NES S5 LMP & GT3: Round 10 Finale November 24th

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Team Name: Ace Motorsports
Category: LMP
Team Car: Audi R18 ‘16 (HY)
Tyre Manufacturer: Michelin

Driver 1
Number: 18
Sport Mode Rating: E
Driver Split: AM Split


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An hour to go until the lobbies open for Round 2.

2 refinements were made to the Safety Car procedure this week:

*No set speed limit when catching the Safety Car (still not allowed to push the car to its limits).

*Wording was updated for cars caught out by the Safety Car and going a lap down. Cars in that situation are allowed to overtake the Safety Car. This doesn't apply if a car is a lap down on the leader in class before the Safety Car was called.

Hope to see you shortly! :D


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Long Island, New York
I guess with Gent leaving I don't have a teammate. I'm also still a reserve right? Man I'd love to have another racing event to join
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United States
I’m moving to the Porsche GT Team for the rest of the season. Sorry Mika.
PSN Username: GRM_Bandit
Racing Number: #35
Sport Mode Driver Rating: B
Driver Split: (Pro or Am based off Placement Test)*: AM

*I can do this because Gent gave up a full time Porsche, and Desert is still reserve no?*
I guess with Gent leaving I don't have a teammate. I'm also still a reserve right? Man I'd love to have another racing event to join
If you're not already, perhaps consider joining our Discord server linked in post #1 ot the thread. For legal reasons I have to say that it's not a necessary requirement for participation/information, but it will help you stay in touch with us a lot better
Hope There is a place for me
I'll try it

Psn Username TaZz_1990
Category Gt3
Car corvette C7 Gr. 3
Team Name Devils
Driver Number #88
Sport Mode driver rating B/S
Tire manufactur Pirelli
Driver split unknown
United States
United States
Bandito's Corner: Scandal! Apple Doesn't Pay NES Drivers!


GRM Bandit is on pole position, followed by Farin, GTO, Mythical, Rhino, and James
Photo courtesy of GRM Bandit

Quick note, thank you Farin for the title! Apple should pay the drivers, and I demand the formation of a driver's union immediately [ XD ]!
The last Sunday was a bit of an awkward one. There are now a lot of questions the media (only myself this week) wanted answered. So what did I do? I used the powers granted to me as the journalism master of the NES to get some interviews. Not only did I get some interviews, I got some public opinion. And within this article, I am going to interject my own opinion (hence the name of the article being "Bandito's Corner" rather than " NES Articles"). But now I'm going to finish delaying the inevitable and just get started with this mess.

While my ex-teammate Rhino was busy taking off his gloves and getting ready to yeet his helmet into some other drivers' cars, I scurried off into the garage of Ace Motorsport driver Pescarolo. Despite the team's early retirement from the Monza round of the NES, Pescarolo seemed reasonably calm for a while. His R18 Hybrid was already loaded up into the team's hauler, and he was ready to move on to the next race. But as I reached the entrance of the garage, Pescarolo was distracted by some displeased drivers. So instead I went to the Porsche GT Team garage to see if I could get my first interview of the day. Luckily I was able to run into the team principal and Safety Car driver, the one and only, Snippy Boi. After some small talk, I jokingly mentioned that I was probably going to have to find a new team with the amount of fighting going on. And surprisingly Snip looked at me and said in the most deadpan serious voice I have heard, "what number?" After explaining my situation, I was offered a ride if the Rebellion GT3 program went under. And went under it did as we will find out later.

So with all the drama today (Sunday), including Bandit and Rhino leaving Nukeshot in one form or another, what made you decide to pickup Bandit as a driver for the Porsche GT Team?

"He's a well known prospect within the community and has a lot of potential yet to show. Farin was quite happy when I told him that Bandit joined us so I think they will make a great team and hunt for many points throughout the season."

Speaking of Farin, it's rumored that the driver hierarchy in Porsche GT Team is very relaxed, meaning that Bandit and Farin aren't competing for a #1 seat. Does this mean that you are letting Bandit and Farin battle each other for position? And on top of that, do you think that letting Bandit and Farin battle each other could hurt the team?

