New Jump Track!! "Canyonball: Retards' Run"

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Sorry, folks, I forgot to set the track to my 'online' list in order to share it. I'll do so as soon as my Bob is finished his race later tonight, roughly 4 hours from this post. I've now added it to my online tracks.

@JoGuedez @hooked_on4 friend requests sent.

Already accepted the request ;)
So I downloaded the track from the OP, and I cant seem to use it. Do I need to install it or something?
Go download it from said person's profile.. Once done, go back to your GTlife home page, go down to the bottom left of your screen, click on tracks, and viola!! It's there, ready to use ;) just make sure you 'FAVORTE' it, so that you can use it in Practice and Arcade modes, as well! 👍
Got the track downloaded. I like it! The hump right before the start/finish is a lot of fun. I sent a couple cars soaring way into the air. Its a real challange to drive. Thanks!


I was doing a time trial with the VW Samba bus and first lap I went too fast on that hump at the end, did lap 2, was doing well, slowed down for the hump and over my head comes the ghost samba and lands sideways in front of me. That was one scary ghost! :)
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Hahaha, thanks for all the feedback guys!!!! and CHEERS to ONE HUNDRED POSTS!!!

Accepted all requests to this date 👍
Thanks fellas!! :)

I hope y'all are enjoying my track!