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    Hi Guys

    I just want to share this with you. SO I found a new account on Instagram for the lead singer of Love Fist, could this be for the NEW GTA!

    what ever happedn to LOVE FIST
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    I went and set up a :censored: dummy instagram account just to do some research on this. I have no idea what I'm doing with my life.

    First up, let's address the name of the account itself. jezz_torrent_official. Seems totally legit in every possible way. I mean, that's why the official Spyro twitter is spyro_the_dragon, right? Also jezz_torrent_official_ is a thing too.

    Let's now look at the sort of people they follow:


    Oh look, aside from a few accounts that have a general relation to 80's punk rock, it's a collection of random people that may or may not have names reminiscent of GTA characters from the 3D universe of all things!

    Also also, what's with all the 1986? What purpose does that serve, other than to remind you that Vice City was a game?

    Speaking of which, the timelines presented make no sense. Dogs on Heat is supposedly their first album, and one of the pictures claim 2011 as being the 25th anniversary of said album, which puts its release as 1986 and in line the tour of the same name undertaken in the same year. Makes sense so far. Until you remember that Vice City had songs from much later albums and that the concert in Vice City in '86 was never cancelled.

    Either R* is taking the whole "GTA Online is definitely set before GTA V in much the same way as the world is 157 years old" thing to the next level or you've been bamboozled and the all-caps title can be considered misleading and/or clickbait.
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    nice post count, dude.
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