at all times or in his absence the instructions of the Deputy Host (Note, Deputy Hosts include @LexLathor and @IfAndOr).

    The Cars: - No wings or spoilers can be added unless specifically stated.

    Paint should be in age appropriate colours e.g. solid or metallic only, no chrome or polarized finishes.

    Wheels should be age appropriate for the Plymouth XNR e.g. wire spoked or PDI P525N in standard size - if wheels or colour are inappropriate the host will request that the driver change them before the next round (on this car standard wheels should not be used).

    Where possible bumpers should be removed in order to enhance the race look.

    Bonnets if lightened must be in body paint colour unless specifically stated.

    Any tuning is allowed subject to specified PP, minimum weight and maximum power limits.

    Photographs of the race action are positively encouraged. Race reports and photographs taken by the official race photographers (@IfAndOr and @LexLathor ) will be published in this thread.

    Please sign up by sending a message to Sick_Cylinder via your Playstation 3 or via GTPlanet.

    There will be up to 16 regular drivers in the championships plus a number of reserve drivers.

    Absence / Unable to attend races
    If you know that you will be unable to attend certain rounds please inform the Host. It may then be possible for a reserve driver to fill your slot on the grid. If you no longer wish to participate in the championship the first reserve driver will fill your grid slot and will drive the same type of car.

    Reserve Drivers
    If the grid is full you can sign up to be a reserve driver. You will be able to race when a regular driver is absent and the grid therefore has a vacant slot. If a regular driver leaves the championship you will be offered that drivers slot and will become a regular driver using the same type of car as the original regular driver was using (or was scheduled to use).

    If a driver is absent for three consecutive rounds he will be deemed to have become a reserve driver.

    If you have questions regarding the races or comments about quality of driving or other problems etc, please raise these after the meeting with the Host Sick_Cylinder via your Playstation 3 or via the conversation facility on GTPlanet. Please do not raise complaints during the meeting as this is very distracting for other drivers. Also it is best to raise points with a cool head after having had time to consider the matter.

    It is best to reserve postings on this thread for race photos, race reports, links to good tunes or other helpful tips on cars in the car list. Posts about motorsport, cars, motorbikes or other motorised vehicles are also welcome if they are likely to be of interest to GT Planet readers.

    Room Etiquette / Voice chat - this section only applies when voice is enabled (Currently we are running with voice disabled as this appears to reduce disconnections by allowing more bandwidth for racing).

    If drivers speak to each other they should use the PSN name even if they know the drivers real name. All conversations should be in English. Please refrain from talking during races or qualifying as some drivers may find it distracting.

    If Voice chat is enabled during races, the purpose of the voice chat is to enable the leaders to indicate when they are approaching and about to lap another driver. The horn can also be used by the lead driver when about to lap another driver. No offence should be taken by the use of the horn - in this case it is purely a warning signal. To avoid confusion the horn should not be used at any other time including while stationary on the grid. Some drivers do not have microphones or their spoken English may not be good - this does not matter and they will not be discriminated against - they can use the horn to warn the driver in front that they are about to lap. Use of the horn for any purpose other than that outlined may result in a warning and or penalty.

    Voice chat will also enable a driver to indicate if he intends to carry out a pitstop. The procedure will be that at the start of the lap on which he intends to pit, the driver will say his name and that he is pitting at the end of this lap. He will also say that he is about to pit when approaching the pit lane. The driver will also announce when he has left the pits and rejoined the track - while doing so he will endeavour to stay inside the white lines when rejoining.

    For example in my case on crossing the start line I would say "Sick pitting on lap ten". On approaching the pits I would say "Sick entering Pits". On rejoining the race I would say "Sick rejoining race". If a driver is about to be lapped, he should hold a steady course and if possible momentarily lift off the throttle so that the faster driver can pass.

