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    Developer - Criterion Games
    Publisher - EA
    Releases Date - October 30th, 2012
    Platforms - Wii U, PS3, PSV, PC, Xbox 360, iOS, Android
    Game Type - Racing
    Modes - Single, Multiplayer

    Criterion has announced the sequel Need for Speed: Most Wanted. The sequel lets the player explore an open world, in a similar style to the original game, and uses the world as a hub for police chases and racing events.

    The Autolog feature from Hot Pursuit returns, and will be given a deeper friend integration system that allows the game to function more like a social network, and further encourage friendly challenges.

    In addition to tracking lap time, the new Autolog system tracks various hub-world activities such as number of cop cars crashed, top speed reached, and air-time on jumps. The stunning visuals and detailed car crashed from Hot Pursit, hallmark features of Criterion racing games, will return in Most Wanted.

    Need for Speed: Most Wanted Gameplay Debut E3 2012

    Need For Speed Most Wanted Trailer - E3 2012

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  2. VTiRoj

    United Kingdom Barrow in Furness

    I'm actually excited for this, especially after how Hot Pursuit turned out. :tup:

    I only have one request for the guys at Criterion: Bring back Sergeant Cross and his C6 Vette. :D

  3. G.T.Ace

    Germany Bonn, Germany

    I want a Need for Speed without boost. 8(
    Every Arcade racer has a boosting system today, it gets boring.
  4. Slash

    United States Indian Falls, NY

    Wow that looks nice.
  5. I'd really rather have a new Burnout, but this doesn't look bad.
  6. Daniel

    New Zealand Auckland, NZ

    YES!! :censored: YES!

    Most Wanted is easily my favourite NFS. The police system in it was amazing; I loved racing around Highway 101 at Heat Level 5. I really hope Criterion doesn't :censored: it up, although I doubt they will after how good Hot Pursuit 2010 was. Fairhaven's a pretty cool name as well :dopey:
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  7. tlowr4

    Australia Australia

    I havn't finished the original MW yet, but I trust that chick that's helping you. Not so sure about that guy though (he sounds a bit sus over the phone thingy).

    I want that chick back. Badassness + Hotness = epic win for game chick.

    Also, no one spoil it for me.
  8. RTSolvalou


    Looks good. The cars look real and solid, and the wet tarmac looks great. Sure seems like a worthy addition to the NFS franchise, it's in the 1%!

    Tlowr, the feeling you get at end of Most Wanted is fab, I'd almost go through it again just for that.
  9. Daniel

    New Zealand Auckland, NZ

    @ Tyne Get off GTP and finish it now. It's such an awesome game. I sold it recently and I feel stupid because of it :(
  10. tlowr4

    Australia Australia

    ^ :lol: At this point it's more "Get your school work done instead of GTPin, then finish it".

    I actually played Carbon before MW (got the Black Edition at a second hand store for $5), and the game engine was almost identical, so I should finish it if I've already finished Carbon 3 times over. Out of all the NfS games, U2 would have to be my favourite, but MW sure is awesome.

    EDIT: As far as cars go, as long as I have my pimped out Supra and Elise, I'm happy. They're the main cars I run in Carbon and MW. Supra for Drags and Drifts, and the Lotus for everything else. :D

    EDIT: Slightly off topic, but it is Need for Speed and there are people viewing the thread, I got a slightly used copy of the Original Need for Speed for PS1 at a garage sale ($10) a few months back. How much would that be worth? I know it's a collectors item now...
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  11. Phoenix

    Norway Norway

    NFS U2 is my favorite, but MW is awesome too...

    So... Make a new great game please. :D
  12. rallymorten

    Denmark Places

    :tup: of all the cops in NFS he's the one. Was actually missing him in Undercover
  13. MXH

    Sweden Gangsterstaden

    Great news and finally! I can't see how this could be any worse than Black Box's latest piece of crap, The Run. I loved Most Wanted for the PS2 and Criterion's take on Hot Pursuit.

    As long as I'll have my Pagani Zonda Cinque and/or Gallardo, it's a day 1 buy for me.
  14. Robin

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Although MW wasn't my favourite NFS of all time (NFS1 was followed by HP2) it was pretty good and seeing as Criterion Games are very competent especially when coding for the PS3 I will be looking forward to this one. I could see EA never giving NFS to anyone else again after the bomb of the run.

    I hope they haven't just done the map as it was again, I hope its much bigger and varied. I haven't actually finished MW1 so I better get on my PS2 it they are going to be continuing the story!

