Nissan's New GT-R Nismo Revealed, Launches October 2021

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Maybe Nissan are trying to beat Porsche's 27 years of the 911 looking the same, from 1967-1994. I dunno.
Or the Corvette, which looked pretty much the same from 1984-2013.


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As the GT-R could now be considered a low-volume production car, it's better to compare it to something like the Lotus/Caterham 7.

64 years old and counting.
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At least the porsche and corvettes had updated power levels during their long sammy looking model runs. Nissans GTR hasnt cracked 600hp or barely with the Nismo, in the last 12 years.
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At least the porsche and corvettes had updated power levels during their long sammy looking model runs. Nissans GTR hasnt cracked 600hp or barely with the Nismo, in the last 12 years.
To me, that's not a bad thing. Since the R32(276[300]hp), it's gained 300hp. Corvettes and Porsches from the same time as the R32, gained about 350-400hp. Yet, the GT-R can still hang with them both. Not bad for a 2-door sedan.
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Honestly think Nissan's money is being focused on the 400Z right now, and after that will hopefully an R36 will come down the pipeline.


Just hideous looking.

I remember seeing the original R35 in the flesh at the world premiere in Tokyo in 2007 and that was a stunning looking car. I didn't need brash carbon parts to stand out.

Now, 14 years later this Nismo edition just looks old and vulgar, and probably nowhere near as quick as the original r35 relative to the competitors of its time.

Time to let the r35 go.

Here's a 2007 R35 - when it still looked fresh and wowed the world. I hope to own one at some point but it won't be a 2021 or Nismo model.
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I would love to know how many milliseconds that 100 gram weight saving unpainted hood is worth around the Nurburgring :lol:


That 2007 model looks great... this car is a case of Nissan redesigning something that wasnt broken to try to keep a 15 y.o car relevant.

To put this into perspective the R35 came out when the 996 was being phased out for the 997 and look at where the 911 is now.

I'm not sure why Nissan continues to make the R35? They cant sell enough in a year to bother keeping the lines running???

Also I think Nissan are at a crossroads to where the R35 is going. They dont need the R35 GTR as their halo sport model... the Fairlady 400Z exists.

Further Nissan dont want to spend billions of dollars making an R36 when the market for super sports coupes isnt great?
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Honestly the original design has been so distilled that the 2001 concept looks more modern than this.


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Sold out.

I'm really interested to see what we think of the R35 in another ten or twenty years. First years now we've been fawning over the Nismo R34 for example and thought it had a really tough, powerful, brutish look and the performance to back it up. And it did, obviously. These Nismo R35s look similar strong and extreme in my opinion. It doesn't really have that classic Japanese stacked air intake look that we all love but it definitely looks the business and will be a total ripper no doubt. I'm also curious about that power number...that's a lot of work to do to an engine and not actually publish bigger power numbers. I wonder if Nissan just didn't bother publishing new numbers but the new engine makes quite a bit more power. I guess we'll see what kind of numbers it puts down.

Overall I think Nissan really did capture the spirit of the GT-R in the R35, all throughout its lifespan. Honda had a chance to do the same with the NSX but they just didn't support it well enough in my opinion. I'm not sure exactly what they could've done better, probably a little bit of everything, but it's obviously never recaptured the legendary status of the original NSX, unlike what the R35 has accomplished. Meanwhile, the jury is out on the Supra. Mazda, you're up. We've been waiting.
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Sounds like they'll be sound investments for the lucky Aussies who can get one though. Only a tiny amount of the 100 will probably get in and they'll be the very, very last examples sold new. I've read the final date of sale is Nov. 1st this year and after that, the car can no longer be sold in the country.
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Tough call to see which one would be more coveted. I’d think either spec in Midnight Purple, would be the more collectable.