Poll: what cars will you drive in GT:HD?

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What car classes will you drive in GT:HD?

  1. I want to drive every single car. Give me everything.

    62 vote(s)
  2. Cars with at least 100bhp. Classic sedans, modern coupes, whatever.

    20 vote(s)
  3. Sports cars. Give me at least a Tiburon, 150bhp.

    13 vote(s)
  4. Performance sports cars, with at least 250bhp. If it doesn't have at least the muscle of a MkIV Supr

    11 vote(s)
  5. High performance sports cars or race cars, 295bhp or more. BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari, Lamborghini are t

    29 vote(s)
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  1. JTSnooks


    That would be an excellent idea (although we're getting off-topic). The main problem is that I can't turn GT4 way up to properly hear the cars, because as soon as I take a turn the screeching of the tires is almost painfully loud. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating, but still, I'd prefer 1) More accurate tires sounds (the current ones suck) and 2) Louder exhaust notes.

    Back on topic, if they get the sounds right, I'll be driving the Ferraris and V8s quite a bit. Now if they get the Carrera GT, I'll be driving that sucker all day long just for the sound.
  2. TopHat


    Classic Cars!

    PD had not one of my babies: The Mustang 1964-and a half! How could they ignore those cars and put in a Honda LIFE Step van?
  3. buickgnx88

    buickgnx88 Premium

    United States
    yah, they need less Japanese cars and more americans!!
  4. Wolfe

    Wolfe Premium

    United States
    I can understand your frustration with that issue, but do you really have to resort to racial slurs to make your point? :rolleyes:

    Besides, Polyphony Digital is Japanese, so most of the cars you'll see are Japanese, because Polyphony Digital is in Japan, has easy access to Japanese cars, and consists of employees who are most familiar with Japanese cars. What a concept. :idea:
  5. Hun200kmh


    I think this thread is going off topic, now it sounds more another "car wishlist" ... but I liked to remember the Zakspped Capri, it was an awesome car.

    Back to topic. My favourite cars to driveare some of the classical ones, not necessarily sports cars (in Enthusia two of my favourites are the Austin-Healey and the Citroen DS, in GT4 I like to drive the Autobianchi Abarth, I think you get the picture).

    About race cars, the ones I like to drive are the "Le Mans" cars. And if they're also classical, that's even better. Since GT3 one of my fav cars to drive was the GT40 (road and race versions). And my dream car to drive - maybe for GT10 or Enthusia 4 - is the Porsche 917 :drool:
  6. bucket of water

    bucket of water

    so its agreed, if the zakspeed capri isn't in the game, we all go to japan and burn PD down
  7. pilot360


    i would wanna drive all the cars, who wouldnt? especially the ferraris lol
  8. Schrodes


    I would drive most cars but by far I would spend the most time with the historic touring cars.
  9. Michael88


    I really like to tune my own cars to make them like race cars, but I have to say I prefer to race real race cars....well IMO real race cars are 500HP or more and weighing 1100kg or less; the history also plays a small role. (as example Jaguar XJR9).

    However, GT without the ability to tune and race everday cars or middle-class cars wouldnt be GT and that would just plain suck because its a lot of fun.

    I accidently ticked ''race cars only'' but I would choose '' every single car'' if I could vote again.:ouch:

    Punish me!:dunce:


    Iam with the Zakspeed Capri!:tup: :tup:
  10. TheCracker

    TheCracker Premium

    South Korea
    I'll bring the matches :sly:

    I'm with you here ;)
  11. Tenacious D

    Tenacious D Premium

    I'm really encouraged by all the responses, and the fact that a couple of race car only votes are invalid. Yes!

    Since this is still ongoing, how about a discussion more focused on the topic since most of us are going to darn well sit in everyone and at least toot around the track once.

    Let's say for the sake of argument that the delay in GT HD's release only means that Polyphony wants time to stock the Polyphony Shop with cars. Let's also assume that PD will ship the game as they originally proposed for Japan, with 30 Premium Edition cars and 2 tracks, and zero Classic Edition content at all. Finally, let's assume that you'll have to buy every car and track for both editions individually, with no package deals. At the same time, let's say that getting the stuff piecemeal won't be all that costly, but when the final bill came in and getting all 770 cars and 50 plus tracks came to as much as $2-300. I sincerely doubt that Polyphony would go that route, since you don't buy bread by the slice or crackers by the wafer at the grocery. This is just a further test of what we'd actually do to go get those cars and pay for them.

    So, how far down the list would you be willing to spend?

    Here's mine. If this was spread out over two years, to almost the point of GT5's release, I'd probably spend $200 and get all the modern cars down to the 100bhp range, along with some of the classics like a late 60s Mustang fastback, Camaro and Corvette. Assuming there were no prize cars in Classic Mode, I'd get a chosen few as duplicates such as the 240SX, Supra MkIII, Skyline, '05 Mustang, Z06 Corvette, Viper and so on to race mod. I'd also get all the tracks, accessories and updates.
  12. <_Spike_>


    Quite simply I'll drive every darn car in the game...50BHP? That's fine by me, 500BHP? that's good, 900BHP? gimmieit!
  13. JTSnooks


    Man, I'd be careful putting out hypothetical situations. Someone's going to read that and go spreading around that "PD plans on releasing a game with nothing in it and it will cost $500 to buy all the cars and tracks!!". Crap, now someone's going to quote me. Anyway, that's not gonna happen, but I'll play along, so here's my order:

    GT:HD Classic - Not going to buy anything, because I already have them in GT4. If they release new vehicles that aren't available in GT4, then I might buy some of the more interesting ones (American cars or high-end exotics).

    GT:HD Premium - I'll buy every track, but only the cars I'm interested in. Mostly front-engine, RWD cars, and also most of the exotic supercars. Like I said before, I'll start with American cars with V8s, then other country's cars with V8s, then go up in cylinder count from there to V10s, V12s, W16s, etc. Basically, I'll pick and choose the cars that either look really good (for phototaking or just plain staring), or are cars I've wanted to drive in real life but likely won't ever be able to. There will probably be a few smaller-engined cars in there too, but only a select few (Elise, Miata, Solstice if it's in the game, etc).
  14. Tenacious D

    Tenacious D Premium

    That's why I put down a rather lengthy "Let's say for the sake of argument" paragraph. I'd think even the speed skimmers would catch that. Besides, the $500 empty game" complaint is already all over the net to start with. ;)

    But I don't doubt that quite a few people will just want the Premium Edition stuff, and that's entirely understandable. If you have to pay, you might as well get the new and mega-improved stuff and build your GT5 game.

    In my case though, I'll be wanting more. The Premium Edition version will be a GT5 Arcade Mode, and I'll be wanting some GT Mode stuff. Another thing to consider is we still don't know quite what will be involved in GT HD when we pop the disc into the PS3. What if we find a substantial car list, upresed to high definition standards but with 20 cars on asphalt, improved physics, race modification and a paint shop? Or even the entire GT4 game and more? Because GT HD is being delayed, I have a feeling that we're going to have some enticing goodies on the Classic side of the fence.
  15. bjb


    The idea I'm getting from what your both saying is that you'd have to pay for the PS3, GT HD and then pay for the cars and tracks you want with real money. If that's the case F:censored::censored::censored: that for a joke. Most of the time when you by a game you want the full game not half or a third of it. Because that sounds real Dum :dunce: to me.