PDs lack of communication

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IMO, responses to bugs and glitches are much more important than new cars and tracks at the moment.

And this is where Kaz draws the line between objective needs and subjective desires imo.
There's no doubting that he needs his vision realised in the most pristine way possible, but once the technicalities are taken care of, there's little in the way of the consumer swaying his views and altering his long-standing philosophy. For instance, why we're getting the 2005 GT instead of the 2017 model. Or the 2002 Viper GTS instead of the newer ACR.
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Yes pretty good I would say.

Looks as if this will be the PD way each month now, not a million miles from my 'best guess'.

Hopefully this level of communication re updates is sufficient for most people - I'm sure it won't be for some but it does indicate to my mind that PD are being a lot more open than in the past - likely because they have a very clear plan to work from with a good platform to build on and are executing to it on time at present unlike the PS3 'misteps' era. Its a very good start in rebuilding their credibility so far to my mind.

I suspect too most DLC will be free if it has been in the series before - it will be interesting to see new tracks to the game and new cars to the series are handled given new tracks could 'split' the FIA racing community......perhaps any new tracks for start of FIA season 1 in April will be free but then any new post season start might not be........

Looking at previous updates (excluding Christmas and 'emergency' patches) they tend to arrive around 25th to 27th of month.....

So a guess would be around that time with content notification a week or so before......

If as we suspect PD have a monthly schedule for the DLC they will be targeting a specific date each month as needs sign-off etc.

I suspect they won't give more advance notification as want to build anticipation each month and those that do usually are trying to sell a 'season pass'.

To date PD's DLC has .been free - will be interesting to see if that continues for both new cars to GT and any new tracks.......
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PD was hiring a community manager (or at least they had the position opened) last year. I sent the job offer to the GTPlanet staff in case they would be interested.

But since then, we've seen absolutely nothing that would lead us to think there's actually someone in charge of building a relationship with the community.

Damn, I would have applied if I knew ! You think my bug report would make a good resume ? :D


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Damn, I would have applied if I knew ! You think my bug report would make a good resume ? :D

It would help making a grest first impression for sure. :)

The Communication is realy clear, one update per month for FREE

Like it was clear back in GT6? One update per month and 1 VGT car per month for 24 months.
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Like it was clear back in GT6? One update per month and 1 VGT car per month for 24 months.

Pretty much :scared::lol:

But I have to bring this topic back on top. It still drives me mad that PD cant interact at all! All we get is (maybe) one vague picture from Kaz and that's it.
Do they work on improving the FIA races? Do they plan on adding more sport races? Track experiences? Tracks? Anything?
Ahh man, I hate those silent japanese guys :odd::P
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Since this is my first GT game I don't have anny feel in how or what PD communication style was.

If they are doing what they allways have been doing you could state : If you do what you did, you get what you got. (aka, succesfull game, lots of penny's in the bank, happy days)
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Let’s get it right.

There is no excuse for the lack of communication. It’s such an easy fix and could be fulfilled in multiple ways. GTP is a great resource that needs to be utilised.

Obviously there are language issues for Ajax and other leading members of the team. But where are the European and US members of the team? Surely they read GTP, I’m betting many even grew up reading this site.

Is it really out of the question to have weekly updates, even if it’s as little as “stay tuned”. Someone is obviously operating the official GT twitter account. Why are they posting the odd few pictures per week, why not multiple posts, showcasing community photos, behind the scenes insights, polls to see which cars, tracks, events etc. fans want?

This is basic stuff, the kind of thing any small team would do without thinking. PD has so many resources......yet it’s radio silence.
Their product sells anyways, so maybe they figure why bother?
That being said, I too think it´s strange to have a Company release a AAA, online oriented title and have virtually no means of communicating with the playerbase. Other companies like Blizz with their franchises or even non- digital gamescompanies like WotC do much more in ways of interacting with their playerbase.
At least in the case of those well documented Bugs with the pit lane and tyres something along the line of "we are Aware of it, We are working to fix the issues" would have gone a long way.
I believe this month the update will come. Over the weekend we'll have something.

I have 150 hours of play.

  • And I'm a little bored.

    In my opinion, it's not just the limited number of circuits. But by the few options of DAILY RACE.

    I think it is urgent to increase the number of circuits. This is putting an end to the game and the replay factor.

    The RACE DAILY could have the addition of RACE D, a race with 15 laps.

    GTS urgently needs more circuits! A lot more! It's even a heresy a racing game so great, having such a weak number of circuits. No Spa, Sarthe, Laguna Seca, Road America, Watkins Glenn, Daytona, Indianapolis, Silvertone etc. It's crazy!

    I hope that after March GTS receives a strong update.

    However, I have a slight impression that GTS is just a PROLOGUE. True GT will be released at the end of the year 2018. IMO.
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I know we will get an update soon.
But I want to hear something from PD. Something at all!
Are they working on improvements for Dailies? Any real world tracks? How does the road of GTS even look? Anything....!?

Right now, we just sail in the fog of GranTurismo without any map :indiff:
I see no reason for PD to communicate more than they currently do via the in-game notice board. It tells you what you need to know about each update.


Yeah but a road-map would be nice to have :) We are like blinded prisoners, not knowing when we get our next precious update :)
One person from PD checking this forum now and than is not such a difficult task. With forum name “PD something”. I know this from Korg forums where there was a representative from Korg checking the forums now and then and reacting when necessary. Should not be so difficult ?

If they say there are too many questions it is not fair. They are not obliged to answer all questions and threads. In Korg forum they asked 20 questions and only 5 were answered. But still we were happy because we knew they were reading so its oke to let PD decide themselves what they want to answer. It just works. Because the most important questions were answered like bugs and updates and fixes and strategic things etc.

Sometimes a “we are looking into this” is more than enough for most of us.

In most companies in Holland all employees are on the internet all day anyhow ;)
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