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Discussion in 'Project CARS 1' started by Timppaq, Feb 22, 2015.

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    Are the default Fxyz sliders still at 100%? I'm running Jacks classic settings but with some of the SoP sliders increased a fair amount. It does feel a bit different after 1.4. Taken the master scale down a bit in some cars. Might reset a car later to test myself.
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    After the 1.04 update I went into the wheel settings just to look at the FFB settings and must have changed something in there without realizing it. It asked me if I wanted to overwrite my settings but if I said no it did not exit the screen. Not knowing what if anything was changed I accepted it after trying to abort 4 or 5 times. So then I go out on the track in a time trial and when I get control the wheel is super heavy and the pedals do nothing at all.

    I exit the race and go back to wheel settings and I see it has switched to CSR Elite/Combined Pedals. I change this back to CSR Elite Separate Pedals calibrated the wheel and pedals and have another go at it. Again wheel is super heavy but pedals work fine. I went in an reduced the tire force to 75 and tried again, wheel still to heavy to drive a lap.

    For those that are not aware the CSR Elite has a very very strong FFB it can be so strong as to cause injury to the arms and almost impossible to drive at high speed through corners. Imagine a real car with power steering that is not working and that is about how heavy the Elite wheel can be.

    Anyway I had wisely made a copy of the default.sav file before I started playing under 1.04 so I just exited the game and restored that copy then all was right with the world once again.

    I still need to do some tweaking on the FFB as I would like to get a little more feel from the rear of the car and rumble strips without making the wheel any heavier than it is now which is just a bit heavier than in my real car.