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The Gran Turismo 6 forum is live and is off to a great start but it's not without what appears to be confusion, mass excitement, and everyone wanting to get their word in. Is that a problem? Of course it isn't, we've always encouraged discussion, it's simply the matter in which said discussions are being conducted - mostly by way of duplicate threads.

Gran Turismo 6 - Where you are now; the general forum, your portal to discuss GT6 to it's fullest. Sub-forums will be added when the time is necessary.

Helpful and Popular Discussion Threads

GT6 Car & Track Wishlist (88deathguy) - Your go-to thread for any and every car or track you wish to see in the virtual world of Gran Turismo 6.
GT6 News and Discussion (Matty) - A general topic covering every facet of GT6 news as available. You are fully encouraged to create new threads documenting any new developments as they're made available and they'll be merged into this thread.
Things You Want To See In GT6 Besides Cars and Tracks (Earth) - Title says it all, this is another wishlist thread for those so inclined.
MORE Customization / Upgrade Options (HPIxProdigy) - Whilst largely covered in the thread above there's nothing wrong with a specifically focused thread, and that's what this is - more customization and upgrade options in Gran Turismo, who doesn't want that?
Karting in GT6 (BanditKarter22) - Karts made their first appearance in GT5, would you like to see that path return in the forthcoming title, or even expanded upon? Post here!
Motorcycles in GT6 (mjm23race) - A much talked about inclusion for quite a while now, should Gran Turismo and Tourist Trophy combine into a single entity, or should they both continue along their own individual paths?
If PD decided to hire a new celebrity voice to guide you through GT6.. (GTOne2Three) - Who would you want to lend their voice to the next GT installation?
The five cars that you DO NOT want in GT6. (D3ATHS1NBUNCH3S) - Five cars you want discontinued from the series. Simple enough, right?
What car you like to see on cover of gran turismo 6 game? (Qeki) - Latest showpiece was the SLS AMG, which vehicle would best fit the image of GT6?
Gran Turismo - Open World Freeroam? (johnny dazed) - We already know Yamauchi is interested in the idea but will it come into fruition?
Chances of Porsche in GT6 (ChevyFan1912) - What are the chances of the German marque finally making it into the franchise, allowing for the exotic trifecta?

Duplicate Threads

They're seemingly running rampant at this juncture and it really needs to cease, as not only will the thread be locked, it also creates more work for us (the staff) as we're the ones who have to direct the offender to an already populated thread and delete posts, if necessary. If you want to contribute an idea that falls in-line with one of the already mentioned threads up above, please, post there. If you've already done your homework (the search button is your friend, believe it or not) and nothing comes up, then feel free to make a new thread and share your ideas with us.

As always, be aware of the site's FAQ and Acceptable Use Policy in all things.

If you have any requests for additions to this thread, please PM me or any other member of staff
Not open for further replies.