New Drift Competition Ideas- Call your Cars Now!!!

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Sorry to leave y'all high and dry like this but I've just got to much to deal with, and I've just sorta decided to leave. I'm not mad at GTP or anything like that, I just think it'd be better if I left now.

Granted I may have made a rash desicon in deciding this because I was pretty mad when I posted that, but I stick by it even now.

Plus I figured I'd let y'all know I was gone instead letting y'all wonder where I've went for awhile.

So have a good time, best of luck to all of you.👍
ok... Thanks,
it was fun with you :)
'91 Aristo(GS300), Super Silver Metallic - Suzuki
Honda S2000, orange - Drift2XS
S15- Drift King in red
AE86 Levin- Tulok in white/black
SC430- Sammi in white, LOON in Black
270r- Articzap in,
supra MIV, Geoff in blue
89' 240- nk4e in black
RX-7 RS-R- Ske in yellow
we are open to infinitely more entries, so keep them coming in guys :)

I believe we should have the following 5 tracks
Tsukuba Cicuit-real life D1 section
Autumn Ring Mini-reverse
Suzuka-d1 section
Motegi modern has good parts
motorland reverse has a good part, the sweeper into the little swirl thing.
Have fun without us LOON 👍
i agree with the tracks except for the last 2.
i found a section on monaco that would be good, ive already linked it a few times. and theres another section on midfield i would like to see. in my opinion they would be better than the last 2 on your list.

So, who is going to run it? i really dont want to be 100% in charge of it, but i wont mind helping get things going either. any takers?
I CAN run it,
and i agree with you about the last 2, MY last two were extras 👍
get your cars in guys, were reqady when you are...
gtpd1gp is a go! you can still join though, and participate... since this is points based, anyone can join at any time