PS4 [PS4] T100 settings

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  1. GTP_Paulossj4


    In the Project Cars , and it is random , sometimes works, but most of the time does not work , and I need these buttons to access the menus ...
  2. Haulin_Hebrew


    The video I posted on page #1 will work or All Thrustmaster Wheels: The T80, plus The T100, T300, and The T500 wheels. Also, but if it sometimes works you may just have a defective Wheel, how long have you had it? I know Project CARS Programmed for all Thustmaster Wheels to be used GT6 did NOT, with the T100 and T500 They had to be used together with the DS4 PS4 Controller, Only the T80 and the T300 were designed for the PS4 to be used without input from the DS4 Controller, T100 and T500 owners had to go back and forth from the T100 or T500 to the DS4 to navigate the menu in GT6, but It should work by itself in Project CARS only the SHARE button is missing in the T100 and T500, if you want to share game play you will have to use your T100 together with your DS4 Controller, but everything else should work.
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