PCARS first impressions!

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I love the game but driving with a pad is very hard I tried changing settings but it's still very twitchy also the throttle is very sensitive aswell..


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I love the game but driving with a pad is very hard I tried changing settings but it's still very twitchy also the throttle is very sensitive aswell..

I am not a pad user, but the throttle sensitivity can be due to the volumetric throttle simulation model. Since a real car's engine also already increases RPM a lot with only the slightest touch of the throttle pedal due to the way the fuel in the engine reacts to the amount of air being added. Hence the 'volumetric' bit as it measures the airflow and calculates how much power is generated.

Of course a bad isn't aided by the rather short travel of the triggers either, especially in this case.

Hopefully a fellow pad user from WMD pops by with some settings that you might prefer. For now you know the root cause and can try to adjust your driving or settings with that knowledge in mind.
First impressions only on PS4 with 5-10 laps are Very good (only Dubai and LMP) still downloading another 5 hours!. I took it out on a rolling start run on DS4 controller in the sun/dry and handling is very very good although slightly twitchy but the car is so powerful and it wasn't warmed up- so yeah Great graphics, helmet cam view depth of field, sound (gear change) and like the pit sound coming through the controller (can this be changed to normal speakers if I am on headphones?)..I then set the weather to foggy and then rain and the graphics took a little dip (didn't look as good as the sun to me but still great) but the LMP in the rain was like ice (I need practice on that!) the wipers were quite slow (Is there an option to speed them up in heavy rain?😁)..Photomode will take a while to get used to but I can't see an option to turn damage off or to rotate between cars or views but I am sure this will come. So overall my first impressions are very good and I can see myself being on this a long time. No issue for me with ghosting at all and the picture is superb (when paused it is very sharp for photos-so no worries from me there) good going guys-Great effort:tup::gtpflag:
Really enjoying it so far, jumped into free practice first in the Focus RS just go get a nice feel for the physics.

Must admit I'm struggling with the Shifter Karts a little, can't seem to get a handle on them at all, any tips?

My best tip: Stop trying to drive them like a race car. It sounds funny but drive them more like a rally car, drift through corners and keep it stable by using brakes and gas.
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XB1 version. Looks great, sounds fantastic, options equal to the PC version. But like I said in the main thread, game pad controls are far from ideal. Way too twitchy even with deadzone set high and sensitivity set to 0
This is my main worry.I will be buying the ps4 version and really can not afford a wheel so this is not what I wanted to hear.
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Please give more feedback about controller handling on consoles. Especially for Xbox one :-)

Is it ok after seeting it up correct, how is Project cars compared to controller handling in Forza 5 / GT 5 / GT 6 ?

Same or much worse ?
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the wheel needs setting up First. Check out my thread.

I had the same issue.
I did set the wheel up first, there seems to be an issue with the USB port I was using. I have not did any farther testing to confirm but the fact that I could not flash the firmware while plugged into that port makes it seem very likely that was the problem.

Works fine now and I did not do anything different in setting the wheel up in game.
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Had a quick go this morning, jumped right into the Clio Cup for Career and I didn't want to go down the formula route just yet and start off a bit slow, loved it, nice weight behind the car and the handling is sublime, AI needs a bit of work but I'm maybe just spoiled after experiencing Forza 5s stunning drivatar system, now a long 8 hours at work before I can play again 🙁
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United Kingdom
Switched on ps4 downloaded through the night 👍 jumped in pro settings, free run with BMW 320 turbo on the ring. First corner cold tires wham!!!! Into barrier 😖

Game feels great , good menu navigation just need to improve my skill see you guys out there.

PS4 with DS4
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United Kingdom
Can any Ps4 CONTROLLER users please describe the handling of the cars?

Only had an hour last night as I was shattered but it was twitchy. I'm sure I'd get a hang of it playing whilst awake but I'd say it would be much better with a wheel (my G25 to be precise)
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Had a quick blast at 5am before work....definatly the most 'sim' racer to hit console...i found it tough to keep the clio on track with the pad! I guess it will just take practice..you have to approach this a lot differently than something like grid autosport.

Physics and realism are top notch,and i will try and play it in cockpit view...ive always used bumper cam!
I play on PC and first impressions are very good. I only played 1 hour before work, just to setup controls and do a couple of test laps.

Interface is very good. I had no problem setting up controls and buttons. I love the fullscreen control mappings and big buttons and sliders. Nothing is cramped under one small list, like in the old-gen titles.