    Race Room Settings
    Start type = Grid start with false start check (this means hold car still with brake until start)
    Grid order = Fastest First (this means start in order of practise lap time)
    Boost = off
    Penalty = Off
    Tyre / Fuel depletion = normal (try to avoid drifting round corners)
    Grip reduction on track edge = real
    Minimum number of pit stops = as specified (Note we are currently not using pit stops as we have suffered from the "Trapped in Pits Bug" on many occasions).
    Require tyre type change = off (this means you can stick with one grade of tyre)
    Race finish delay = 180 seconds (there will be a wide range of abilities of driver) - NB this is not used when Endurance is selected.
    Visible damage = off (this prevents spoiling the look of photos)
    Mechanical damage = Light (if you have a crash the damage will repair itself)
    Slipstream strength = Real
    Tyre = As specified
    Nitrous = Prohibited
    Vehicle Tuning = No Limit (but check BHP, KG and PP limits) Or Prohibited as specified.
    Skid recovery force = prohibited
    Active steering = prohibited
    Active stability management = prohibited
    Driving line = available if required
    Traction control = prohibited
    ABS = available if required (if racing without ABS, please take extra care not to skid into other cars)

    PIT STOPS - IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Note pit stops not currently in use.
    There will be one compulsory pitstop to change tyres in races exceeding 20 minutes in duration unless stated otherwise. If pit stops are in use tyre wear will be set to fast.

    If you fail to take a pitstop the game will automatically give you a 50 second penalty.

    You can take your pitstop on any lap apart from the last lap.

    If you take your pitstop on the last lap the host will give you a 30 second penalty (Unfortunately this is necessary due to an error in GT6 which fails to conduct a proper pitstop on the final lap).

    No pit stops will be held if the track does not have a pit lane (e.g. London) and tyre wear will be slowed from fast to normal.

    Championship points
    We will use the MotoGP points system as we have in previous championships as this awards points down to 15th place as follows and offers an appropriate differentiation for higher placings:

    1st = 25
    2nd = 20
    3rd = 16
    4th = 13
    5th = 11
    6th = 10
    7th = 9
    8th = 8
    9th = 7
    10th = 6
    11th = 5
    12th = 4
    13th = 3
    14th = 2
    15th = 1
    16th = 0

    There are three championships running simultaneously, therefore it is possible that one driver could win all the championships. In the event of a points tie the champion will be the driver with the greatest number of 1st place finishes - if this is tied, it will be the driver with the greatest number of second place finishes etc. and so on. As these championships are being held during the summer, the three lowest scores will be deducted before the final scores are declared.

    Bad internet connections / PS3 Problems
    If the Host is disconnected by an internet or PS3 problem, the Deputy Hosts (@LexLathor and @IfAndOr ) will Host the meeting.

    If a driver leaves a race after it has started due to an internet or PS3 problem the Host will award points equivalent to a last place finish in the race.

    If a driver has a bad connection such that his or her car is lagging excessively and unpredictably the Host may ask the driver to leave and re-enter the room.

    To reduce the risk of bad internet connections all drivers should empty their system cache before the race meeting starts and before re-entering the room if disconnected.

    Practise - A series of practise / test races will be held during Round 0 - these are not part of the championship, but are an opportunity to check room settings and test cars. After the championships have been completed another practise / test meeting / Round 0 will be held before the start of the next championship.
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  5. Sick Cylinder

    Sick Cylinder Premium

    History / Inspiration for the Series

    Monzanapolis Poster Final Stage.jpg

    Monzanapolis 1958 - Formally known as "The race of two worlds" Or "The 500 Miles of Monza" and held on the steeply banked Monza circuit in Italy in 1957 and 1958 these races were intended to showcase the worlds fastest cars and drivers. In 1957 most of the European drivers withdrew due to safety fears - three Scots driving D Type Jaguars for the Ecurie Ecosse team were outclassed by the American Specials. For safety reasons the race was split into three segments with a one hour break between. The Firestone tyres proved effective and a bigger field competed in 1958, but the race was still dominated by the USA. The Plymouth XNR has been chosen because it is probably the closest car in the game - just a shame PD won't let us fit it with numbers..

    Below short clip from 1958

    Below highlights of the 1957 race - film made by Firestone Tyres - great commentary includes the "Tyre Barrier equivalent to the sound barrier for jet planes!"

    Motor Trend 1965 Final Stage.jpg

    Nascar Road Racing - sadly we don't have any historic Nascar in the game so have to make do with the 2013 cars, but these heavy, powerful cars are great fun to drive on road courses. The inspiration for this series comes from the acheivements of Dan Gurney who won five out of seven races at Riverside between 1963 and 1969

    Enjoy this great clip of the 1965 Riverside race!

