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Discussion in 'Forza Horizon 1' started by JackAssRobinson, Aug 31, 2012.

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    Sigh... I didn't want to actually get involved with Horizon. But... I guess I'll have to. Damnit, the upgraded Subaru does look very good. I had a certain fear that the upgrading would be dialed back, too, but... It does look promising.

    Add to that that numerous sources have claimed that the physics are the same as in FM4... Well, I can hardly pass this one up. Plus, my friends are all eager to play an open world racing game, and I've got to cure them of the "NFS is the best racing game ever!" desease :lol:

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    1. The STI is fully adjustable. The WRX is not.
    2. I am not sure if there are tuning adjustments but there are a lot of options with the assists. Dan stated in several videos that you can make the handling as sim or as arcade as you want.
    3. EVERY Subaru impreza I have driven in real life understeers. RS, WRX, STI. All of them. Maybe your friends WRX is setup different or has something going on wrong with his suspension or tires. Especially if you say "he has a repair bill to prove it". Something is wrong with that car.
    4. Yes in that Horizon video is clearly pulling the handbrake.
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    Yes, this is correct, the steering is more "reactive" when moving lock-to-lock especially when the game senses a loss of grip, from a neutral or straight ahead postion the assist kicks in to avoid the front wheels turning in such a way that the only outcome would be 100% loss of grip (at the front wheels) resulting in understeer or a tremendously twitchy steering. I'm not sure how much this contributes to the lack of turn-in oversteer, but I feel that it does a little.

    A good example is the fiat 500 abarth. It's near impossible to keep that car switching ends with a wheel and sim steering when turning in, not an issue with a controller with any steering setting.

    The assists in horizon are the same as FM4. None of them make the cars more prone to oversteer when playing with a controller, if anything, it's the polar opposite.
    My friends car is 100% stock, the repair bill was from the impact after the oversteer moment as stated in a previous post. I checked the tyres after the accident, they were fine.
    You saying "every Imprezza I've driven understeers" reminds me of this

    Jeremy to James "when you were saying the Audi won't oversteer, what you meant is, you can get it to oversteer?"
    James to Jeremy "Yes"

    To be clear I'm not talking about power-oversteer, in anything but a rear-bias setup that is going to be difficult.
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    To have a job developing games like Horizon and FM4 would be an absolute dream come true...the game looks pretty awesome BTW. I'm all pre-ordered up with Best Buy and I can't wait to get this game (got my Horizon Challenger SRT already). Matte paint...oh yes :cheers:
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    Here's a slightly more complete map (I think):dunce::scared:
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    Come on Tuesday and Oct 23rd looking damn good.
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    My buddy did the same thing is in Subaru! I own a 240sx and s15 because I like drifting rear wheel only lol!