Own a Bugatti Chiron for Only $350 With Newest LEGO Technic Set

You can buy a model car version for $13 on Amazon as well, seems like a better way to spend your money... or you could even buy a used Xbox 1, get Forza 7 and then buy the pack with the Chiron and boom now you can drive the car for even cheaper than it would cost to buy a Lego Chiron. Still cool just to expensive
I bought the Porsche. It was an interesting experience building that car, but now, of course, its gathering dust. Not really worth the price IMO.
For those who understand German: There is a small business LEGO seller on Youtube who does pretty good, honest and often funny reviews. His take on this: Way too expensive and not worthy of the "Technic"-Label. He'll sell it for 300€ instead of 370 and says that even that is too expensive. See here:

is the review, and

shows him building it.

He also has reviews of other car models like the Porsche, the Aston DB11 etc.
Unworthy of price
We could expect (and demand) a lot for such a product sold at such a price ... And it starts well with the box which even the interior is decorated! The construction is solid and detailed. The final rendering very faithful (even if less stocky than the real, but it reinforces the dynamics of the line).
Yet two points tarnish the picture. First of all the interior is not accessible (except the doors and the front bonnet) ... yes, forget the possibility to admire the superb fonctionnal W16 engine that you have just climbed. Then, stickers ... 380€ (I live in France) the set, it is inadmissible to put stickers! Especially since some pieces are printed (EB logo for the rims ... but also a serial number unique to each box).
2 points that, given the price of the set, pay attention on my note: -1 for access to the interior, -1 for stickers.
I guess the Porsche sold well enough for them to continue this as a series. I wonder what car they will do next.

I thought I saw something on the Ideas page that showed a Fiat 500 getting a ton of "likes", so I'm wondering if it'll be that.
I was thinking most of the large price is down to the presentation and exclusivity of it being a collector item, not to mention the official partnership branding by the car manufacturer itself. The packaging is very nice as it was with the Porsche, and the extra printed materials add a lot of extra value in my opinion. It gives off the feeling of a lot of the collector items that are popular with Japanese culture. I do agree with @Spacewolf1 that they could have done more to justify the price by having exclusive printed panels instead of simple stickers, or maybe even decals like with scale-model kits. The latter option may be too fragile, though.

I thought I saw something on the Ideas page that showed a Fiat 500 getting a ton of "likes", so I'm wondering if it'll be that.
I saw that. It's really cool, but I'm not sure it would fit with these Technic behemoths. The 500 looks more in line with the Mini and the VW Bus that were released a while back.