Project Cars Special Event: Ginetta GT4 Special events

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Forgot to watch thread and missed when race started :( I prefer endurance races so please tag me next time too! 👍
Enjoyed the race format. Hope for more racers for next event. Had a steady race. Didn't put enough fuel in for pit stop. .so pitted again. .then just started to try & beat pbs and a bit of fun. So inevitably ended back in the pits. .but happy with a podium finish. .congrats to the guys ahead of me. .well done to all that finished.
Good race all! @GTracerEHTeam GW! yeah had damage and needed to pit when i had a 34 sec lead, edited my pit strategy for no tyre change and forgot to cancel the fuel doh! :lol: Came out behind you, eventually got past then tyres were getting low and just ran deep, that was that. Good race never the less. :)

Dunno why it's so hard to fill a room for a social event but we'll keep plugging away and hopefully see a little growth in the new year.