Next Gen (PS5, XSX, XSS) Screenshots thread

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You guys got me playing Horizon again now >.>

Horizon Forbidden West_20220901075442.jpg

Detroit_ Become Human™_20220828121530.jpg
Cyberpunk 2077_20220831082400.jpg
Cyberpunk 2077_20220831080949.jpg
Cyberpunk 2077_20220830122331.jpg
Cyberpunk 2077_20220828080841.jpg
Cyberpunk 2077_20220828073147.jpg
Cyberpunk 2077_20220828072534.jpg
Cyberpunk 2077_20220828071449.jpg
Cyberpunk 2077_20220828071003.jpg
Cyberpunk 2077_20220827063758_1.jpg
Cyberpunk 2077_20220827082022_1.jpg
Dying Light 2_ Stay Human_20220826082200.jpg
Dying Light 2_ Stay Human_20220826085003.jpg
Dying Light 2_ Stay Human_20220826093101.jpg
FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE_20220826125454.jpg
FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE_20220826131023.jpg
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy_20220826105147.jpg
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy_20220826113204.jpg
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy_20220826115445.jpg
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy_20220826122651.jpg
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy_20220826122818.jpg
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy_20220828040530_1.jpg
United States
United States
I hope some of y'all enter Red Bull Capture Point (GT7/HZD photo mode competition)