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  1. Shannon


    When you reply to a thread, you should see a box down the bottom that says: Attach file. Hit the browser button and look for the image you want to attach. So long as the image isn't over 102400bytes (102kb) you should be right.

    If you want to use and img tag and show a picture here on the GTP boards directly from a website ou would type:

    insert image address here[/im[b][/b]g]

    How to find an image's address. Right-click on the image and click on properties. Next to address you will see a website address. That is the image's address. If you were to enter that address into your browsers address bar and hit enter, you would see that picture by itself. So, putting the image address in img tags would make vbulletin look up the address and if you entered it right, it (the picture) should show up in your post.

    I prefer img tags as there is no file size limit and it is faster than attaching. Using img tags you could put the image anywhere on your post. Well, almost anywhere.
  2. Chemical


    Hey, new here..i've been drifting in gt2 forever..so fun!!
    sorry for the crappy pics, converting to jpeg made it lose quality and i forgot my videocard settings that look the best but meh...
  3. drift


    crappy pictures but nice car. By the way what lap it is?
  4. FuJi K

    FuJi K

    a few days ago my buddy and i just tried drifting because racing was sorta getting some 'o. I won a purple and blue Nissan "Sileighty".

    We left it with it regular weight to keep the grip level low so we can drift better. Brakes where set up to kick the rear end around easier and suspension was set up so the rears will react slower (less responsive for more control). Tires are Sports Tires for realistic feel.

    We drifted on Seattle Short Circuit. Tons of fun!
  5. [Jetstorm]-R


    yea! Someone is also drifting on comp.. :lol: