Over 9 Million People Have Played Forza Horizon 3

I confess I play my brother's digital copy (with Hot Wheels expansion) whose profile is signed in my Xbox, that makes us two players for one copy :cheers:
FH2 was like a revelation to me like GT1 was on PS1. It was just a matter of time before FH would be the biggest racing game today. It's cool, fun, great gameplay. It makes every other racing games dull for a casual player. And it makes lots lof money to Microsoft: DLCs, expansions and never seen a 20 euros copy within the first months like GTSport
(Doesn't mean it's perfect, the map in FH3 was the weakest point.)
I wonder if they count the demo as “played”? Given the language of the press release it’s possible
Thanks to increasing word of mouth, the impressive number of accolades this series continues to rack up, and the fact that Horizon 4 will be a Game Pass title, this number is going to get a whole lot bigger with the next iteration. Kudos to Playground Games ... well deserved.
WoW, 'Forza' Horizon is lightyears ahead of 'Forza' Motorsport. I wonder if thats where most of the Forza motorsport players went...

Motorsport should turn into a live service game,always iterating but no new game releases,the difference between Forza 6 and 7 isn't that big for the general public,still the same cars on the same tracks,the huge advantage of Horizon is the new settings that franchise never gets boring because its always a new world with new roads and tracks.

I still don't get it why there is no other open world racing games this gen,The Crew is good but its way too unfocused,one big city is way better than a whole country with generic roads.
Well it is the greatest open world racing franchise right now..... Driver San Francisco is better

I'd have to agree TBH