Next Need for Speed Title Pushed Back to 2022 Release

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Usually I would shrug my shoulders at a game getting delayed because more development usually results in a more polished experience at launch, but this one hits different because the project is being halted in order for work to continue on another game in a genre I have no interest in. At best, there will be a skeleton crew working on the next Need For Speed.

Given the long gap between releases, expectations are going to be sky high from those unaware NFS development was paused. Worse still, in the event of BF6 actually releasing on time, there's even the concern some Criterion members won't even be put back on NFS development in order to provide BF6 with post-launch support.

Ideally, I'd like the favour to be returned and have the team at DICE helping Criterion develop NFS throughout 2022, but that's probably not gonna happen.
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I've downloaded, played and platinumed NFS Payback from October 2020's PS+.

It's been since NFS Shift 2 on the PS3 I had not played a NFS game, and I first hated it playing with a dualshock.

But then I plugged my t300rs and the game became a riot to play, especially in the speedcross mode. But it ruined for a moment my abilities in GTSPORT.

What I mean is that any NFS can be very surprising or very Bad (NFS heat) so that franchise is not the one I'm expecting the most.
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I’m a huge BF fan and play that and COD when not playing racing games. I understand the decision and just hope they don’t get burned out for when they eventually get back to NFS. Who knows if DICE will be able to assist Criterion with NFS as a favour probably won’t but I just hope the next BF is really, really good and polished before release. I hope NFS won’t suffer either and is a top game on release.

With Codemasters there it does help with the 2021 racing EA scene and 2022 should be an even bigger one for racing fans.

Fun fact: DICE actually did make a racing game once they made The V8 challenge around 2001. It was my favourite Supercars game on PC and I still enjoy it to this day.

The physics were good for its time but the sounds were amazing imo for an early 2001 era game. So a good amount of those devs are still active with Battlefield today and you can see that they have a knack for creating incredible sound design. Maybe they should one day do a Supercars game again.... hehe no that won’t happen LOL.

As a BF fan I’m happy but I’m also a NFS fan so I do understand any frustrations I hope it all works out for both games it the end.
After hating 2015 (2015 looked good though but the characters were annoying yeah bro, and the handling on pad I hated it) and payback and not really enjoying heat I’m so done with need for speed. Even if it’s awesome with cockpit camera I’m done. Haven’t really been a fan since need for speed 4.
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Sounds like another stinker in the making, unless EA gives them the much needed time to finish it up after they’re done with supporting DICE.
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Generally, I'm not too worried, as it sounds like they're just freezing development to temporarily re-assign some staff. Once BF6 goes gold, I fully expect NFS2021 to resume full development with the staff it had before this re-allocation of manpower. I also take EA's word at face value when they say that both NFS2021 and BF6 are doing fine - it just sounds like investors are really excited for BF6, and given that Covid-19 has indeed affected game development in general worldwide (see also: GT7), I don't think I have any reason to believe BF6 nor NFS2021 will have development troubles beyond those that can be traced to Covid-19. I would apply the same to any other game in development, such as Gran Turismo 7.