"S5 (Season 5) seems to be different compared to other seasons I was involved in. I'm aware of that risk but I think that risk is not playing a huge part. Both Farin and Bandit are fair and respected drivers on the grid. To be successful this season they have to push for all they can. I'm sure both won't battle beyond their limits so hopefully they'll have fun on track and hopefully we can get some important points for the championship."

So it would be safe to assume that you want to win the Team's Championship? But what about Bandit and Farin, do you have any goals for them throughout the season?

"I hope so. Those goals would be to keep them motivated and that's what we need. But either way if they work together as a team it could result in a competitive run for the teams title for us."

Alright. Thank you for your insight on the Porsche GT Team. But I have a few more questions about your Safety Car duties. There were a few incidents throughout the race (AM Split) requiring the Safety Car. Did you think the new rules were effective at reducing incidents during the Safety Car?

"The queue is finally able to catch up way faster and the general rulebook is fine in my opinion. It's now just about the drivers actually complying to those rules. We still have that spacing problem and some need to work on that. Maybe the mod team could support the drivers who are struggling with the SC conditions by training them."

I like the idea of training. But do you think a training style video could help the drivers, or would you rather see the drivers actually get on track experience with the Safety Car?

"It depends. Some learn by just watching a tutorial, some others maybe need to do it by themselves a few times to master it."

So other than that, you're pretty satisfied with the rules correct?

"Obviously I don't get the whole theme as a SC (Safety Car) driver, but from my POV (point of view) it works fine otherwise."

Alright, thanks for your time Felix.

"It was a pleasure. Stay fair everyone."


The #35 Porsche GT Team Porsche RSR of GRM Bandit.
Thank you Snip!
Photo courtesy of GRM Bandit and Porsche GT Team
My new teammate Farin was standing nearby chatting to some of the Porsche GT mechanics while the brawling crowd of racers just kept getting rowdier. So I kept seeking solace in the Porsche GT Team's garage, and got an interview with Porsche driver Farin.

Let's get right to business, what are your goals for yourself and Bandit for the upcoming Nürburgring round?

"Win the race and the Team's Championship [ :) ]. I know my competition is strong. I also have a new teammate and I'm very happy about that, but I don't know how strong he is in the same car. At Lago Maggiore I was faster than him, but at Monza he was faster than me. I also had problems in the race that lead to a disconnection (at Monza), so I don't know where he (Bandit) was faster. Then the others, James is very strong with two victories, and GTO250GTO was strong at Monza with his third place."

So you think Nürburgring could be close now that you and Bandit are in the same car?

"Yes, I think that it (the race) will be interesting and so will seeing who will be number one in the team. I'll give it my best, but if Bandit is number one, I will accept it and train to be better [ :) ].

If I can make a short 'commercial break' [ ;) ] I also drive in GT MES. It's a very interesting league with 20 time NES event winner Nilsemann2002 driving there too, and there are still places open if someone has interest. Races take place every Friday night with great multi-class (GR.3 and GR.4)."

Did Felix mention that Bandit was considering moving teams on Sunday, or did he just kind of let the media distribute leaked photos? And I've also heard good things about GT MES, so maybe I'll consider joining [ ;) ].

"No, he told me and there was no problem there, and I'm glad to have a new teammate [ :) ]. By the way, I wanna say that I'm glad to be in the NES, my first race was great and yesterday I was very unhappy that I disconnected. I have problems with my current PS4, but I am getting a new one so this won't happen again [ :) ]. And I wanna say thanks to Felix for the great Porsche livery he made for me, and thanks to Nilsemann2002 who took me to the NES and helped me with the setup [ :) ]. I also want to thank the organizers of the NES, I know it isn't easy after a race like Monza and it is a lot of work."

Last question, are you confident that the Porsche GT Team will perform well now that both cars are filled?

"Yes, absolutely I think we have a chance for the title with my new and strong teammate Bandit [ :) ]. But the question is what can Britannia Simtek Racing do? Will James continue his winning streak at Nürburgring or can we from Porsche (GT Team) take victory? With Brandon and GTO250GTO, not forgetting Mythical [ :) ], it will be very interesting [ :) ]!"