    Oh and if that's the box cover art its awesome!
  15. wicken

    Portugal Lisbon

    OP change the title, this game is going to release on 2012 NOT 2013. I am so looking foward to this game :)
  16. Darren.

    United Kingdom Limbo

    I hope Criterion bring back the star car of the original MW, the iconic BMW M3 GTR, especially if it follows the same story arc told in NFS MW1 and NFS Carbon. They would be insane not to, it looked awesome. Who couldn't like its pinstripes after all?

  17. Daniel

    New Zealand Auckland, NZ

    It's definitely in a new location. Note the "Fairhaven Police" on the side of the Charger.

  18. Robin

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Oh yeah, didn't see that there.

    What was the first city called?, it's been so long I've forgotten.

    I wonder if it will use their Chameleon engine or the Frostbite 2 engine...
  19. Darren.

    United Kingdom Limbo

    Rockport City. Divided into three areas, Rosewood, Camden Beach and Rockport.
  20. wicken

    Portugal Lisbon

    You are going to be disappointed, if you look at the first screenshot you can tell that they are using the BMW M3 GTS (looks like to me that they will be doing the same thing that BB did to The Run). They used the newer generation for the BMW and to the Ford Mustang Boss too.
    So far two cars confirmed: the BMW M3 GTS from that screenshot and the Porsche 911 Carrera S (featured first in NFS The Run), "Suspect was last seen heading West on the i92 in a Porsche 911 Carrera S." -> Source
  21. lbsf1

    United Kingdom Warwick Uni
    PSN:lbsf1 GTP_lbsf1

    Criterion listen up. All you need to do is take burnout paradise, make a new island/area. Take the car models you have from previous NFS games and add the couple of new ones. Finally spend the rest of the time perfecting the police system.

    Burnout Paradise was so close to perfect that this NFS should be completely based on that, the damage was awesome, the handling was arcadey yet responsive, it was so good all you need is police in it.
  22. rallymorten

    Denmark Places

    Not a bad idea
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  23. G.T.Ace

    Germany Bonn, Germany

    No, this is how the next Burnout should be, not Need for Speed.
    I don't get why everyone wants to mix both games.
    All the drifting, boosting, stunts etc. shouldn't be in NfS at all, getting sick of the "having all features ever created in every single game" mentality. All the games are playing the same nowadays because of that.

    A Need for Speed like High Stakes or Hot Pursuit 2 with modern graphics and sounds, that would be neat.
  24. MSTER232

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    My prayers for a comeback of this fantastic game have literally been answered. As other people have said in this thread, the only thing I really want to see is Cross and his corvette, along with the awesome sound of the BMW M3 E46 GTR sound!:

  25. Dylans1o

    Ireland Éire

    I have a feeling that they are going to mess this up. There has only been one good NFS title in the last 5 or 6 years and that was Hot Pursuit which was good for a couple of weeks but it was awfully repetitive. The 1st Shift was good but I don't really count that as it isn't a proper Need For Speed. That screenshot really reminds me of The Run though... which isn't a good thing.

    Since Criterion Games made Burnout 3, Paradise and Hot Pursuit I do have some faith in them but it needs these five things for me to buy it: Sargent Cross and his C6 Corvette, the classic MW BMW M3, customisation, open world and similar gameplay style to the 1st Most Wanted.

    I'll be watching it at EA's E3 Livestream to see what they come up with.

    (And if it isn't good I might get the original for the 360. :lol:)
  26. E28

    United Kingdom South Yorkshire

    I'm definately looking forward to this... :D

    I'm a HUGE fan of the original, easily the best NFS of it's generation (PS2) although Underground 2 came close.
  27. Ellis

    England Morecambe, Lanc

    The origional is on playstation store if you need a refresher ;)
  28. Darren.

    United Kingdom Limbo

    Graphics are :censored: however. They're not HD unfortunately. The 360 is the way to go if you want amazing graphics. Not to mention theres motion blur and full online play. :tup:
  29. McLaren

    United States Texas

    I'd rather prefer Criterion to work their own magic than re-hash Most Wanted. That game, as fun as it was, doesn't need to be remade with newer cars, a new location, with the same protagonist and antagonist, & features.

    I hope they leave the customization out of it as well as any stories. Leave the C6 & M3 in as bonus cars, if need be, imo.
  30. Mac K

    Canada Ontario,Canada

    The original was one of my favourites, the final 5 rivals on the black list and the final pursuit were pretty hard to beat, great fun!
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