Re think my whole set up experience?

Discussion in 'Project CARS 1' started by smithdan78, Jun 18, 2015.

  1. GumShoe


    I think that (haven't played GT6 though) there is a significant difference between GT and pCARS in how the limits work. I always found that in GT it was just a matter of adjusting input timings until line and speed provided the fastest corner time, where the limit feels like an absolute value. Once hit, bang - best time. If not best time: adjust speed by X or adjust steering angle by Y.

    Project CARS on the other hand feels dynamic: little changes in throttle, balance, braking, track position, tyre temp/wear, air temp, etc all contribute to subtle differences in how I 'feel' the corner. I can really feel when I nail a corner (just feels 'easy') but it's not an absolute. I find the feeling of GT at the limit is what pCARS is under the limit, then pCARS has this whole 'squishy' range around the limit to be played with...

    So GT was easy enough to tune because it is easier to find that limit and work it around, but in pCARS the 'limit' can be different depending on style, conditions, compound type, session, etc so there is far more importance on tuning 'for you' rather than 'for best.'

    All IMO of course :)