Project CARS 2's Online Features Detailed

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Good to hear, and i´m hoping for some events like the ones in RaceRoom.

Recently i found out about those, and i was blown away of how cool it is. Competition with prizes, mimicking real life, qualifications split in divisions, online races for each division... i mean, it´s a great example of how e-sports can be.

The one barrier of entry for e-sports to be enjoyed by the masses is that you got to offer something for the good players also.

You can´t have only competitions with the same half a dozen uber aliens winning everything. Splitting in regions, classes, categories, these are all ways Pcars 2 can go in order to get more people into competitions.


United States
United States
Some great options to fine tune our lobbies.
License requirements while a great idea won't neccesarily help with the punt offs.
Multiclass will be epic in private races, possibly a wreckfest in public lobbies.
Blue flag blue flag, huh? What's that?

On a side note, sms have updated PC1 community events to 78 total now. Noticed it a few nights ago.


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I'm just happy to know we have regions now so I can stay in North America and minimize lag and other languages.
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"Tudor also stated that manual rolling starts will be coming to Project CARS 2. In the first game, the starting style was determined automatically, and rolling starts could be difficult. In PCARS2, players that select a manual rolling start will be given a grid place they must maintain until the green light."

This is good news.
In front of you.
I don't know sorry but I'm thinking Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala etc. Again I'm guessing but it seems we might have renamed Central America... Otherwise people would think we meant Kansas etc...
In the future, could we also be as clear about CANADA? :D
We seem to always get lost/forgotten in the discussions.....
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Not to be too anal here but you do know that any lightning strike within 7-10 miles of any live track will shut it down right? I think the flashes would be cool but the insane tornado type bolts are crazy.