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the FORD effect

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Thorin Cain

Congrats to all podium finishers! Well done @Cytoria, @Higny and especially @LaSupra for your first win :cheers:.

Thanks also for the critique @LaSupra. Your point about the OZ decals is spot on đź‘Ť, I actually had second thoughts about the proximity of the two, guess I should have heeded it :rolleyes:, oh well, next time :lol:.
Still, I'm glad you found the rest appealing enough to consider đź‘Ť. I know how hard it was to narrow down this field to 3 choices :banghead: :crazy:.

I'd also like to thank each and every one of you who felt my entry was worthy of your vote :cheers:đź‘Ť. This field was truly amazing and so far it's my largest tally. I'm honestly stunned :D!

And a big thanks to @D-Max :cheers:. The theme was a great idea. and thanks to you, I have a chance to get some excellent liveries and make the large, rather boring looking Ford rally car section of my garage look really, really awesome :D.
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Waizon/ v8stage1
Still working on it!

Actually I re-did some of the liveries to show how I think they could be improved.

And I’ve spend some time in the SVG request thread to do some decals for the current theme.

I look forward to seeing this. It is a shame we can't share the liveries in an editable way, or even once shared provide updated versions