POLL: Would you buy GT Sport already? (AFTER v.1.05, change vote available)

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Would you buy Gran Turismo Sport as it is in the beta - just unlocked?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. doubleg213


    United Kingdom
    I've gone from No on launch but I'd buy it if/when it drops down in price to No entirely.

    The chief things for me being SR and the Ghost thing. It's bloody awful. Penalises you if you get pushed off and I've just started a race in 5th spot. By the 2nd corner I'm down to 12th or so through a combination of people either overtaking by ghosting through me or people just pushing me off all topped off with seeing my SR rating drop for the privilege.

    I really want the game to draw me in again and to be blown away by it but it's just not working for me.
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  2. Haitauer


    I have noticed this up side. Like the Ring - if i mess up, get rammed what ever in the race and finish at the back, my ratings still go up if i finish the rest of the race cleanly. I guess the biggest mistake is to exit mid race if overtaken.. :odd:
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  3. EmArA


    The SR is probably taken ... sorry "adapted" from iRacing (which was released back in 2008 but still extremely successful until today).

    When people can not get promoted to the next class then you start to see clean driving and racing.
    So for GTSport, imagine some people are stuck with the same car in the N300 or a lower category because of their low SR and that there is no offline mode...they will probably start thinking on how they are behaving and what they are doing on the track...
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  4. sems4arsenal

    sems4arsenal Premium

    Spent a weekend with the beta. Day one purchase (might pre-order). They still have to adjust the FFB and disable the forced aids but I'm really enjoying my time so far. The visuals are gorgeous and the SR/DR systems are a great addition.
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  5. Szuper


    Simple no, because we have 10 option to play online (and one for better than GT is coming) and GT Sport had only 16:9 format.
    What i missed: Really like get base car and build it to race car etc. is dead. waiting GT 7 if it is coming some day...
    I mean, Project cars 2 coming and "crush" this game 100-0.
  6. cjr3559

    cjr3559 Premium

    United States
    In the current state, absolutely not. Firstly I'm not a fan of online racing with complete strangers, so it's difficult to justify buying a game that's completely centered around it. The rating system development has been an exercise in futility and the physics have morphed into an Arcade game. I cannot fathom PD would consider releasing the game in the v1.05 state.

    Oh and again, GT6 has better MFD/HUD options, and there's no dynamic time/weather.

    As always the menus, music and graphics look great, but I'm not going to spend $70 for a photo mode and livery editor that I'll use a fraction of the time.

    As much as I'm glad to have been invited to participate in the beta, and I know it's only a testing format, but the current iteration is simply not enjoyable to play.
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  7. WheelmanSteve


    Totally concur w/ cjr3559. Lots of positives, and I really want to like this game, but not having much fun slipping and sliding around.
  8. Haitauer


    Umm.. Is this possible in Pcars2? :odd:
  9. Kovu


    Currently I'm undecided. I've been racing in the Beta for the last few weeks, and I generally think it's a cool thing with the matching system... but it still needs a lot of improvement. The sport mode is a great way to connect with other players of similar capabilities, and it would be great if the sportsman rating leads to fair driving. However, currently, I can't say the sportsman rating generates fair races. At least it's almost impossible to race in the middle field without contact to other cars, because most players don't seem to respect each other enough in attempts of overtaking in corners where you simply can't overtake (without pushing the other car off track).

    Last week my sportsman rating (initially B) and driver rating (initially B) dropped to E and C at Dragon Trail because I was trying to drive fair (not overtaking a car that successfully defended its position) and in turn was forced off track by the drivers behind myself and then hit the wall. The problem is, even though I generally try to respect other players, such events lock one down to 'unfair' drivers, a rating that almost can't be escaped even though I'd prefer to race with faster drivers acting fair.

    Maybe it also has to do with the fact the Beta races are too short to improve your rating. Players always are in a hurry to win as many places as possible in races as short as 3 laps. This somehow leads to more aggression, and the sportsman rating can't recover from a racing incident because you don't have enough time to drive more clean sectors.
  10. BrainsBush


    Think out of the box: On top of the SR/DR system --> Drive e.g. 10 clean races and get an exclusive bonus car, 20 races and get a special race suit. Maybe that's an extra push in the right direction.
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  11. Johnnypenso

    Johnnypenso Premium

    I'd make it even simpler than that and more direct.

    Finish a race without contact = % increase in payout
    Finish 3 races without contact = higher % increase in payout
    Finish 10 races without contact = even higher % increase in payout
    I'd even add a proximity bonus making the payout even higher if you drive a portion of the race close to other vehicles. I'd go so far as to introduce lap bonuses for clean driving as well, bonuses that start from lap 1 and continue until you have an incident and then stop. That'll prevent someone from smashing their way to the front and running clean laps alone to collect the bonus. Heck, make the first lap bonus HUGE. Introduce a first corner bonus as well. Someone who runs a clean race, especially in the first corner and lap, should gather more rewards than someone with a couple of incidents who wins.

    If you want to encourage clean racing, increase the rewards for clean racing. Make it so a person that wins get's a lower total payout than someone who drives clean for the entire race and finished 4th. Or someone on a 3 race streak of clean driving earns more prize money for finishing 7th, than someone who wins but has X number of incidents or lowers their SR. Introduce badges and trophies that are exclusive to clean racing and the inability to "complete" the game (if there is such a thing in GTS) without them. It's a definite must that player lobbies be allowed to use SR and DR as entry barriers.

    The "success" of QM in GT6 made it clear to me that people will venture online because they are motivated by big rewards and quick, pre-organized races. Make clean driving in GTS the best possible way to earn rewards in GTSport and tie it to advancing through the game and you'll get the biggest pool of clean drivers possible. Do like they do now and have a barely working SR system and you'll get what you have now. People taking advantage of the system and making their way through the field while crashing and bashing their way to the front.
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  12. guywithanAE86


    United States
    This is a strange question to ask. By "As is", you're referring to all the content we have in the beta? Where PD said "Hey guys we need you to do online racing only for data collecting so we turned off everything else", because it's a beta? Who in their right mind would release a game like that at full price? PD do make some ridiculous decisions but they'd never do that. I hope lol.

    It's an apples and oranges comparison I think. This isn't the full game and everyone knows it, so why would PD charge us full price for this?

    But to answer yes I'd get it. I already dropped 20 bucks in a preorder so I'm in it for the long haul.
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  13. Tired Tyres

    Tired Tyres

    United Kingdom
    The game is worse after the last update and yet the yes vote goes up.:lol:

    Maybe if it's given away for free some month with a plus subscription, but no, I'm not buying it. The physics are not good enough.

    Easy to drive with the DS4 though. I was never comfortable with the DS3 in either GT5 or GT6.
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