Next Forza Motorsport Game Revealed, Apparently Isn't Called Forza Motorsport 8

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Congrats, today you just learned anecdotes aren’t evidence. There are people out there who think ET is the best video game, doesn’t mean it is.
It's funny what people resort to posting when they have nothing to actually back up what they say. Ironically enough, that ET statement fits perfectly with what your whole argument stemmed from. Try not to project so much

You wanted to dictate what people do with these games, I'm offering up evidence why you're clearly wrong - because you don't get to decide that, whatsoever.

Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo are track-based racing games - It is not the only racing game available to purchase, there are others but they just don't have the same amount of content as this game. That this game(and GT) does, doesn't take away from the fact that it's still a racing game first and foremost. We have other choices that do other things better than these two and that hasn't stopped me from playing them, like you stated everyone did. It's pretty simple.

The car sales example is a really bad one. Does every car in the world cost about the same? Does a Toyota Corolla cost about the same as a Ferrari? Games cost about the same on the other hand.
No it's not, and no they weren't GT always tends to hit the barain bin fairly quick, dropping it's prices indefinitely to a fraction of what they were at launch, and always usually pretty fast. Forza retains it's higher price for a much longer time. It's actually a pretty fitting comparison because.

So sales do tell you a lot about which game is good or not.
No they really don't. Sales numbers do nothing for consumers. A game can be great that sold way less than a game another game in it's genre, sales don't decide that.

Drive Club didn't sell crazy in comparison to these giants, but it was arguably one of the best simcade racers as of late.

Most people in the world would just not be able to afford a Ferrari whereas buying a Corolla is much much easier.
Means absolutely nothing. You said outright sales determine what's good, and that sells the most. So by your argument, the Corolla trumps everything in the world, even cars in it's own category and class. Everything. Thing is, even for cars that are priced similarly, what is the best to you is, guess what, personal interpretation, not the amount it sold. There are going to be some cars that do other things better than the Corolla, and that makes for a good comparison to these games. They both offer something very good, and are both good in their own right no matter which one sold so much more.

Please use a better example than cars.
No, it fits pretty well.

I agree Polyphony messed up big time with removing dynamic weather and a lot of other features which were present in GT6 as it is something I cannot understand.
It's all about compromises, they overshot during the PS3 generation and those instances didn't pan out to good with the hardware they had available. They then seemingly targeted stability and performance when it came to the PS4. It makes sense exactly why they did it.

I never defended Polyphony. I was trying to make the point that Turn 10 are not better in every way like the person suggested than Polyphony.
No, that's exactly what you did. The latter of this comment doesn't change that. You brought in sales as to why it's better - that's a defense. You brought in features that don't even exist in GT anymore - that's a defense.

If Turn 10 were better in every way then Forza Motorsport would have kept getting better after FM4 and not declined instead.
I agree that FM4 was the high point of the series, but I feel it picked up with FM7. Now I'm just hoping the extra time they are putting into it for the next iteration turns out to be substantial and worthwhile.

Did I ever say Polyphony are superior to Turn 10?
Did I ever say you did?
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Did Turn10 or MS ever put up a page regarding what ray-tracing effects will be present? I thought I saw one but can't remember if a fan just made it up or not.
Still surprised to see FM go the reboot route. Guess it was really needed for T10 to make Forza great again?
In retrospect, I would have been happy if they continued enhancing and expanding FM6, but they decided that "4K" and "HDR" and a larger car roster were more important issues to address... To me FM7 just became too unwieldy and not fun. So yeah, let's see a reboot.
In retrospect, I would have been happy if they continued enhancing and expanding FM6, but they decided that "4K" and "HDR" and a larger car roster were more important issues to address... To me FM7 just became too unwieldy and not fun. So yeah, let's see a reboot.
I know what you mean by expanding FM6 rather than creating FM7. Would've been a much better choice in fact. I still can't forget how badly rushed FM7 was at launch. I mean it's kinda good now, but it's still somewhat buggy here and there.

Although I love the large roster of cars, it was never the main point of Forza of old. Hopefully FM Rebooted can address many things that were wrong in FM7.
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