Rightio, thanks for the insight Farin. Hope to see you in the #33 Porsche RSR this weekend teammate!

"Thank you too, and yes I will drive on Sunday [ :) ].

Seeing how things were beginning to settle down outside of the Porsche GT Team garage, I meandered back to the Ace Motorsport garage to see if Pescarolo wasn't getting his time tied up by some upset drivers. And to my surprise, he was actually available for a pretty long chat.


Pescarolo leading on Orama, Ross, and Gugas
Photo courtesy of GRM Bandit

It's been a while since you've raced in an NES sanctioned event. So what made you decide to come out of retirement?

"Hhmmm... What made me come back? Probably being bored out of my mind. It was a void that had to be filled. Also I just wanted to race in an LMP car again. After April I basically hotlapped and cruised the Nürburgring."

With the drama that happened post-race, are you regretting your return, or are you motivated to make a name for yourself within the community?

"I'm not really regretting my return. Honestly, that's racing, and now it's up to the stewards and directors to fix the drama. And I'm not really motivated to make a name for myself as much as I just want clean, fair, and balanced racing."

You mention clean, fair, and balanced racing. What do you mean by that?

"I just want racing where the classes respect each other. Also racing fair means racing with dignity and love for the sport. And balance racing is up to the stewards and director. Balanced racing needs a track to track BoP. What I'm trying to get at is... We need to respect each other on track, race not only to win, but race for the love of motorsport, and have a healthy BoP."

You say we need to respect each other on track, can you elaborate on what you think needs to be changed?

"I think GT and LMP cars should be having neck to neck racing, but respect each others lines... because we are all racing together for the love of motorsport. I especially think that the two classes need to show respect during races. I think there needs to be a driver's meeting on race etiquette. It will clear up a lot of issues that happened that race (Monza)."

And you mentioned BoP. In your opinion, how could the BoP become more fair?

"We need to hire the Stig so he can unbiasedly set all the cars. Also a BoP has to be done for every car. Some cars are just too fast. Some cars are just too agile. We need to find a happy balance. That would make racing closer than ever, requiring drivers to use their skills to win. But don't BoP a car to take away its unique traits."

Does this opinion only apply to the LMP class or does it apply with the GT class too?

"No, not at all. Every class needs BoP for every car and for every track. Everyone deserves a fair race. Not just my class.... That wouldn't be fair.... and we just talked about fairness."

So it would be safe to assume that you think the success ballast system is inadequate at slowing down faster drivers correct? And how would you correct the success ballast to be more fair in your eyes?

"No it could.... don't get me wrong but I feel it wouldn't get the point across to these kind of drivers. A success ballast in my eyes is a punishment to skilled, fast drivers. If we take it (success ballast) out and BoP every race separately then we get to see who is fastest on a level playing field. A success ballast just allows the chance for everyone to possibly win. That's not what I meant by fair, and balanced racing. If first through fifth have a success ballast of say 50 pounds, and sixth wins.... He only one thanks to the competition being punished. That's not a fair or balanced race is it?"

I suppose you're correct. So final question, will you attend the next race if a spot opens up?

"Nürburgring GP? Absolutely! I love that track. Also I just enjoy driving for Ace Motorsports. They gave me a second shot at driving my R18."


