Nissan Skyline (R33) 280 Type MR 1997

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A unique Skyline I remember from GT2. It's based off the Skyline R33 GTS, but has 4WD instead of RWD and improved performance. It was a rival towards its GT-R brother of the time. So yeah, it's personally one of the non-GTR skylines that I would love to see in GT again.

Information on the car here. I copy/pasted from a foreign website and had the text translated into english via Google.
This car was totally limited edition version, was probably barely 7 pieces at the turn of the year 1998/1999, the price of a new car is about 4 million. yen or about 175 000 zł (40% more than the basic version). As a base, was used tylnonapędowy GTS25t Type-M with RB25DET under the hood (2.5L turbo, 250 hp @ 6400 rpm and 294 Nm @ 4800 rpm). The engine has undergone a number of modifications in the company REINIK, increased capacity and thus arose RB-XII, or 2.8L and 300 hp.
REINIK, or Race and Rally Engineering division NIssan-Kohi Incorporated, founded in 1964, engaged in the production and modification of engines and parts for Nissan cars (to a lesser extent also for Isuzu and Mitsubishi), both civilian and used exclusively for the sport.
In addition to the engine modified by REINIK, the car has a little part of Nismo eg. The suspension, exhaust, brake, etc., As well as some parts are adapted from other Skyline GT-R. Dogrzebałem not to do the interior.

Unfortunately, seven produced copies 280Type-MR for more than 10 years ago, but rather suggests that today few of them are still alive, and everyone who drives, has a value of only collectible and cherished rather often stands in the garage, than years after the racetracks.



Here is what it looks like in GT2.



Drivetrain - Front Engine, RWD
Engine - Turbocharged, 2.8L RB28DET DOHC 24v Inline-6
Power - 295 hp (221 kw) @6,400 rpm
Torque - 253 ft-lbs (343 nm) @4,800 rpm
Weight - 3,087 (1400 kg)


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4WD. ;) AWD is EVO's/WRX's etc. Skyline GT-Rs/GTS-4's etc are 100% rear wheel drive until the rear wheels lose traction, then the fronts start pulling.
4WD. ;) AWD is EVO's/WRX's etc. Skyline GT-Rs/GTS-4's etc are 100% rear wheel drive until the rear wheels lose traction, then the fronts start pulling.
Wha..?! I thought that there was just AWD that was for cars and 4WD just for trucks and sport utilities.
Oh screw it, I really don't know anything about drivetrains. :lol:
I just randomly googled what 4WD and AWD actually are.
Somehow I don't remember it in GT2. :odd: Where could it be got from? Won somewhere?
It was a car that you could buy in the Nissan Used Car section. I remember seeing it in the UCD sometimes and I even bought it once. I have it on one of my GT2 gamesaves actually.

I may record gameplay of it one day.