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  6. gkgamer


    Thanks, as always for the effort and everything, but I think I'll pass on this one. Have fun cla6ers!
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  7. LexLathor


    #78 LexLathor
    1. Plymouth: Hellblau
    2. 2010 AJ Allmendinger #43
    3. Formula GT: Turquoise

    2. Jeff Gordon 24 Chevrolet 2013
    3. Formula GT: Red
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2015
  8. Flaco13


    Plymouth XNR - Black

    Juan Montoya #42 Chevrolet 2013

    FGT - Yellow
  9. Sick Cylinder

    Sick Cylinder Premium


    It would be nice if we could tempt you to give the series a try - the Plymouth XNR and the Nascar's are great fun to drive especially at the performance limits set. I don't enjoy the Formula GT so much, because it is a bit fast for my skill level, but with it being tuning prohibited it should produce some good, close racing.
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  10. gkgamer


    The cars and specs may be my favorites between all the series you have put together so far but unfortunately I won't be able to commit to a full series because of real world issues. I would love to be able to be part of the races I can attend as a reserve, but I have been rightfully asked to ease a bit on the playing time by the wifey...
    Therefore I am very sorry to say that I cannot claim anything more than a reserve spot.
    Please remember it is kinda harsh to start every week at work just a couple of hours after finishing races in a demanding and competitive series.
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  11. Sick Cylinder

    Sick Cylinder Premium

    Thanks for supporting the series GKGamer - I will keep a reserve slot open for you and Rehdogg. Sadly we have lost some talented regular drivers in recent months - hopefully some new racers will join. Maybe some will be tempted by this new poster!

    New Series Poster.jpg
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  12. IfAndOr

    IfAndOr Premium

    Quick question. Is this ^ tyre combination compulsory for the FGT?

    I'll get back to you on the XNR colour - not bought one yet.

    I do have a couple of NASCAR's, if no one picks them do you mind if I swap? Save me having to buy/setup again. (If they get picked I'll get the one you've allocated)
  13. Sick Cylinder

    Sick Cylinder Premium


    Yes - the tyre combination on the Formula GT is compulsory. The logic behind this is that some of our racers like to participate in race series where tuning is prohibited, so I try to ensure that at least one of the series has no tuning. The FGT is difficult to drive on standard settings with matched tyres, but with SH front and SM rear it becomes more novice friendly (it is likely that it is slightly slower with this combination, but everyone in the series will be on the same tyres). I would be grateful if you and @TonyLomas could be Stewards for this, together with any other Racers who undertand how to check settings.

    Yes - You can use a different Nascar if no one else picks it. The logic behind allocating you and I the older cars is that they are not in the dealership, but we know how to find them - some people (perhaps latecomers to the series might struggle to find the older Nascar's). Just a reminder for everyone else's benefit - don't buy your Nascar from the Dealership - select it from the recommended cars section as this increases the selection to 32. I have tried to ensure, via the suggested cars in bold, that we have different race numbers as well as different paint schemes.
  14. IfAndOr

    IfAndOr Premium

    OK, understood. The lower cornering speed allowed by the SH tyres does give an increased sense of grip when accelerating with the SM's on the rear.

    Perhaps you could make a note of the compulsory tyres on the car details - hopefully too save confusion.
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  15. eran0004

    eran0004 Premium

    Here are the cars I'd like to have:

    FGT: White and green
    Nascar: Carl Edwards #99 Ford '13
    XNR: Cotswold blue
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  16. GTP_TLE152


    United Kingdom
    @GTP_TLE152 / TLE152

    XNR: Ultimate Metal Silver (4M)
    NASCAR: Denny Hamlin #11 Toyota '10
    FGT: Dark Blue, Red and Silver

  17. TonyLomas


    XNR - Brilliant Yellow
    NASCAR- 2013 Kyle Busch #18 Toyota Camry
    FGT - yellow and black.
  18. Cu3e


    Thanks for the invite @Sick Cylinder !

    I cannot commit to joining every week but if it is allowed I could join in once in a while.

    Plymouth XNR - Habanero Orange (Solid) - love this car stock... :O
    Nascar - 2013 Tony Stewart #14 CHERVOLET SS

    Edit: I do not have the FGT. I have to get back with that...