Pescarolo leading on Gugas and Ross
Photo courtesy of GRM Bandit
Now for all you new people to the NES Articles, Bandito's Corner is a place where I actually form an opinion. And I agree with Pescarolo on most of what he said. Of course BoP for every car on every track is an immense task, and I myself wouldn't do the same. So here's what I think needs to happen; the NES needs to rework the Safety Car. Currently pit strategy seems to be more based on luck rather than getting a perfectly executed fuel save or managing the tires just right. And part of that is because the pits are always open. I understand that real motorsport is like this, but unlike real motorsport, this is just a game. I think that closing the pits until the cars are all queued up would provide for better and more high risk strategies, rather than always getting lucky or unlucky with the Safety Car. Plus there is still a lot of tailgating other drivers in the parade lap or yellow flags and other shenanigans. I like Snip's idea of helping drivers who aren't used to the procedures to help them understand and correct their mistakes during these procedures. I also think that BoP has become a hot topic among a few of the drivers. But I think in the GT class at least, mostly everything is fair. LMP is a different breed, and I do not drive the cars, so I will not voice my opinion on those cars. But also, I do believe that a certain driver has been breeding toxicity in the community for a while, and it is beginning to negatively impact the attitude of the other drivers. So I do believe there needs to be something done about the toxicity within the PSN chats. I realize it is unrealistic for everyone to get along, but there should at least be an effort from the community to not be at each other's throats.

With that said and done, I continue my misadventures by returning to the Nukeshot garages, definitely in shambles after Rebellion GT3's misadventures. I tried to get an interview with Apple, and to my surprise he still accepted my interview request.


GRM Bandit leading on James and Mythical
Photo courtesy of GRM Bandit

Well firstly, having seen the Safety Car procedures updated three times in three events, why do you think the AM drivers are still crashing under yellow?

"That's a great question. One that I legitimately don't know the answer to. The "2 car lengths" rule was implemented after the Preview Event for obvious safety reasons. It just seems that at times people forget. As I had to step in as race director for Am split I even messaged on several occasions under the safety car periods that we had to leave a 2 car length gap. The penalties for these kind of infringements will have to be a lot more severe going onward, which is what the Governing Body plans to do."

Speaking of, do you consider the Governing Body a well oiled machine? Or do you think there are some parts that need to be addressed and fixed?

"The Governing Body is made up of 5 members, 4 of which are active. Different people have different ways of thinking, so obviously we don't necessarily agree on absolutely every decision that we make. When there is a disagreement we make a final decision with a voting process, leaving out anyone who is directly involved in a case as they obviously would have a biased viewpoint. So personally I think the Governing Body we have right now has been, and is doing a great job. Sure it's never going to be perfect, but nothing in this world is anyway."

Is the Governing Body planning on discussing any changes to the Safety Car format, or the introduction of Safety Car training or even a video outlining the Safety Car procedures?

"So at one point we were going to have a demonstration video for the Safety Car procedure, however I'm not sure if it's still going ahead at this point. As for the format itself, it's gone through some "refinements" as I called them, and I think we've reached a point where everything runs as smoothly as we can get it. Harsher penalties for breaching the 2 car length rule should hopefully stamp out any further peasantry in that aspect, and besides that it seems to be working fine. I thank everyone for their patience while we were refining the rules on that. Hopefully there won't be a need for any more changes, and if therevare they will probably be minor ones."

Moving on to the team, you lost both of the Rebellion GT drivers in 24 hours. Are you gonna try revive the Rebellion GT program or are you going to leave that to Mika?

"I'll have to discuss that privately with the Flying Dutchman as to whether it continues or not, but yeah, what happened at Monza was really not what I expected. Rhino for a start, openly admitted to taking out Splurge, and even though he was one of my drivers I instantly knew what I had to do. The Governing Body quickly came to the decision to ban him, and myself to fire him from the team. What he did by taking matters into his own hands rather than wait and report it to the stewards is not tolerable. It has unfortunately left the Rebellion GT3 program tainted, which is why I completely understand why you (Bandit) decided to leave immediately after the ban. I really wish you all the best with your future endeavours at Porsche GT Team. Felix knows the car very well, so I think you can quite easily continue to push for victories and maybe even the championship."

Well thank you for having me.

"No problem"

Now I want to add my two cents. After the debacle I decided the controversy and previous expectations from Apple would eventually get me dropped from the team. So instead of waiting to be "fired" like my previous teammate, I left Rebellion. I was just lucky that Felix had offered me a spot on his team if Rebellion GT3 went defunct. And on top of that, the Porsche GT Team was fairly new to the NES, which means that the team was far away from the Rebellion controversy. This in my opinion, was the best way prevent any bad blood from spilling in my direction.
Editor's note: Because Gugas did not plan on writing an article, this is the closest to a press release we are going to get from ex-Rebellion GT3 driver GRM Bandit. As stated by the Porsche GT Driver, "I have no desire talk to the media. Gugas didn't contact me with an interview, and I have already started work on an article that will include an explanation for my departure from the Rebellion GT3 program. In the meantime, best of luck to the Rebellion LMP guys, and sorry Mika for leaving without notice."

