Over 4.4 Million People Watched the F1 Esports Series

I don't watch people playing games. I just don't get the appeal of someone spectating people virtually running around chaotically shooting everything that moves, etc... EXCEPT for racing. The experience of watching people racing in a game is so similar to watching an actual race, that it actually holds my attention. Watched the GT Sport FIA stuff and was surprisingly into it. Didn't realize there was an F1 Esports thing or I may have watched that, too.
I just got the next level racing wheel stand and the Logitech g920 wheel and pedels for Xbox. All i have to do now is when it comes set it up. Log on to my Mac computer to download the software update it has and then plug it into my Xbox so it’s used for all my Xbox games.
Watching guys playing race games and call it a championship? Nah, not my thing.
I'm not into "e-sports" whatsoever either, why not just watch the real thing!
Yeah, I couldn't really care less about e-sports in the genre of racing... but on the plus side, at least you don't have to give Darth Murdoch any money to watch it... so it's better than real F1 in that respect.
F1 is good. I think this upcoming season is going to be great all the new drivers on various teams it’s goibg to be good to see how Mercedes does. Also formula e should be great this year as well