I went easy with the graphics, mostly with disabled effects and medium to high settings. Lots of future options here, once I upgrade GPU.

I do miss the pit speed limiter button and manual driving in pits. Have to work with the FFB some more.

Driving is exactly the same as in AC and R3E with the GT3 cars, whch I'll mostly be playing. View point, sound, braking points, FFB, speed, everything is very similar. Altough I run with real adds which means there's TC and ABS present.
I was under the impression that there would be a livery editor. Idiots online who don't know anything about racing.
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Not liking the online Ui,

Joined a lobby can't see if there in race or not as no watch function so just sat there.

No text function do can't communicate with any body

Just end waiting.

Not very good!
A spectator / watch mode would've been great.

Not tried online mode yet. When I do. I doubt I'll be driving with random people. Much prefer private lobbies
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Pit sound coming through the controller (can this be changed to normal speakers if I am on headphones?)..

I'm wondering this as well, I've been able to turn the sound down (Options -> Audio, last option) and set it to 10%. At 2AM it was much too loud considering I've got neighbours.

I've gone through all the controller/gameplay/audio options but can't find anything that would push it to headphones.

So far so good though, managed to finish up the first Kart championship and didn't get on well with the super karts. Switched over to the Clio cup and having a really good time. AI was much too easy on 50% though - I think it's on 80 now and a bit better.


Aaand across the line..
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Spent a good few hours playing yesterday evening with my girlfriends brother. Both loving it, played on mostly UK tracks in a variety of the open wheelers and lmp cars. Amazing fun. Graphics on the ps4 are stunning, sounds are amazing, AI are a lot of fun to race against oh and the graphics are amazing.

Done the first race weekend on career in Kart One with Dark Nitro but haven't got in depth with it yet.


This game is what I expected to be-very good graphics, physics and tracks. Not so much cars though. It's no harder than GT, but I'll need to get some experience anyway. At least with the settings I had.

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Didn't sleep too well, wheel delivery delayed until this afternoon, feeling a bit grumpy! 😖

First impressions;

Sounds are awesome! Can't set up my 5.1 speakers until tomorrow, need more cable. Can't wait to hear it through that though.

The ghosting issue is worse than I thought it would be, replays look awful, so that's 50% of my game spoiled straight away. We desperately need another type of AA for the PS4 version, a "UI Slider" to choose between more aliasing & less ghosting simply won't do imo. I can understand what was meant about the scenery turning to mush when you turn. I tried this driving slowly at Dubai, & turning slowly too; the tops of the trees in the distance literally melted away!

Graphics don't look as good as the PS4 videos I've seen on You Tube. Maybe that's because my TV is 720p, or maybe there's differences in quality between tracks. Only tried Dubai so it's way to early to tell. My TV gets 5 stars in reviews for having a good quality picture, & looks great with movies & PS3 games.

Can't play the game with a pad, I'm a dedicated wheel user. No wheel means no racing for me. Gonna have another go when I get my wheel set up in the next few days.
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United Kingdom
Online seems very smooth.

Had a couple of moments of lag, but those were early on in qualifying so I'm putting that down to people leaving and joining the session.

Will be a big test of the servers once the world get their hands on the game.
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United Kingdom
Got this last night...So many first impressions:

1 It plays really well on a pad, but you'll need to adjust the settings
2 Speaking of settings...there are a ton of them!
3 Graphics are maybe not mindblowing, but awesome
4 Finally a proper sim on consoles!

Will vlog more on my channel.
I found that when there is lag, I see myself lagging. So I will be driving and suddenly it will skip several frames and I will be off track. Quite strange.

That happened to me too, I'm on Xbox and the performance was like a yoyo especially on the first race of career Tier 1 (kart 125cc shifter). It was unplayable, only 8 karts on track. Could be a bug, I don't know but screen tearing was terrible.
XB1 version. Looks great, sounds fantastic, options equal to the PC version. But like I said in the main thread, game pad controls are far from ideal. Way too twitchy even with deadzone set high and sensitivity set to 0
Yeah I had this issue also with the controls being way too sensitive on XB1. Will play around with the settings so it handles better.
I begun on pro mode ... What a mistake. Coming from gt all assist off this is way harder yo manage.

Also I didn't touch the ffb settings for now but it is troubling. I don't find it very informative of what the front wheels are doing. Maybe a case of me not pushing enough.

I get my behind kicked hard on 80 difficulty

Also game is so good... And I did only the Dubai with LMP race