However, my next stop was to talk with the Martini and Rossi Grand Prix driver Splurge. Despite his garage area being littered with shredded front tires, everything else was pretty normal though.

So Splurge, what did you think of the race on Sunday? Is there any thing that you would like to see addressed by the moderators involving racecraft or driver conduct?

"Sunday was certainly a quite polarising race, had plenty of action and controversy for all the wrong reasons. Personally for me the race craft was only ever really let down on my own part whilst still re-accustoming myself to the nuances that come with racing the Nissan LM which really kick started the spiral in terms of all the issues that occurred during the race around me. I think as it should be expected everyone running are still very much coming to terms with some of the finer details of recent updates such as just how much of an impact cold tyres make to the handling of the cars, we saw it with me losing the rear end twice at the same corner at the preview event in Saint Croix and I think we saw it quite a lot with parts of the field heavily out-braking themselves into the chicanes after a SC period. Driver conduct was a real hair raiser however. Less so much in the car and more out of it. Even if a race goes fully against you it does not give anyone the right to come charging into public chats accusing anyone of any foul play, I regret what I said post Saint Croix because I acted hypocritically to what I believe in that context. We're all here to go racing and if something happens I think it shouldn't be a right to go venting in a public chat, which I think has been reiterated by the owners and mods a-like, moderation I don't think we're doing badly at all just the NES has encountered its first real issues from it's quite aggressive growth in the past year and with that everyone was a little underprepared for the events that transpired on Sunday but it was professionally and efficiently picked up and put to bed just as quickly so no complaints on my part and full credit to the Championship staff."

So what happened between you and Gugas during the Safety Car on Lap 29? Was there just a miscommunication or was the overtake intentional?

"Lap 29... I can't recall what happened the only point when Gugas passed me under SC was as I managed to piledrive the wall whilst locking the rear brakes to keep heat in my rear tyres, so I can't pass too much judgement on that."

Ah, fair enough. Final question, does Martini and Rossi Grand Prix have any particular goals headed into Nürburgring?

Finish the race in one piece and keep its (the car's) nose clean. It's going to be a really tough one, the car isn't well suited and having managed to have incidents with at least one GT car in both races so far I'm just looking to have a quiet race without incident and rack up a couple more points.

Alright, thank you Splurge

"No problem, anytime."

After talking to Splurge, I went off to talk to Mythical. The Britannia Simtek cars were already being loaded up into the trucks in Mercedes F1 efficiency. James was already getting ready for the trek to Germany, but Mythical was willing to give me a few words.


Photo courtesy of GRM Bandit

So post qualifying and post race you seemed pretty excited. Would you say that your performance on Sunday was on par with your goals for the race weekend?

"It was an amazing experience, i had a few ups and downs but i feel like i did pretty well, however i will always strive to be better"

If you don’t mind, has Britannia Simtek discussed any team goals for the race at Nürburgring?

"We havent discussed much just yet. But 3 wins in a row would be amazing."

Is there anything else you’d like to add about the next race, the team, or future performances?

"I cant wait for sunday, i will try my hardest for a podium!"

Alright. Thank you for your time.

"Anytime dude"

And that is a wrap for this week's article. A week full of drama and heartbreak is hopefully coming to a close, and some of the dust is finally settling from the events of the race. Hopefully when the incident report comes out there isn't another violent uprising like Sunday, but you never know anymore. Well anyways, I'm done with this for now. I'll be on the track on Sunday if you need me. I'm GRM Bandit, and please be civil people.

