Project CARS 2

Project CARS 2 Video Shows Formula Car Tip-Toeing Around Spa in the Snow

We’re back with more footage of Project CARS 2, this time coming to you with one of the game’s open-wheel racers. The setting? What begins as a normal looking Spa-Francorchamps… One… Read More »

New Project CARS 2 Trailer Focuses on Ferrari

Slightly Mad Studios has released a new Project CARS 2 trailer showing off its selection of Ferraris. Players will be able to drive 10 of the Prancing Horse’s finest. Forza… Read More »

Project CARS 2's Race Engineer Makes Tuning More User-Friendly

As sim racing trickles more into the mainstream, one aspect that escapes a lot of players is the idea of race day tuning. A decent car set-up can often be… Read More »

Project CARS 2 Gameplay Video Blowout

We’re now barely two months out from Project CARS 2‘s September 22 release. To keep the pre-release hype on boil, Slightly Mad Studios has eased the limitations on shared videos from… Read More »

Project CARS 2 Track List Officially Unveiled

Slightly Mad Studios has detailed the full track list you can expect from Project CARS 2. Featuring 60 tracks and 130 variations in total, the title boasts the largest amount… Read More »

Andy Tudor: Gran Turismo and Forza Are Playing Catch Up With Project CARS 2

Slightly Mad Studios’ Creative Director Andy Tudor has insisted that GT Sport and Forza Motorsport 7 are playing catch up to the Project CARS series. The soundbite comes from an… Read More »

The Always Up-To-Date Project CARS 2 Car List

Slightly Mad Studios has updated an important section of the Project CARS 2 website: the cars. Boasting more than 180 vehicles spread across over two dozen categories, the game is shaping… Read More »

Project CARS 2 Will Feature Fully Manual Animated Pit Stops

Project CARS 2 will include a series first by introducing live pit stops during races. As per a new blog post on the official game site, pitting has been vastly… Read More »

Project CARS 2 Digital Edition Pre-Orders and Season Pass Detailed

Last month, Slightly Mad Studios revealed the various pre-order editions of Project CARS 2. The available physical options included the Ultra, Collector’s, and Limited Editions. Starting today, the digital versions of the… Read More »

A Look at Project CARS 2's VR and Snow Driving

Excited for Project CARS 2 but want to see how the latest build of the game is shaping up? We’ve got you covered, as we take a look at two… Read More »

Project CARS 2 E3 2017 Hands-On Impressions

While we were at E3 2017 last week, we got time behind the wheel of some of this year’s most anticipated games. One of these titles was Project CARS 2, shown off in… Read More »

Project CARS 2 E3 2017 Showcase: "The Largest Track Roster of Any Racing Game on Consoles"

Project CARS 2 got the E3 2017 hype started with a sizzle reel last week. With the massive gaming event in full swing, we sat down with Andy Tudor (creative director)… Read More »

Project CARS 2's LiveTrack 3.0 System Models Track Temps Based on Angle of the Sun

One of Project CARS 2’s most talked-about additions is LiveTrack 3.0, a suite of environmental simulation features that make the circuit a dynamic, changing entity throughout the course of an… Read More »

New Project CARS 2 Gameplay Videos Show Off Rallycross and Track Driving

Slightly Mad Studios has released some gameplay videos of Project CARS 2, straight from the game’s E3 build. Each video features a selection of cars and tracks, providing a look… Read More »

Project CARS 2 September 22 Release Date Confirmed with E3 2017 Video

If you heard the news we broke yesterday, this may not surprise you. But now it’s official: we’ll be careening around race tracks from all over the world in Project… Read More »

Project CARS 2 Could Arrive September 22, Will Include 11 Porsches Day One

A shock announcement on the title’s latest blog post may have revealed when we’ll have it in our hands.