NASCAR setup Daytona.

Discussion in 'GT6 Tuning Forum' started by killerjimbag, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. killerjimbag

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    Canada The Great White North

    People have been asking me for it so here it is.
    This works on any NASCAR

    NASCAR Daytona.
    Break in car,change oil,should be 892 HP
    Buy all parts, racing soft tires(reinforcement if you want)

    Ride Height F 95 R 95
    Spring rate F 20 R 21
    Dampers Comp F 8 R 5
    Dampers Ext F 8 R 5
    Camber F 0.0 R 0.0
    Toe F -0.25 R -0.25
    Arb. F 4 R 4


    Top speed 249 MPH
    Final gear 3000
    If you redline in draft move final gear to 2995
    Adjust gears to numbers below

    1st 2350
    2nd 1603
    3rd 1294
    4th 1003




    F 200 R 400

    Brake balance F 5 R 3

    ABS 1 everything else off

    Have fun.
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  2. bs13

    United States WV

    Thanks for sharing KJB. I'll give this a try later.

    What about ARB? Do you leave them at 3, 3 which is stock I think or do you stiffen them up?
  3. killerjimbag

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    Canada The Great White North

    Sorry arb are F 4 R 4
  4. bs13

    United States WV

    No problem. Thanks for your reply!
  5. Racin510s

    United States NC
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    I used 1.5 neg. camber front and 3.0 negative camber rear at Daytona in GT5. This came from someone I knew that worked on the #2 car. It worked great in 5 don't know how it will translate to 6. So far most of my tunes for 5 don't work for 6 so it may be no good. I just saw that the tune posted had no negative camber at all. Forgive me for chiming in if it doesn't help. I haven't got to the NASCAR races yet.
  6. killerjimbag

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    Canada The Great White North

    Thanks 510 oh this setup runs real good the way it is
  7. ukfan758

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    United States Louisville, KY

    How fast can you go into the corner with this setup? On my setup, I can go 210mph (in the draft) but if it is higher than that I end up going into the wall so I usually have to brake of let off the accelerator down to 210.
  8. bs13

    United States WV

    I haven't tried his setup yet but it is very close to what I'm running except for the front toe. It should be able to go into the turn faster than 210. If you have to diamond the turn if you start to push. You won't need to let off the throttle completely. Until we figure out the new handling you may need to let off going into 1 or 3 like we sometimes did at indy. The new aero physics also affects how your car goes into a turn.
  9. killerjimbag

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    Canada The Great White North

    You haven't tried the tune? You don't know how it handles.You can go into the corners faster than 210. This runs just fine.
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  10. Mikeybc

    Canada 49°16'43.22"N 81°37'50.21W

    Has anyone noticed if their car gets quicker as you put more miles on them ? I have 2 cars, both Camry's and the car with virtually no miles is not getting to the same speed on the straight sections as the car with 300 or so miles, both have identical tunes and transmissions. There's a 2 or 3 mph difference on the straight sections and and a half second difference in lap times. 44.1xx vs 44.6xx. in solo free run mode. I'll have to run the slower one a few miles and see if it improves.

    Thought maybe there is a breaking in period that doesn't reflect in the hp/torque specs.
  11. bs13

    United States WV

    In GT5 I noticed that some cars were just slower than others. The best I've done in GT6 so far is a 43.9*. I don't setup for tire wear though.

    Also, you'll eventually lose hp when running in test run mode. I noticed it didn't reflect that on the tuning page but I saw it when I went to the garage - settings. Just thought I would mention it in case you've been testing some offline.
  12. AUAxton

    Australia Adelaide, SA

    Mikeybc, yes there is a bedding in period, but I find this only happens if you don't change the Oil in a new car.
  13. setser


    Tune runs good had no problems keeping up, very stable in draft. Thanks for sharing. Do you
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  14. killerjimbag

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    Canada The Great White North

    Yes I test and tune online.
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  15. peter luyeye


    hey do you have setup for indy speedway i keep hitting the wall of the turn if you can help me out please
  16. killerjimbag

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    Canada The Great White North

    I will post Indy setup later today
  17. Djpretface


    do u have the indy set up yet ?
  18. killerjimbag

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    Canada The Great White North

    Sorry the family and work stuff keep getting in the way. Lol
  19. HuskyGT

    United States Utah

    DUDE!!! You are freaking kidding me!? I tried this race like twenty times and the best I got was 4th. So I do this setup of yours and I win on the first try without braking a sweat! THANK YOU! I have a new respect for tuning :bowdown::D
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  20. HuskyGT

    United States Utah

    Oh, this setup works for Indy too. I just won by +07.516 seconds :tup:

    Thanks again, OP. I just won all the events with your setup. I only had to lower the LSD settings for the road courses to let some inner wheel spin happen and avoid spinning out.

    EDIT: Sorry. Double post.
  21. Monatsende

    Trinidad and Tobago F1 chimp land

    This set-up works completely for Nascar-Cup. Just fiddle around with top speed and keep 1st and 2nd gear short.

    top speeds for me:
    Daytona/Indy: 400km/h
    Motegi: 350km/h
    Willow/High Speed: 300km/h
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  22. HuskyGT

    United States Utah

    I think I barely reached 300Km/h in the ovals with draft. Only like 288Km/h without it. Didn't even go into 4th gear. I was like "what the heck, why am I going so slow?" But the A.I was behind all the time, so I guess that mattered :lol:

    I already got all the stars for the NASCAR events and got rid of the car, so I don't have to worry anymore. I would recommend this setup for anyone having problems with the NASCAR Events. Easy win.
  23. killerjimbag

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    Canada The Great White North

    Thanks for the comments.Just got off of work. I somehow have lost my sheets for Indy.I will be doing some testing tonight. If you find the car to slow adjust final gear to the right
  24. Great setup, thanks!
    Won at Daytona with a difference of 0,011 seconds.
  25. Outeke


    Only NASCAR I can't seem to win.
    Will also try this tune.

    Did you get the trophy too for the time difference?

  26. Yes, use this setup and you will win for sure.
    Trophy time difference?
    Explain please ... as far as I know I didn't get any trophy.
    Anyway, just finished the Nascar Cup ... all easy for me except Willow Springs but at the end won.
    Good luck!
  27. CostasDrifter

    Greece Greece

    I think you get this Trophy if you win under 0,010

    By the way, great tune. I won easy all NASCAR races.

  28. mike102888


  29. killerjimbag

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    Canada The Great White North

    You couldn't do what? It should work on any car.
  30. Slicer_Bry

    Canada Vancouver, B.C

    Works great at Motegi, but I have to ask

    Is there a road course tune?
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