Rain Spray release vs. now

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The game doesn't really run native in 4K, Digital Foundry on YT has great videos about that.
Yes it does run in native 4k, did you even watch the videos you are talking about? Even the 120hz Resolution mode with VRR apparently...

BTT: On one of their videos they show a comparison between PS5 PS4/PRO with the release version particle effects. I was first surprised that PS5 dropped the most, but then again, 4k and high resolution effects...

I wish they hadn't lowered these effects that hard. An adaptive resolution mode would've also been an option (or 1800p performance mode).
But in the last Manufacturer Race at Nürburgring24h in the rain it seemed like there was more effects again, than after the initial nerf.

Here's a screenshot of the comparison of consoles...ah, those were the rainy days...

gt7 comparison.PNG
From my experience they reduced the effects when you are closer to another car. You still get lots of spray following someone from far.

It may be a performance optimization, or just a way to increase visibility to favor competitiveness instead of realism.
I wonder what percentage of GT7 players are still on PS4? It must be an incredibly small number, even compared to launch. When the PS4 edition (outside of Japan) really had no impact on the sales charts. Since then I imagine a very significant number have upgraded to PS5.

While basic PS4 support and functionality won't be dropped. I can't imagine many resources are now going into PS4, at least in terms of maintaining performance & graphical fidelity. If we ever did get a graphically demanding city track I imagine performance would crater on PS4. At this point resources need to be on PS5 (Pro).

As mentioned up above, I would like the option to use sliders for effects and so on. The majority of my playtime is spent Time Trialling, which should give plenty of headroom to dial things up.
Almost everyone is on PS5 now and that's probably the reason why PD waited so long to drop such a big update. (probably a next gen Spec 2 update which gives a massive overhaul to the game)
They took that decision probably cause of parity with Ps4 version, they could easely tweak and maintain the initial effects in the 2D version.
In Psvr2 i think the changes in that department did have a positive outcome cause the spray wasnt very well implemented in 3D, now it doesnt seems odd anymore.