{PS4} Intrested in racing ? now looking for Drivers

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Why can't you use your shifter? Note that you need to have the shifter plugged into the correct USB port before you start the PS4. You can't switch from anther game to AC without restarting the PS4. I don't know why this is - it caused me a lot of confusion & frustration until I figured it out.

The other thing about AC is it requires you to throttle up in order to downshift successfully in the manual cars. This adds a whole level of challenge to the driving. In all the GT games you can slam your way through the gears with no consideration to the engine revs. AC requires much more precise shifting & it emulates the difference in shifting between the different cars ... so an older car, like the Ferrari F40 or the RUF Yellowbird require you to shift more slowly, moving the gear shifter into neutral before moving to the next gear. If you mistime it the car won't shift & the gears grind mercilessly. PCars2 does not do this, although it does engine brake unpleasantly if you don't adjust the revs as you **** down.

By the way: "if you don't adjust the revs as you shift down"

not: ****. :P
I might give that a try, a direct comparison instead of just picking random cars. Although that is quite difficult since PC2's "feel" is so reliant on track conditions (date, time and weather), there's not a optimum track setting like AC defaults to. Grip can alter considerably.

Now you see that on my wheel, a G29, that causes the gears to chatter - which i find annoying. To prevent that I have to turn most of the settings down or off. So I'm probably not getting the full (or the same) experience.

I shall experiment further this afternoon. :)

I have a T500 ... but I used to have a G25. F1CE (a great game at the time) really modelled the movement of the F1 cars on unsmooth surfaces with a lot of chatter in the wheel. I loved it! Added to the sense of immersion a lot IMO. The effect seems more subtle & the FFB is much more detailed & precise with the F1 cars in AC.

When it comes right down to it, the FFB really is the thing that makes AC so special. GTSport has very underplayed FFB. PCars2 has good FFB ... but it seems somewhat artificial & contrived compared to AC.
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Hi Richroo and everyone on the thread - just a quick update! I am still doing research, planning, and testing for new AC Series in 2021, but unfortunately the build up to Christmas is my busiest and most tiring work time - there should be some test races coming soon and details of 2021 races.

Next year - 2021 - will be the 70th anniversary of Juan Fangio's first World Championship so I am currently planning a series with the Maserati 250F V12 to mark that!
Hi Jocke - how are you finding AC? Are you using a hand controller or wheel? - I have heard that the game is difficult with a controller.

Hi Sick, I've only purchased the game (the Ultimate Edition earlier this month while it was on sale in the PS Store) and not actually installed it yet.

I'll have a go at it some time before the holidays to see how the game and I get along. I have never played Assetto Corsa before.
Hi @Elmiau Thursday night there are a couple of us , Now Christmas is over we should have a couple more join ..
At the moment its just 4 fun but have plans for a championship
soon .
hope to see you then
catch u soon
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Hi All ,
Now Christmas is over if your able to make it tonight pls join ! :cheers:
8pm uk time

@Sick Cylinder Any update on plans for this year ? :bowdown:

@Elmiau hi bud mexico is 6h difference so 2pm ish
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