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The THUNDERCLUB is looking for drivers who are interested about a "replay" of the 1967 race at Le Mans. We like to create a championship (6 races) with the cars from the 1967 starting grid. There will be two classes with a independet scoring. A prototype class with Ford Mark IV, Ford GT 40 and Ferrari 330 P4. A sportscar class with Shelby GT 350, Ford GT 40 and Chevrolet Corvette C2. To add some more cars to the sportscars we dicided to fill up the class with Ferrari 250 GTO and Shelby Daytona Coupe wich are former Le Mans cars too.

A special BOP for each car will make sure that all cars will have the same performance (laptime) in their class. By this way any car will have the chance to win it´s class.

Last but not least: In both classes the cars have to race with "authentic liveries" and starting numbers.

Please let us know if you are interested about a racing series with old Le Mans cars on historic tracks - Le Mans, Spa Francorchamps, Monza, Nürburgring, ect. If there will be enough drivers who like to join this series, we will start working on it. Important: We are looking for "gentleman" drivers only, because we like to race in a very clean and fair way witout any kind of aggressive behavior.

The THUNDERCLUB - Fair comes first, the victory comes second!
Thank you "Sick Cylinder", "Pigems", "AndreasR" and "GTP_Nail".
Some friends of the THUNDERCLUB "cooplay64" - "HanSiT" - "oldboy1943" are intersted too. At this time we are 8 guys. Hopefully some more will join us for this special event.

I like to wait a few days more for maybe some more guys. If we hit 12 it make sense to start the series. There is no particular date yet, because of waiting what happens. I will send you a message.
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This is interesting - but all I have is the XJ13 right now. I'm at ~9m creds steadily building up to my next purchase, but if you'll take the Jag (which I'm aware never raced) I'd be in, or I can try and grind up for one of the cars in the list like a madman :d

EDIT: I do have the Shelby 350, and the C2 corvette, so I could jump in either of those too.
Hi GTP_Guido

Thanks for reply. I´m waiting how many guys will answer for Le Mans 1967. If there will be enough drivers it makes sense to start a series. I send you more informations if it works.
I plan to race every first and third thursday per month. The THUNDERCLUB is a german club, so we will start at 8 pm (20:00) german time. Zime in other countrys: England: 7 pm. USA - Eastern time: 2 pm, Central time: 1 pm, Mountain Time: noon. That´s so far, I´m working on it!

I am interested
Thank you all for your replys.
What´s about a series of 6 races? I think about a "short" version of the 1967 sportscar world championship, because not all tracks from 1967 are available at GT Sport. The races (in order of 1967) will be at Autodrome Nazionale Monza, Circuit Spa Franchorchamps, Nürburgring, Circuit de la Sarthe (Le Mans), Brands Hatch and Nürburgring again.

Prototype class: Ferrari 330 P4 - Ford GT40 - Ford Mark IV

Sportscar class: Corvette C2 - Ferrari 250 GTO - Shelby Daytona Coupe / Cobra 427 / GT 350 - Jaguar E-Type

Every race is about 2 hours with one required 5 minutes pitstop (to do things wich cannot be delayed?). For the scoring I will use the VLN system from the Nürburgring endurance series.

Settings for the series:
Tires: racing hard / medium / soft
Gas consumption: stage 1
Tire wear: stage 1
Penaltys: high
Damage: high
Tuning: free
ABS: free (no other "helpers" allowed!)

At this time I´m working at the BOPs for the cars, because the SONY BOP won´t work (2 classes) and is unfair too. For best equivalence all cars should be able to do the absolutely same laptime in their class, because the best driver has to win - not the best car.

When I finished the BOP you are welcome to do a test race. I will inform you about the date.


Unfortunately, 2pm Eastern is 3pm for me, so I won’t be able to make theSr races, I’m still at work at that time of day on a Thursday. Good luck to all and enjoy the racing fellas! :cheers:
It doesn´t work without tuning, because you need a looooong gearbox especially for the Le Mans stright without chicanes. The stock gearbox of some cars is way too short and the engine runs into the limiter. On the other side some cars are horrible to drive without a custum setup. But don´t worry, every member of the THUNDERCLUB will share the best setups for the cars if you need it. We are like a family and share all our expierences and knowledges, because we like fair racing.

Updated on August 9th.

The numbers behind the cars showing the maximum power / minimum weight in % for the cars.

Ferrari 330 P4 ------- 122 / 120
Ford Mark IV --------- 115 / 95

Corvette C2 ----------- 128 / 89
Ferrari 250 GTO ------ 127 / 116
Ford GT40 ------------ 81 / 102
Jaguar E-Type -------- 134 / 86
Shelby Cobra 427 --- 76 / 95
Shelby Daytona ------ 89 / 113
Shelby GT 350 ------- 125 / 86

If a car should still be too fast (or too slow) the BOP will be adjusted. Please understand: Some cars are faster on the straights, others faster in corners and better on the brakes. It may look strange on long straights when the GT 40 passes all cars, but it´s a "little bit poor" on the brakes and a "little bit" slower in corners. But anyway, at the end it´s important that all cars are able to run the same laptime (depending on the driver, of course). Please notice: The topspeed depends on the downforce - max downforce / less topspeed - min downforce / max topspeed. It´s up to your personal driving style and depends on the kind of track. Please check it out a few days before the race. We like to start in time without delays. There will be no time for adjusting the setup at raceday. Please show up with a "ready to race" car.

Please make a good choice when selecting the class and the car. You have to stay at your selected car the whole season. It´s not allowed to switch to a different car.

The tracks for the championship:

1. Monza
2. Spa Francorchamps
3. Nürburgring
4. Le Mans
5. Brands Hatch
6. Nürburgring

Time schedule:
Room opens at 8 pm (20:00) german time
Qualifying starts at 8:15 pm (20:15)
Race starts at 8:30 pm (20:30)

Just the best five results of any driver (out of six races) scoring for the championship. If a driver miss one race, he has still the option to win the series.
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Please notice: There will be a "special penalty" (like at the old series) for rear end collisiones and side impacts with damage. The guilty driver has to go in the pits immediately after causing a damage and has to stay there for one minute before the mechanics can start to work. This penalty may be hard, but it is highly unsportsmanlike to ruin the race of other drivers with a reckless driving style. We like to race in a very considerate and prudent style. Please remember our top priority anytime: Fair comes first - victory comes last!

How to do the penalty pit stop?
It´s the same procedure like at the required 5 minute pitstop. Go into the pitlane and the server takes control about your car. IMPORTANT: Do nothing now! Don´t press any button and wait till your car stop at the mechanics. Now have a look at the middle of the screen and watch the clock for "STANDING TIME" (the right one in the middle) running. When the standing time hits 60 seconds (or 5 minutes for the required stop) press any button you like and continue like usual.

INFORMATION: The required 5 minute pitsop has to be done between 15 minutes after race start and at least 15 minutes before the race ends. It´s advisable to combine this pit stop with a regular stop.

If you have a headset please join the party when racing with us. It will be helpful in many situationes and for actual informations. But please don´t talk more than necessary during the race.
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I´ll take the Ferrari P330 Prototype ( second choice would be Shelby Daytona Sportscar)

BTW Which date are we talking about? Do you want to start next Thursday June 4th with Monza without chikane?