Edit: spelling mistake corrected in Pescarolo’s interview
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I'll try it

Psn Username TaZz_1990
Category Gt3
Car corvette C7 Gr. 3
Team Name Devils
Driver Number #88
Sport Mode driver rating B/S
Tire manufactur Pirelli
Driver split unknown
#88 is taken.
An official statement.

Round 3, and the rest of the calendar have been pushed back by 1 week. Round 3 (Nürburgring GP) will now take place on August 25th.

This decision was agreed to by the majority of the staff. We hope that you will respect our decision. Thanks again for being a part of the NES! :D
United States
United States
Pes Talks:
Delayed! Nürburgring GP Pushed Back A Week Due To Lack Of Drivers! Words of Mythical Not Seeing The Track Again? New And Old Drivers Speak About The NES.​

For the people that haven’t heard, the NES has delayed race three at the German track, the Nürburgring GP. The race has been delayed with speculation that the NES has a shortage of drivers forcing the higher ups to their latest decision.

With the last race behind the NES after being one to go down infamously, we have Nürburgring next up. However, to understand what happened we bring ourselves to Zokeo. He is currently the head of the NES, and in charge of a lot behind the scenes. Luckily he was able to talk for a little bit outside the NES Headquarters.

“So with the NES delaying the third race at the Nürburgring, how does this impact you as the director?”

“Well, I wouldn't be able to make it to this upcoming Sunday if we were still racing, and that would mean we'd only have 1 qualified Race Director across 2 lobby's with Dirten not able to make it either. There are other reasons behind it, but that is a main concern.”

“Would you say that the race was also canceled due to lack of drivers?”

“Oh, no, not by any means! Sure we've seen some recent departures, but we've also received some new entries to fill the void left. We're still looking good in terms of numbers.”

“Ok, final question. What’s your current opinion on the recent drivers leaving? Even though you say we are receiving new drivers, does it change you in any way not seeing the same drivers or cars on track?”

“It's of course sad to see people go, but that's just the way it is. And who knows, maybe they will return one day. So it doesn't really change the way I see things. On the other hand, it's very positive to see new people showing an interest in the NES, even though we are mid-season by this point. To all of those who have left though, for one reason or another, we wish them all the best in their future ventures.”

“Well, I think that about raps everything up. Thank you for your time Zokeo.”

“No problem.”

So we have it straight from the man himself. It looks like the drivers are still willing to race. However, its the Race Director that cannot show up.

We shift our point onto a driver that has recently talked about not being able to race again. The driver is Britannia Racing Simtek pilot Mythical. He is currently piloting the #37 Aston Martin V12 Vantage that took fourth place at Monza. I manage to get in touch with him over the phone about the matter.

“So with the last race being done and over with, alot of things have happened. However, you said that you may possibly not race again. What's your thoughts on the subject?”

“That is true, there is a big possiblity that I wont be able to enter in anymore NES S5 races, I’m quite disappointed and hope my teammate, James, will keep up the good work. I will however still be around and I will hopefully be able to come back in a later season.”

“Alright. And I don't want to waste too much of your time. So I have one last question. With you possibly leaving the NES what are your thoughts on your team, Britannia Racing Simtek, and your teammate?”

“I have high hopes for the team, my teammate is really quick, even with the ballasts. I just hoped that I could provide a little more for the team, I will be watching from the sidelines and will hope that Britannia wins the team championship.”

“Ok, thank you for your time. Good luck with your plans in life, and we hope to see you again.”

“I hope so too.”

So that is the current situation with Mythical.

Pescarolo's Track Day

That raps up the main topics of today, but now we enter “Pescarolo’s Track Day”. This is where we ask drivers about their class, their team and/or car, and the upcoming race. Our first driver is Splurge. Pilot of the #39 Martini & Rossi Grand Prix Nissan GT-R LM Nismo. He had his fair share of fame at Monza.

“So with you being in LMP Am what’s your current feeling on BoP, the competition, and the future of the class?”

“The BoP is on the marks for the most part of course there are small issues which arise as with any. The admin team have been very ambitious to try and facilitate as many cars as possible especially in LMP1 with a wider variety of cars being allowed has meant there have been a couple teething issues such as with my own car and the ongoing issues about whether it's straight-line speed along with hopeless tyre degradation so there's been a couple modifications for that but apart from that I haven't heard any complaints thus far.

