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  1. Lana Rhoades

    Lana Rhoades

    If anyone could help by giving me some pointers which will result in me achieving a good lap time around the Nurburgring lap experience trial, it would be greatly appreciated. I play on controller.

    (Best time is 7:24)
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  2. The Cake

    The Cake

    buy a wheel, hhaha, kidding.
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  3. TurboTacho


    I'd probably advise on starting on each sector to have a good feel around parts of the circuit. Find the optimum line and apex speeds as a reference.

    I managed to nail a Gold laptime with a single attempt last month.
  4. bil coz

    bil coz (Banned)

    did you get all the individual sectors golds?
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  5. sirjim73


    If i mess up a section, i always keep going to the end. That way, you continue to get more practice at the latter stages of the track. Otherwise, there is a risk that you only improve your times for the earlier stages of the track and lose time on the latter part.

    I found this the hardest of the Circuit Experiences, as the car chosen was tricky handling. Another thing to consider is taking a small break from the event and trying the same car in the GT3 races in GT League, or in Custom time trials, that way you can get to know the car better, in a less "stressful" situation. Then, when you go back to the Circuit Experience, you'll know the car inside out.

    EDIT - I think you are talking about the Sport Mode lap in the Porsche. This has ended now, but my point about using the car in other situations to get to know it could apply to any car and any event really.
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  6. bil coz

    bil coz (Banned)

    no it was circuit experience, so the gr3 M6, which as you said is really no fun around the track. gr3 AMG would have been much better.
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  7. CTznOfTime


    Using the Controller:
    I golded all stages and the full lap of the Nurburgring (& GP) in the Circuit Experience, and I received the following for my trouble:

    NSX Gr.3.jpg


    Mustang Mach 1 '71.jpg

    It doesn't matter whether you use the controller or the wheel (do not think you need the wheel in order to gold any events)

    I am evidence that you can still gold all events with the controller.

    BUT You always have to keep in mind the car physics and driving Dynamics no matter the type of input used... The Nurburgring is the track that is UNFORGIVING for any of these sort of mistakes...

    If you are just starting out with car games/sim, the ramp up and the getting used to either the controller or the wheel IS EXACTLY the same amount of effort and practice time...

    Don't think it is easier with the wheel, especially if you don't apply the notion of car physics and Dynamics constantly in your mind, you would be bound to repeat and make the same mistakes...

    Vehicle control needs to be top notch at the Nurb, and can only be achieved if you understand car physics/dynamic.

    Here are my advices (applicable whether you are using the Controller or the wheel):

    Do the Circuit Experience
    - try to bronze each stage first
    - do this for all the stages before you go and do the full lap
    - the Green Hell does not forgive, so you have to be as good in any sector before you can finish the full lap on time
    - repeat the same process for Silver and Gold if you wish... The whole point is to get better, beat your own ghost and SHAVE TIME to the point where you can no longer save time... It is totally doable! but you need to Shave Time bits by bits....

    If this is still too hard, I highly advice you practice the whole thing by using a low power car, N100 or N200 first....
    That is the best way to learn how to SHAVE TIME and to understand car physics/Dynamics... From there you can use high power car and step the challenge for yourself...

    With the entire process, I highly advice you also learn driving with the least amount of aid as possible (to none):

    Remove TC (or use 1 or 2 for hi power cars). Once Your driving skills are hooned, you will notice how much traction control sucks your time big time.
    Remove the guidelines (colored line on track are terrible and DO NOT GIVE YOU an absolute point of reference, they are dynamics like rotating gps map, you ABSOLUTELY do NOt learn anything, it is similar to riding bicycle with the training wheels, or bowling with guarding rails)
    You may leave the cones (these will teach you to look at your surrounding for reference point, similar to using a map with the North always pointed up)

    And again, you do not need a wheel... (If you don't have the money to afford one). You are not penalized for using the controller (look at me).
    The reason why so many people say it is easier with the wheel is because these people first used the controller, got good at driving with them, and finally upgraded and spent the money on the wheel setup (WITH ALREADY THE UNDERSTANDING OF CAR PHYSICS AND DYNAMICS in mind when they made the switch)...

    My point is: you will always suck at driving, Even using the wheel, if you do not understand car physics and Dynamics.... I cannot stress that enough ...

    But even more importantly, have fun with a small powered car. You will learn so much with a Miata or even the Type S of any kind...(The BMW M3 E30 is the best IMhO). Once you learn a track with a small car (pushing yourself to the Absolute limits), you can always apply that learning and understanding to ANY cars...

    DONT EVER BLAME THE CAR, blame yourself !

    Practice practice practice, like playing the guitar, that's the only way to know a track by heart ❤️.

    Good Luck aND Have Fun.
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  8. Mr P

    Mr P

    Watch some vids on youtube where people have golded them and give advice for others :tup: A quick search on youtube brings up lots of results
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  9. kilesa4568


    The gold time is pretty lenient (like every test) so you can drive well within your limit. Try driving it (under your limit so no mistakes) at 80-85% for a couple of laps and you should chip away at your time each lap.
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  10. SleepyDragon


    I don't consider myself fast by any means. I golded the circuit experience stuff though and did the challenge missions which included a whole section on that track. If that's your goal, maybe I will say something useful. For me, braking early and assuring the car was stable before corners was huge. Also, watching all videos in those sections. The full lap, he is worthless. He says the same thing for every track lol. He does hand you the occasional gem in the ones on each section though.

    Couple other things. I ran the version in the gr. 3 races in campaign often, normally using the M6 but sometimes others. And I dabbled with the super fast vision car on the 24 hr version of the track in the pro section. After trying to keep one of those on the tarmac, a gr 3 seems mellow. I was lucky enough to start my game when they had ring for a daily. It was a one make race in a little suzuki. I ran it every day until it was done. Managed one of my best placings, a 6th place on the last day. Nothing to write home about but better than I expected .
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  11. zocker_16


    Hi, I made a lap guide for this challenge some time ago. This will show you how a sub 6:30 is possible. Just compare your own lap, especially braking points, racing line and corner speeds with my guide and watch for the biggest differences. After that use the sector training to improve these corners until you´re fast enough.

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  12. Lana Rhoades

    Lana Rhoades

    Not yet :)
  13. Lana Rhoades

    Lana Rhoades

    I've actually seen your video before! It's been the biggest help so far. Thanks heaps :)
  14. Lana Rhoades

    Lana Rhoades

    Thankyou, I was never sure if the videos were actually useful or not. I'm finding maybe doing each separate section will help a lot!
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