I stumbled over this video and it would be a big step in the right direction if the replaced the "Don't make your self look bad" video with this one

That last pass by @GOTMAXPOWER happens a lot on N24. It's a clean pass for sure, but 50% of the time I get treated to a punt or dive bomb next corner. The other 50% take themselves out bouncing off the track. It leads to the only safe pass is one where you slow down your opponent enough not to leave them the option to ram you the next turn :/

I don't understand why it is so hard for PD to implement the always leave room rule. The positions of the cars are known, the direction of travel of the cars is known. If car A pushes car B off track, seems like a pretty easy case. Who is ahead and how much overlap is a bit harder to say for sure with lag, yet whether you can make the corner on your own isn't a difficult math equation. Speed vector + position on track determines your max possible corner exit position. If that's not on track, or too close to the edge (not able to leave a car width if contact happens when coming up from behind) then its a dive bomb.

The problem with the penalty system is that it always works with too little info, and only looks at the outcome after contact. I still have a small hope PD is working on a new system for GT7. Maybe the problem is in the GT Sport net code and the required information simply isn't part of the exchange with the server.
Having paid close attention to contact in races and resulting red/blue SR I'm convinced nothing has changed with front to back contact.

Higher DR still gets blamed, as well as the last to 'touch' and survive. Touch a punter (with or without any effect) after they get instantly slowed from punting and you end up with the SR deduction, they get blue SR.

Anyway, not easy to analyze what's going on since races with only one contact are extremely rare now...
I was on the verge of being Dr A & Sr S.
After less than 10 races at the weekend and constantly being hit from the side or punted from the rear and subsequently now racing with even worse drivers and being hit x10 than before, I am now D E!!! Wtf I even stayed at the black tonight to keep away and a straggler came past dived up inside smashing me out the way and guess what........

That's right I got the big orange bad boy Sr again.

This was ** in the beginning and that was understandable and it even seemed to progress and get better but after the last 2 big updates it's just got worse and is now in my opinion a TOTAL CROCK OF **!!!

I certainly won't be playing this again as the guys I'm with now don't seem to care about the rank and just bump you out the way to win instead of racing! Took me long enough to nearly be A S and now it's ruined due to being rammed from behind and getting a penalty for it.
In what racing league etc does the guy getting rammed from behind ever receive a penalty?????
And when you crash alone or skid of by mistake and lose time off track and positions, they don't give you another penalty do they because you've just had it by loosing enough time crashing!!
MY ASS!!!!

Oh I've got plenty of video footage to put together very shortly to follow this ******** up aswell. Some on you tube already, potterp81 if you want to see.
Hey man, I have the same problem. I was just racing and got hit from behind so I was last place. Than I get a 8sec penalty for doing nothing and further on the race a get smashef of the road to I hit de barrier and get 5 sec for that and the one who did it gets nothing. Unbelieveable this game