The competition has been fierce however I think everyone has shown an amount of reasons as to why we're all in AM, I've been struggling to get to grips with the nuances of the Longboi which have been shown in rear ending GTs but everyone has had a divebomb moment or thrown it at the wall I think, the GTs have been well behaved for the most part as well, all in all again I can't complain.

The future of the class? I hope it stays it's been bundles of fun and provided some exciting racing.”

“Ok. Now with you being a one man team there isn’t much to ask. However, you are driving the most unique prototype to grace the NES. How does it feel driving the GTR LM Nismo against Rear Wheel Drive prototypes? Also where do you see the GTR in relation to the other prototypes performance wise?”

“It's probably the most divisive car out there, it really struggles through slow corners but then comes into its own down straights and through fast open corners/ tracks. Driving it you just have to be really patient on the accelerator and remember you're gonna have to do at least 1 more stop than anybody else. In relation to the other prototypes it's been given a solid buff on power a weight to combat it's general terribleness when it comes to corners and it's tyre deg. What then transpires is I usually become a train in the race if there's a lack of corner sequences with small straights between. It's generally interesting to see it work in a race but can be a little depressing when it just sinks through the field due to abysmal tyre deg.”

“Final question. Whats your thoughts on race three? Do you have high hopes on the GTR? Do you have a prediction on who will finish where in both classes?”

“I fancy seeing a hybrid win at the Nurb, it's going to be really difficult for the GTR to make an impact on the race, it's relatively high deg and a reasonable spread of corners so it's gonna be hard. GT's James is on a roll and I would imagine the Aston suits the track but never discount Bandit or Farin in the Porsches. Generally gonna be a solid one.”

“Well thanks for your time on Pescarolo’s Track Day. Good luck with the team and car.”

“Cheers, best of luck to you!”

Next we go to talk to a driver that is no stranger to racing. We find time to invite Bandit to Pescarolo’s Track Day with the same questions. Recently Bandit left Motul Rebellion Racing by Nukeshot Motorsport. He now joins Porsche GT Team with the #35 911 RSR.

“So with you being in GT Am what is your current feeling on BoP, the competition, and the future of the class?”

“To be honest, I think the GT BoP is pretty good. While I do think a track-to-track BoP can make for closer racing, I believe it is unrealistic to expect the moderators to BoP every car every week. As for competition, with my points being halved for distancing myself from the Rebellion GT3 controversy, I don’t see myself being in contention for AM champion. That being said, my teammate Farin and I have been pretty close in pace up until last Sunday. Adjusting to the RSR hasn’t been easy, and I only had 200 miles in my RSR before switching. For reference, I have 2000 miles on my Jaguar F-type, and 700 on my Mustang. And if you’re looking for my opinion on the future, I think James is gonna win the GT AM championship. I’m too far behind now to make a stand, so I’m just looking to finish my season on the podium, hopefully with Farin on one of the steps too.”

“So how does the team change feel? How is the Porsche Team treating you? How does it feel driving a Porsche instead of a Jaguar? Also where do you see the 911 RSR in relation to the other GTs performance wise?”

“I feel very welcomed at Porsche GT. Felix, the team boss, has given me a very warm welcome and some setup help. Farin has also shown excitement to work with me, and his enthusiasm is really helping me through the team change and having my points docked. The Porsche also feels nice, but it’s definitely no Jaguar that’s for sure. In fact, I think having 2000 miles on the Jag then switching to the RSR, a car I only have 200 miles in, is hindering my potential a little bit. In terms of performance, I saw Farin gap me at Lago Maggiore with his 911 RSR. But the Aston Martin is a rocket in the straights. I also want to add if I do end up having a shockingly bad performance, I have nobody to blame but myself.”

“Final question. Whats your thoughts on race three? Do you have high hopes on the 911 RSR? Do you have a prediction on who will finish where in both classes?”