    Edit2: the Plymouth has a custom part making it a single seater. Is that allowed? Makes it look more racey :)
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  19. buybon355


    Dale Jr #88
    Formula GT full blue
    Xnr tbc
  20. Sick Cylinder

    Sick Cylinder Premium

    Thanks very much Cu3e - I didn't know about the custom part for the XNR, but it will now be compulsory. I will amend the start of the thread accordingly. The custom part is a metal tonneau cover over the passenger seat.

    To get the part select External Parts, then Other, then Part A 3,000 credits.

    Thanks for indicating your car and colour choices guys - I'll update the thread and will post a driver list. Also, a big welcome to @GTP_TLE152

    Something strange - I had two XNR's before the update and one had Goodyear tyres with bold lettering on the sides - the Goodyear tyres were automatically fitted if you selected PDI P525N wheels. For some reason a recent update changed things so that option was lost and you get whitewall tyres. I bizarrely had an XNR with wire wheels and Goodyear tyres which I was looking forward to showing off in the races. Sadly the new update 1.20 has changed my XNR so it now has whitewall tyres!

    A couple of bits of trivia for you - 1.the real Monzanapolis cars in 1957 and 1958 ran on Firestone tyres. 2. You might think that whitewall tyres would be unrealistic on a race car, but Max Balchowsky raced his "Big Yeller" series of race cars on whitewall tyres with great success - he was one of the first people in motor racing to use a Durometer to measure the shore hardness of tyres (their resistance to indentation) and found that the Goodyear Blue Streak whitewall fitted to Chrysler station wagons was a softer compound than currently available race tyres.

    Above Carroll Shelby number 98 Maserati 450S, Dick Morgensen Devin Special 46, Max Balchowsky "Old Yeller 1" number 70.
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  21. TonyLomas


    Hi Sick,
    Just noticed that Flaco already has the yellow FGT selected. So can I have the beige one please? I'll paint the Plymouth a similar beige too.
    Then I can hide in the sand at certain tracks :)
  22. John Wells

    John Wells

    United Kingdom
    XNR Derwent Green Topaz wheels.

    Have too get some credit for the FGT.

    NASCAR we have to pix a car that's not the same colour?
  23. IfAndOr

    IfAndOr Premium

    You can then pounce on unsuspecting passing cars. :p

    Shame we can't gift cars like in GT5, otherwise I'd send you one.
    NASCAR - I think Sick was just trying to get everyone to use a different number, so colours don't matter quite so much. But if you've already got a NASCAR of any variety, I would save your credits and use that.
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  24. John Wells

    John Wells

    United Kingdom
    Have 2 NASCARs Jeff Gordon 24 2013 or Dale Eardhard 88 2013:)
  25. buybon355


    spend a night doing quick matches (if you can get connected) Huge payouts regardless of finishing position. Can rack up literally millions in a couple of hours
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  26. TonyLomas


    Sick, you get good year if you have race tyres and white walls if you have sports tyres. Just swap your tyres over to see the difference.
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  27. Sick Cylinder

    Sick Cylinder Premium

    Hi John - those two cars have already been taken. Post two on page one (this page) of the thread contains a list of the cars selected so far. If you are short of credits I suggest you sell the two Nascar that you have and earn a few more credits - the Quick Match will earn you a lot every five minutes. Unfortunately when I tried it recently there was one player who spent all the races lurking at the side of the track waiting to drive across the track and knock people off. He got me almost every time I went past him, which stopped me getting good placings, but I was still earning 150,000 credits or more every five minutes. Any of the recent Seasonal events are good earners - with a good car the Beginner and Intermediate level challenges are quite easy to win - avoid the expert one!

    You can select any of the Nascar on the list which are not underlined, but let me know what you have chosen asap so I can update the list.
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  28. IfAndOr

    IfAndOr Premium

    AJ Allmendinger - I hadn't noticed before, but what a great name you've chosen Lex. :)

    Sorry Sick, only just finished spraying my XNR. And it's now looking pretty in - Jaune Persépolis.
  29. LexLathor


    He won Daytona24 in 2012.
    So he can turn to the right. ;)
  30. John Wells

    John Wells

    United Kingdom
    NASCAR Ford Aric Almirola.

    F1 Green.
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