[ORA] FIA GT World Championship [S3] | TRL_Evo and Ramalhinho are your PRO and AM Champions!Finished 

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Welcome to the FIA GT World Championship Season III, we are looking forward to having a great, fun season! The series started when I asked Charlie A if he wanted to create a GT3 series, when he said yes I went off to create the thread. Ever since then the series grew very rapidly and caught the interest of many drivers. We hope to have you with us for our third season!




Season 1

Drivers: racefan88 | Teams: Event Horizon Racing | Manufacturer: Mercedes

Season 2

PRO - Drivers: Aboe | Teams: Belgium Audi Club WRT
AM - Drivers: SK8RBOI | Teams: ROAL Motorsports



Please contact the following if you have any kind of problem:

CodDemon101: Founder (NA - UTC-5)
Charlie A: Co-Founder/Steward (NA - UTC-5)
Litchi: Admin / Logistics (EU - UTC+1)
pyrates: Admin (EU - UTC+1)
Brutaka: Admin (NA - UTC-5)
RodeRuner1967: Steward (NA - UTC-7)
SSJGZWarrior: Steward (NA - UTC-7)
Pubs16: Steward (AU - UTC+10)
Pedro Martins: Steward (EU - UTC 0)

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Next Event Informations

Sunday, April 5th | 18:30 UTC
(This is the race start time, room will be open 1 hour before)
(click on the time to see it in your own time zone)

Monza Finale Event | 20mn Sprint Race| 1 Hour Endurance Race

AM room host (PSN): Brutaka_GT

First and foremost, make sure that your car is in the exact specs before the Qualifier starts. You will not be allowed to race if your car doesn't meet the correct V3.2 specs. We have changed two cars from V3.2, from those specs, the BMW has gained 5hp and the Nissan has lost 5hp.

Qualifier: The room will be set using the "in-game qualifier | race alone | start from pits". You will have two hot laps. To pit and switch for Racing Medium tires during the Qualifier is not allowed.
Please don't try to cut / go wide on corners in order to gain time. We will know your pace checking at the race replay anyway and if your Q time is really doubtful, you are subject to a penalty.

Formation lap (only for endurance race): No false start check procedure as we use the rolling start. So don't be stressed on your throttle. Please make sure you run your formation lap at the correct pace (80mph / 130kph) from the beginning until the end of the lap. If you're damaged during formation lap, just say "damage" in the chat box, at this time, a 2nd formation lap will automatically occur to let you the time to go to pits (keeping Racing Hard tires) and rejoin your position on the grid in the 2nd formation lap. We hope that won't happen though...

If you disconnect during the formation lap, a restart will be called by a Steward. Everyone will leave the track and wait for the disconnected driver to rejoin and restart. If it happens once more, no restart will be called.

Green Flag: The start for Monza will be staggered double-file. Green Flag is once you pass end of the pit wall.

Tires rule: You are allowed to change for Racing Mediums tires at any time during the race. However, you must run you qualifier on Racing hards tires. You are not allowed to go in pits at the end of the formation lap in purpose to change for Racing Mediums. You are allowed to go to pits from the end of lap 2 only.

Track limits:We will be harsh on track limits. If you're found guilty of multiple corner cuttings or going wide you are subject to penalties. So be careful please, keep 2 tires inside the white line at all times and you're good. However, to cut or to go wide in purpose to avoid an accident is highly encouraged. Make sure you know the difference between to avoid an accident and to go over the track limits deliberately, without any reason.

Pit entry: Make sure you enter the pits properly. Any glitch making you go through the pits without to stop are not under our responsibility. You must stay between the white lines entering the pits

Pit exit: Make sure that the track is clear before to take your racing line. You must stay between white lines exiting pits.

Note: We are not harsh about pit line exit; as long as the track is clear when you exit from the pits, you can directly take your racing line. However, if you're found guilty of an accident exiting the pits, YOU will be penalized. Remember that the priority is to the car already on the track, not the one who exits from the pits.

Stewards notes:

- Please note that pace of formation lap is 80mph / 130kph for this event.
- Make sure you know which is the start line we use.
- If you have ANY question, please ask on the thread. No question is silly!
- And most important, enjoy your race.

Lobby settings

Room Settings
Room mode: P/Q/E
Room Privacy: Club Lobby
Room comment: "FIAGTWC | Round 8 | AM"
Race type: race for real
Fixed room ownership: No
Max number of participants: 16
Race quality: High (or higher)
Voice chat quality: Disabled

Track Settings
Track: Monza Autodromo
Weather at race start: 10%
Time: 12:00
Time progression: 1
Weather changeability: Fixed
Surface weather at race start: 0%

Qualifier Settings
Race format: Race Alone
Start type: Start from pits
Time limit: 7mn

Sprint race settings:
Time limit: 20mns

Endurance race settings:
Time limit: 60mns

Race settings:
Hold events automatically: Disabled
Start type: Grid start
Grid order: Fastest first
Boost: Off
Penalty: None
Tyre/fuel depletion: Normal
Grip reduction on track edge: Real
Minimum No. of pit stops: 0 Time
Require tyre type change: Off
Race Finish Delay: N/A
Visible Damages: On or off
Mechanical damages: Heavy
Slipstream Strength: Real

Car Selection method: Garage
Car filters: Disabled

Filter by performance:
PP limit: 599PP
Power limit: 535BHP
Minimum weight: 1280kgs
Drivetrain: All
Tyres: Racing Mediums or less
Nitrous: N/A
Vehicle Tuning: No limit

Limit Driving options:
Skid recovery force: Prohibited
Active steering: Prohibited
Active Stability Management: Prohibited
Driving Line: Prohibited
Traction control: Prohibited
ABS: optional


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This looks good. I will sign up when I see the schedule. When do you plan on realizing it?