“Oh my, if you’re wanting a prediction, I’m thinking James will win in GT AM, with me, Farin, Brandon, and GTO fighting for the rest of the podium. LMP will be more of a tossup, but I know Mika and Orama have the pace to compete for top spots. Splurge might also be in contention, but the Long Boi really does suffer around the tighter corners. As for the performance of the RSR, I don’t quite know how to feel about it. I would have to see everybody else’s practice laps before I draw my own conclusions.”

“Well thank you for coming on Pescarolo’s Track Day. Good luck out there, and have fun at Porsche.”

“No problem Pescarolo. Hope to see you at the Nürburgring!”

Next we talk to 3rd place finisher GTO. He races for Virtual Endurance Racing Team. He pilots the #6 Hyundai Genesis.

“So with you being in GT Am what is your current feeling on BoP, the competition, and the future of the class?”

“Bwoah, the BoP is probably not ideal, but it's okay with me. The competition is pretty competitive. If they show up for the race that is. I intend to show up for most races. That's pretty much all I can say about the future.”

“So how does racing for V.E.R.T. feel? Does the team have a fighting chance for points? How does it feel driving a Hyundai? Also where do you see the Genesis in relation to the other GTs performance wise?”

“Racing for VERT has been great so far. I didn't have to do any team creating or livery stuff. So I had a lot of time to concentrate on being lazy. CJ and I only communicate the bare minimum. Sometimes I bother him regarding the setup. He then spits out a series of numbers which I try to make work for me. I would say that works well for both of us.

The Genesis wasn't my first choice. Actually it was my third. But i like how solid it feels. It doesn't have any overwhelming strengths, but also no big weaknesses. Its probably slower than the Porsche, Aston and Jaguar. But depending on the track and how much extra weight these other cars carry, I think we can sometimes beat one or two of them.

At the start of the season I thought V.E.R.T could maybe compete for the GT3 Am Team Championship. But so far I haven't heard anything about my team mate.”

“Final question. Whats your thoughts on race three? Do you have high hopes on the Genesis? Do you have a prediction on who will finish where in both classes?”

“Nürburgring GP could be a good track the for me and the Genesis. It seems there are no more Jaguars in the field, but now there is a second Porsche. They will definitely be fast. BRT_James has a lot of extra weight, but I guess that won't slow him down much. I would say he has been pretty close to Pro speed in the first 2 races. For LMP Am I have no idea. LMP Pro is always CJ and GT Pro i'd say Fred or Joe.”

“Well thank you for coming to talk on Pescarolo's Track Day. Good luck with V.E.R.T. and we hope to see you again.”

“Yeah, see you at the Nürb.”

Thats all I have for this issue of Pes Talks! Tune in next time for more interesting stories and interviews.

Editor’s Note: I would like to welcome Pescarolo to the NES Articles staff! With him joining us, we at the Articles HQ should be able to more efficiently pump out articles at an even higher quality. Now let’s give Pescarolo a warm welcome to the team! - GRM Bandit

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Pes Talks:
Delayed! Nürburgring GP Pushed Back A Week Due To Lack Of Drivers! Words of Mythical Not Seeing The Track Again? New And Old Drivers Speak About The NES.​

It’s got nothing to do with lack of drivers. It’s to do with with no one available to direct the race?
It's Raceday!

Just to let you know, once again the Safety Car procedure was modified (who would've guessed?) As there was a trick that some were using. The following wording has been updated:

"If the incident is worthy of a Safety Car, then the Race Director/Commentator will type "SC. Pits closed" (Safety Car) in the lobby chat."

"The pits will remain closed until the Race Director types "Pits open" in the lobby chat, which will happen once everyone has caught up to the Safety Car. Note that this does NOT allow for "emergency pitstops", so drivers of damaged cars should take extra care and drive slow enough to maintain control."

Again, sorry for the amount of changes that have been made. As its our first time experimenting with a Safety Car system we are constantly trying to improve it based on feedback.

Besides that, the entry lists were updated, and several previous reserves were promoted to full-time slots! Race details and such are up on the thread too, so be sure to check it out! :D
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United Kingdom
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