New Jump Track!! "Canyonball: Retards' Run"

  • Thread starter weavty1
I noticed this track can send cars higher than the "Eif" track everyone is so screaming about.

If you park your car shortly after the small jump, cars like the X2010 will hit your car sending them flying. XD
does anyone online now have this track and is willing to share??? i am online now.. either PM me here or friend me please. my PSN is Menz_01
this is a great track and i wish i could use it online now that you can use tracks online.... HOWEVER... the update says only tracks made AFTER the update can be used :(
^^ Read my initial post please, it says exactly how to contact me, and get this track. Thanks everyone for the comments and friend requests!! My inbox has been inundated with requests!!! lol